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Top 5 Best Sites to Sell a Car Online

  • Auto Refinance
  • Natasha Young
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While 2023 may not be the best year to shop for a pre-owned vehicle, it’s a great one to put up for sale. All because of the skyrocketing costs of used automobiles. You can sell your car online and offline. Both got their pros and cons. Using an online marketplace to sell your automobile can maximize your exposure by reaching buyers worldwide. But where to sell a car online? Read to know. 

how to sell a car online

How to get offers online to sell your car 

Enter your car’s 17-digit VIN or license plate number. Verify the manufacturer, model, year, color, and vehicle condition. Provide in-depth information when asked about the vehicle’s background and current state.   

Take into account whether you intend to trade or just sell. The vast majority of websites that claim to buy automobiles online also sell vehicles to private individuals, with the latter claiming that their trade-in price does not deviate from their purchase price. 

Reveal any active debts, such as loans or leases. You may sell your automobile to an online car purchasing service, and in many cases, they will even purchase it from you while you are still making payments or even at the end of your lease if the manufacturer permits it.  


Check the value of the buyout offer using a car lease calculator. However, if your debt is higher than the amount offered, you will be responsible for coming up with the difference. 

Share images of the car or set up a video chat with a company representative. It’s possible that some buyers won’t ask for this until after they’ve made an offer and you’ve accepted it. 

Top 5 best sites to sell a car 

 Features Autotrader  Car Gurus  Facebook Marketplace  eBay Motors  Carvana 
Listing cost  $49  $4.95  Free  $19 to $79  No fee 
Adding vehicle history report to listing          
Having cash offer or sell-to-dealer options       
Having trade-in option          
Having seller tools and support    
Car Pickup          




Autotrader has massive data on new and used cars, which might be useful when trying to sell or trade-in your automobile. Here are a few reasons to consider Autotrader for selling your car online. 

Large pool of prospective auto buyers 

Exposure to a large audience can help you sell your used automobile quicker for a good price. Autotrader receives over 14 million unique visitors monthly, making it the most popular third-party vehicle purchasing site online. 

Free vehicle history report 

A car’s history report encapsulates whatever that car went through in the past. This report can also help you sell your automobile faster and for more money. A vehicle’s history report reveals relevant information about the vehicle’s previous ownership and maintenance to prospective buyers. Autotrader listing includes a complimentary report. 

Free renewals 

You may need to renew the listing if your automobile hasn’t sold after a month. If your car doesn’t sell right away, you won’t have to pay anything more to have it listed on Autotrader. If your vehicle hasn’t sold after 30 days, you can renew it for free for up to another year on the site. 

Option to add photographs  

Pictures may be a powerful advertising tool when trying to sell a car. For maximum exposure, you may upload up to 30 images of your used car to Autotrader for each listing. 



CarGurus can help you locate it with its exclusive search algorithm if you’re looking for a good bargain on a car. 

Good pointers for setting prices 

CarGurus will generate a ballpark figure for your car’s worth after you input relevant information. Such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), miles are driven, and the vehicle’s overall condition. Access to that information will allow you to set a fair price for your vehicle confidently. 

Vehicle pickup if selling to a dealer 

CarGurus provides an alternative for people who want to sell their vehicles to dealers but don’t want to drive them there. Selling your car to a dealer using the site includes arranging a pickup. The dealership will send a driver to your house or place of business to pick up the vehicle after you have completed the relevant sales paperwork online. 

No-cost dealer quotes 

You may skip the advertisement part altogether by using CarGurus to obtain no-obligation price quotes from local sellers. The first step for a potential seller is to input the vehicle’s essential information, such as its mileage and VIN. After that, CarGurus will notify its dealer network about the findings. And you’ll get an offer on your car in less than two minutes. 


Facebook Marketplace 

If you’re hoping to sell your automobile to an individual, you could find Facebook Marketplace the most useful. 

Get information on prospective buyers 

Before continuing with a transaction, learning more about the prospective customer might be beneficial. If you want to find more about the people who react to your ad, you may check out their Facebook pages. 

Can target a specific group 

Facebook users will often band together to talk about the interests they share. You may make your ad visible to everyone on Facebook or limit it to members of a certain group on Facebook Marketplace. If you have a particularly well-liked car by a subset of potential buyers, you may want to consider using a private group listing to advertise it.   

Free listings 

Listings on Facebook Marketplace are free of charge. 


eBay Motors 

eBay is a global marketplace where people from more than 190 countries can buy and sell goods and services. You may see ads for automobiles, specifically on eBay Motors.  

Sell by auction or fixed-priced 

Via eBay Motors, potential purchasers can place bids on your car, and you’ll ultimately sell to the highest bidder. You may advertise your automobile for any price you choose using a fixed price. Interested purchasers can submit their best offer based on the price you set.  

Free vehicle history report 

A free CARFAX report is included with every listing on eBay Motors. You can take advantage of this bonus if you’re a seller and don’t list more than seven cars in a year. 

Exposure to a massive audience 

Each month 7.4 million people browse eBay Motors. According to eBay Motors, a vehicle is sold on the site every three minutes. 



Used car dealership Carvana buys and sells vehicles. You can sell or trade your car via the website. 

Guaranteed fast deals 

Carvana listings will need you to provide information, such as the license plate and vehicle identification number (VIN). Carvana promises to offer you your car within two minutes of entering this data. 

Free pickup service 

To facilitate the sale of your vehicle, Carvana will arrange for a convenient pickup time and location that you specify. Every pickup is touchless for your protection. While pickup, the sale or trade-in is finalized. Carvana will hand over the cash if there is a payment due when you pick up the car. 

Offers are good for seven days 

The way Carvana closes sales provides you time to look over alternate providers. If you like the firm’s offer on your automobile, you have seven days to accept it. Otherwise, you are free to consider other offerings. 


Other websites to sell a car online 


Shift is an online marketplace for buying and selling automobiles. It can fetch and deliver. If you live in a city that serves as a “hub” for Shift, you may get $300 for having your automobile checked out. Shift is interested in purchasing financed or leased automobiles.  

All deals are valid for 7 days. Shift provides a free 7-day return policy on all car purchases. As an added service, Shift can help you secure funding. Keep an eye out for the Shift Service Fee, which can add over $1,000 to the final cost of a transaction. 


AutoNation makes offers on vehicles online in addition to purchasing vehicles through its network of new car dealerships. You have to drop off your car at the shop. It may buy out a leased vehicle without incurring any further costs. The validity of the offers is for 7 days and 500 kilometers. 


Kelley Blue Book 

Kelley Blue Book can negotiate fast cash offers on pre-owned automobiles through its affiliated dealerships. It gathers data and sends it to local vendors for price quotes. Instant Cash Offers are available. If vehicles don’t match their descriptions, dealers might lower the price. All offers are valid for 7 days, and the car must be delivered to the selling dealership. 


Among the makes that EquityHacker will purchase leased vehicles from are Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Genesis, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, INFINITI, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Lexus, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Subaru, Toyota, and Volkswagen. There is a case-by-case evaluation of bank leases. You have 5 days and 250 miles to use the offer. The service of pickup is at your disposal. 


Driveway offers to buy cars online and sells both new and old vehicles through its website. It provides both pickup and delivery services. The deals last for a week. Driveway allows for returns or exchanges on automobiles within 7 days or 400 miles. 

What is the process after you decide to sell a car online? 

The standard response time for an offer is seven days. However, some want an answer within a day. The automobile details can be re-entered anytime to generate a new quote. 

The business will schedule a time to see the car so they can evaluate its condition. A video call or photo submission may be in order. When pickup or drop-off, a company rep could wait and check out the car. The firm reserves the right to rescind its offer if it discovers that the car is in worse condition than you claimed. 

To return the car, a representative will call you or email you to schedule a convenient time for collection. Charges are usually not very high. There may be an administrative fee that is deducted from the offer price by some firms. If the seller breaks a legally binding purchase and sale agreement, they may also be held liable. 


Even though each business has its unique system for handling registration and titles, you will likely need to provide digital copies of your driver’s license, registration, and titles to get the ball moving. Powers of attorney, odometer statements, and sales contracts can be emailed or mailed overnight for signature. 

Take off your car’s plates and get everything out of the car. Only the dealership’s original paperwork, keys, and floor mats should remain in the vehicle. Most firms will provide you money when they pick up your car, but it may take several days for the cheque or draft to clear the bank. One option is to receive a direct deposit, while others will pay you in cash. 

What should you do after you sell a car online? 

  • Call off any extended warranties you may have. 
  • Drop your GAP coverage immediately.
  • Take the automobile off your insurance. After the automobile has been picked up or returned, the insurance coverage of the online rental service takes over. 
  • Ensure that the car registered in your state is aware of the sale. 


FAQs on selling a car online

What is the best place to sell a car online?  

The best place to sell a car online varies. It depends on your preferences. Autotrader is best for getting eyes on your listing. CarGurus is great if you are looking for quick offers. Facebook Marketplace is your best bet if you aim to sell your car to a private party. eBay Motors can give your listing exposure to a large audience. Carvana is apt for hassle-free selling.  

What is the safest way to sell a car online?  

Be sure to use the features provided by the online marketplace that enable prospective buyers to contact you directly through the site. Avoid giving out contact information like a phone number or email address unless you can trust the recipient. If you’re selling a car privately, you should arrange a secure meeting spot for the transaction and test drives. The parking lots at many police stations are available for just such an occasion.   

Bottom line 

Remember that an online shop’s price does not always reflect your car’s true market value. It is rather the price that this specific buyer is prepared to pay at this time. Vehicles that can be quickly resold and financed fetch the highest prices from their algorithms. Think about advertising on sites accordingly to attract potential buyers. With the right info and target audience, selling a car online is a piece of cake! 

how to sell a car online

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