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Top 5 Car Wash Tips for Odor Removal

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  • Renee Martin
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There’s no doubt that any¬†odor¬†inside the car can ruin your driving experience. What’s more, it can also adversely affect your health if you don’t get rid of it at the earliest. Some people think driving with an open window can solve this problem ‚Äď trust us, it doesn’t work. On the other hand, some might opt for an air freshener to get rid of the¬†odor¬†‚Äď this is a temporary solution, but it does not eliminate the root cause. In this post, we have listed down the top car wash tips to keep your car’s interior¬†odor-free and clean. Read on to know more.

This blog has been updated on May 30, 2021.

Effective odor removal

Clean your car’s surfaces regularly¬†¬†¬†

Dirt embedded in your car’s surfaces are the primary source of bad smell and odor. Ensure to clean your car’s fabrics, wood, plastic, and metallic surfaces once in a while to get rid of the dirt. A regular wipe down of your car’s surfaces with detergent can help you¬†maintain it.¬†¬† ¬†¬†

Clear out all the mess   

Top 5 Car Wash Tips for Odor Removal

We can’t stress this enough – do not let trash accumulate inside your car. Plastic cups, coke cans, pizza boxes, and wrappers belong in a trash can, not in a car! The trash inside the car can start emanating a foul smell and become infested with bacteria and microorganisms. Also, when you spill something inside the car, be it coffee or coke, make sure to clean it as soon as possible. Letting it stay and cleaning it only on your ‘wash day’ can create more trouble for you!¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Deep clean the carpets   

Deep cleaning your carpets can help you get rid of the dirt deeply embedded in them. Thoroughly vacuum the carpets and follow that up with a wipe-down to get rid of the dirt. You can also visit the nearest car detailing facility to get your car carpets cleaned efficiently.    

Top 5 Car Wash Tips for Odor Removal

Use steam or waterless car wash products  

A steam wash can remove dirt, mold, and other contaminants inside your car that are acting as an odor source. If you think a steam wash is not best suited for your car, you can try waterless car wash products to clean your car’s interior. Spray the waterless car wash product on the surface you want to clean, wait for 1-2 minutes, then wipe it down with a microfiber towel. You can read all you need to know about waterless car washes here.¬†¬†¬†

Clean or change your car’s air filter regularly¬†¬†

An air filter in the car filters out dirt,¬†mold, pollen, and other substances that enter the car through the heating and AC systems. These contaminants over time can get accumulated and prevent the air filter from functioning efficiently. Make sure you change or clean the air filter regularly. A clean air filter plays a crucial role in the vehicle’s interior air quality ‚Äď and we’re sure you don’t want to compromise when it comes to this.¬†

Effective odor removal

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