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Top 5 Places to Find Parking in Manhattan

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Manhattan is the most densely populated borough in New York City, with an estimated population of nearly 1.7 million residents. Now, even if half of the residents had cars to drive around, we are looking at a lot of cars sharing the roads during the same time. There are also plenty of NYC residents who live elsewhere and drive towards Manhattan regularly. As a result, you can expect heavy traffic, and very high demand for street parking spaces across the borough, especially during peak hours. However, it does not necessarily mean that getting access to parking in Manhattan is challenging throughout the entire borough. There are actually neighborhoods that offer you a hassle-free parking experience, provided you know where all the good spots are. If you are not familiar with where all the good spots for parking in Manhattan are, we have you covered! Here’s your answer to all questions related to Manhattan parking concerns. Here are the top five places to find parking in Manhattan for some of the best possible rates and without any unnecessary hassles. Most of these locations offer Manhattan parking garages that can be pre-booked online through Way.com for some of the lowest rates in NYC.  

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Roosevelt Island  

With around 225 metered parking spaces and even more parking garages that offer cheap hourly parking deals, you will never have to worry about parking in Manhattan here. Most of the metered parking is in effect for 12 hours, Monday through Saturday. What’s even better is that metered street parking spaces are in effect from 7 AM to 7 PM, making it easy to get a spot for those early birds. You can also pre-book parking in Manhattan across Roosevelt Island for rates as low as $5 per hour, making Roosevelt Island the ideal choice.   

Marble Hill  

Marble Hill, located on the northernmost part of Manhattan, is another neighborhood that is very parking-friendly. Being a quiet residential neighborhood, you could still find street parking spaces full of cars belonging to residents and people who work in the area. However, you are always guaranteed to find affordable garages for parking in Manhattan across the many parking websites like Way.com.   

Central Harlem

Parking in Manhattan

Harlem, as a whole, is one of the primary neighborhoods in Manhattan and all of New York City. With an estimated population of 120,000 residents, Central Harlem comprises primarily of two neighborhoods – the Central North Harlem and Central South Harlem, which both provide numerous street parking spaces and parking garages. Most of the parking garages in Central Harlem offer premium parking facilities like contactless parking. Central Harlem also offers some of the most affordable parking in Manhattan.   

Upper West Side  

Upper West Side is a busy residential neighborhood, just like its other half (Upper East Side). However, it’s relatively easy to find parking in Manhattan across Upper West Side, as most of its residents work in commercial areas like Lower Manhattan and Midtown. This allows most of the Upper West Side parking spaces to have a few spots vacant all the time. If you are looking for a hassle-free parking experience, it’s always best to consider going for Upper West Side parking garages listed on Way.com.  

Battery Park  

Battery Park, located on the southernmost tip of Lower Manhattan, is your next best bet to find the best deals for affordable parking in Manhattan. Battery Park is home to over 20 monuments that bring in a lot of visitors during peak tourist season. The South Ferry, which operates boat services to the Statue of Liberty (Liberty Island) and the Governor’s Island, also makes finding vacant parking garages challenging during peak seasons. However, you should still be able to find a comfortable spot for parking in Manhattan without much difficulty. 

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