Top 30 Spooky Halloween Activities Near You

Everyone’s favorite holiday, Halloween will soon be here! This year (2019), Halloween is on Thursday, October 31. Whether your Halloween plans are filled with Candy Corn, Witch Hats, Jack o Lanterns, Trick or Treating, Halloween Parties, or Bobbing for Apples the following Halloween activities across the US will curdle your blood and send delicious thrills up your spine. We promise you a Halloween filled with zombies, ghosts, witches, haunted houses and things that go bump in the night!

Halloween Activities in San Francisco

1. Take a dark and ghastly tour through the shadowy past of downtown San Francisco. Find out about mysterious deaths, callous villains, the erstwhile red-light district, terrifying ghosts, and much more on this creepy Murder and Mystery guided tour through San Francisco.

2. Go on a paranormal investigation of the haunted San Remo Hotel with real ghost-hunting equipment. You’ll also get to visit other haunted locations like the Fior d’ Italia restaurant, a bell-tower on an old graveyard, and a parking garage rebuilt from the rubble of the 1906 Earthquake.

Halloween Activities in Seattle

3. Explore the chilling history of Seattle with visits to 8 fascinating sites filled with stories of wicked deeds from the past – murder, mayhem, corruption, and betrayal.

4. Listen to historically accurate and spine-chilling ghost stories as you walk around the Pioneer Square neighborhood and go into some of the most haunted locations in Seattle.

5. Join a fun, interactive Halloween scavenger hunt – a zombie scavenger game that takes you across the city hunting for supplies to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Halloween Activities in New Orleans

6. Take a walk on New Orleans’ haunted side and explore eerie locations in the French Quarter, with your local guide who will regale you with stories about ghosts, voodoo, vampires, and witchcraft.

7. Go on a guided tour of the historic St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans’ oldest, most active, and most haunted cemetery with over 700 tombs and 100,000 dead.

8. Journey through the sordid saga of gruesome crimes that happened in New Orleans on this true crimes tour; you get to see where it happened and hear the story of what happened.

Halloween Activities in NYC

9. Did you know that there exists a hidden underworld of ghosts and ghouls in Manhattan? Go on a haunted tour of Manhattan with 13 haunted stops to experience a seldom-explored side of Manhattan.

10. Explore the history and story of Edgar Allan Poe and his ghostly neighbors who’ve taken up residence in Greenwich Village on this walking tour.

11. Go on a gangster of New York and listen to tales of Mafia and Mafiosi from New York’s famed five families. You also get to visit locations from iconic gangster films like The Godfather, Goodfellas, Mean Streets, etc.

Halloween Activities in Chicago

12. Take a trip through the history of Chicago’s criminals, mobsters, and gangsters and listen to stories about Al Capone, the Untouchables, and the Chicago Mob while visiting the scenes of their crimes.

13. What’s Halloween without costumes? Travel back to medieval times, complete with costumes, castles, and sword fights. You’ll also be treated to a one-of-a-kind dinner experience hosted by a Queen!

14. Discover Chicago’s haunted history and view the mysterious sights of the city as you visit locations of some of the most grisly events and gruesome killings in Chicago’s history on a Segway.

Halloween Activities in Salem

15. Embark on a Witch Walk in Salem and meet real witches and participate in a genuine Magical Circle. You’ll get to know more about the 1692 witch trials and will visit the Old Burying Point Cemetery.

16. Dress up as a witch or wizard and pose for a photo session! A personal stylist will help you with your look and costumes, and a skilled photographer will guide and direct your witchin’ photo session.

Halloween Activities in Los Angeles

17. Go on a walking tour of Hollywood’s most haunted sites and find out more about tinsel town’s most chilling tales and the real-life whodunits of Hollywood.

18. Party in Hollywood this Halloween – go on an exclusive Halloween themed club crawl that will show you the best of LA nightlife, including multiple venue visits, costume prizes, express entry, no cover charges and drink specials.

Halloween Activities in Washington DC

19. Dive into a world of ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump on this tour of Capitol Hill. Visit some of the spookiest buildings in the country and listen to stories about ghostly feuds, presidential hauntings, and hear about the Capitol Hill’s demon cat!

20. Go on a private tour of one of the most haunted buildings in America – the White House! Listen to popular stories about murders, duels, hauntings, and all about the spirits who hang around the White House.

Halloween Activities in Las Vegas

21. Explore Vegas’s dark history on this haunted tour, which walks you through visitations of mobsters who visit from the afterlife, failed actors who haunt the strip seeking vengeance, and victims of gruesome accidents.

22. Look past the glitter and glitz to delve into the Sin City’s sordid past and find out more about its most gangsters and mobsters who controlled the city from the ‘40s to ‘80s and visit sites of infamous and heinous underworld activities.

Halloween Activities in Atlanta

23. Enjoy a private, full-day Walking Dead VIP Tour and visit Walking Dead sites in Atlanta and Senoia. You can also shop for memorabilia and even set pieces from the show at the world’s largest Walking Dead store.

24. Go on a pub tour with costumed guides who will amuse you with scary stories of the ghosts of Atlanta and the incredible history of the city. You’ll stop at four different bars and have enough time to enjoy some ‘spirits’ of your own.

Other Top Halloween Activities In the US

25. Get up close with a slice of Haitian history on this Vodou Tour of Miami. Learn about bout Vodou, Haitian Folklore, and enjoy a live dance performance.

26. Search for Bigfoot on this helicopter tour from Bend, Oregon! You’ll fly through prime Bigfoot habitat and above the snow-capped Cascade Mountains searching for the elusive Sasquatch.

27. Go on a spine-tingling tour of the Old Charleston City Jail, which held some of Charleston’s most notorious criminals. Most of the building’s original structures remain intact, and visitors claim to have seen paranormal activities, heard ghostly voices and heard chains dragging.

28. Tour the crumbling Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia – once the world’s most notorious and expensive prison that housed some of the most villainous felons in the country, including Slick Willie Sutton and Scarface Al Capone.

29. Go ghost-hunting in Traverse City and hike to the Hippie Tree (often considered a possible vortex into another dimension) while listening to tales of ghostly activity and hauntings of Northern Michigan Asylum.

30. The night terrors tour of Savannah takes you on a paranormal investigation with ghost-hunting equipment like 4K Night Vision Cameras, Thermal Cameras, Digital Voice Recorders, and EMF Detectors.

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