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Top 10 Things to Do in Houston

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The city of Houston is home to plenty of engaging activities and you are bound to be spoilt for choices. From enjoying authentic Asian cuisine to visiting the state-of-the-art museums, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Miami. The fourth-largest city by population in the United States is also known as the Space City – for obvious reasons (“Houston, we have a problem!). To make life a bit easier – we present to you a curated list featuring some of the top things to do in Houston. Enjoy spending time at these world-class Houston attractions during your visit to the Bayou City. Make sure not to miss the iconic Broadway shows along with your list of best places to visit in Houston. Plan in advance, make reservations when required, and at the end of the day, finish your day without regrets in the beautiful city of Houston. 

1. Visit the Iconic Houston Space Center 


“Houston, tranquility base. The eagle has landed,” – these were some of the first words spoken by Neil Armstrong to let the world know that man has made the giant leap and left footprints on the moon. While Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history on the moon, it was equally historic for the city of Houston, who now operates one of the country’s leading space centers – the Johnson Space Center, Houston. Enjoy a trip to the iconic space center to access some of the top things to do in Houston. The space center also features a full-fledged replica of the famous Independence Space Shuttle. 

2. Witness Amazing Exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts 

Museum of Fine Arts at Houston is one of the largest museums across the country with a whopping 67,318 pieces of artwork on display. What’s even better? The museum is completely free and does not charge any sort of admission fee. There is also a bar at the Museum to get some drinks with happy hour available from 6pm to 8pm. Such fine features on the go make it an ideal destination to enjoy free things to do in Houston. The museum also features a DJ who jams in the background as you move around between African, Renaissance, and other World Class artworks. You can also grab snacks from the numerous food trucks that are usually parked around the museum. 

3. Go Back in Time at the Historic Galveston Beach 

Located just a few miles away from Downtown Houston, the Galveston Beach is a Houston attraction that features an ideal blend of history and entertainment. Galveston features miles and miles (32 miles to be exact) of sandy beaches, a Ferris wheel and other rides for children. There are also beautifully lined up buildings featuring Victorian architecture Visitors arriving at the beach can also head to the Seawolf Park. Two iconic ships that served in the United States Navy – the Gato class submarine USS Cavalla and Edsall class destroyer USS Stewart are available as explorable installations. There are also many more marine exhibits and renowned ships, including the remains of WW! Tanker SS Selena at Seawolf Park. On busy days, parking lots tend to fill up faster. Reserve a parking spot ahead of your visit to avoid unnecessary hassle.


4. See Houston from the World’s Tallest Monumental Column 

Houston is home to the largest monumental column in the world – the San Jacinto Monument which towers in at 570 feet. The monument was built in honor and memory of the Battle of San Jacinto fought between Texas and Mexico. There is also a 34-foot Lone Star of Texas paying tribute to those who fought on the battle of San Jacinto on top of the monument. The monument is also of historical significance as the battle eventually led to the independence of Texas in the year 1836The San Jacinto Monument also features one of the tallest observation decks in the area which provides a breathtaking view of Houston and Texas. like never before.  

5. Walk, Bike, or Run at the Buffalo Bayou 

The Buffalo Bayou can be defined as the activity hub of Houston that features ten miles of recreational space for parkland and running trails. Other activities at Buffalo Bayou include kayaking, boat tours, and also the favorite twilight tours. The boat tours typically start from Allen’s Landing near Downtown and move through the entire ten miles of Buffalo Bayou, which begins northwest of Galveston Beach. 


6. Explore the Unique National Museum of Funeral History 

If you are someone who is into exploring exclusive locations when visiting a city, you just have to visit the National Museum of Funeral HistoryThe large one-off museum which spans across nearly 35,000 acres of land features the largest collection of funeral artifacts in the country. The exhibits in the museum aim to educate the public about the importance of death care. The numerous artifacts, exhibits of ancient customs, and traditions it hosts make it an ideal choice for top things to do in Houston. 

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7. Support the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park 

Looking for fun things to do in Houston? Book your guaranteed spots for the next Houston Astros game at the Minute Maid Park and join 40,000 people to root the home team! The atmosphere is always electric when the Astros are in action, and what’s even better – the retractable and air-conditioned stadium makes sure you are always cool and away from the famous Texas Heat. You also get to enjoy plenty of exclusive Houston snacks, like the Pico and Queso from Torchy Tacos. 

8. Visit the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences

Houston Museum of Natural Sciences ranks as one of the pioneer museums of the United States. The museum owes its popularity to the large number of exhibits it houses. Apart from the natural science exhibits, the museum also features the renowned Foucault Pendulum and Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife as permanent exhibits in the museum. The highlight of the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences has to be the moving recreated dinosaur fossils that hunt and eat like how they would have done in the wild. Make sure you schedule a visit to this museum in your list of top things to do in Houston. 

9. Tour the Houston Chinatown 

Seeking authentic oriental cuisines in Houston? With one of the largest Chinese population in the United States, Houston also features a pretty elaborate Chinatown of its own and features exclusive delicacies from across Asia like the Wonton Noodle Soup and Bo Lu Lac Shaking Beef Rice. There is also the Jade Buddha Temple, with calm and serene Chinese gardens and lotus ponds for those seeking spiritual relief while visiting Houston attractions. 

10. Stroll through Montrose 

Montrose is a neighborhood in Houston that is always alive and features numerous neon signboards, art, culture, food, and nightlife zones. Montrose is also the birthplace of the hipster scene and still has the influence of its hipster roots visible in the cool buildings across the neighborhood. There are numerous art galleries featuring amateur, professional, and experimental installations across the street. Montrose is also called the heart of Houston as it features major Houston attractions like the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Menil Collection, and the Rothko Chapel to name a few. With so many popular attractions in close proximity, you just have to visit Montrose.  

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