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Top 5 Tips on Getting the Perfect Car Wash at Home

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Unless you’re a regular visitor to an affordable and top-rated car wash near you, keeping your car clean can be an expensive affair. What’s more, the occasional choice to skip typing in ‘car wash near me’ into your search bar can save you a few bucks. However, it’s essential to make sure that you’re using the proper techniques when choosing to wash your car at home. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top 5 tips on getting the perfect car wash at home, with industry-approved methods approved by our best car wash vendors!

This blog has been updated on May 27, 2021.

Top 5 Tips on Getting the Perfect Car Wash at Home

1. Tackle the car’s interior first

Begin by opening up all the doors to let some fresh air into the vehicle and commence clearing up large pieces of trash or debris like polythene bags or parking vouchers. Once you’ve disposed of these safely, follow it up with a comprehensive clean (preferably using a hand-held vacuum) of the car’s interior, including the carpets, car seats, dashboard, and air vents. Remember to do the same for your car’s trunk as well; people tend to forget!


Once all the visible dust and debris has been removed, wipe down all of the car’s surfaces with microfiber towels (use spray-on car cleaner for tougher stains and grime). If your vehicle has leather seats, you can use leather-specific products like plastic dressing and leather conditioners to help keep the seats looking fresh. You might also want to look into purchasing a waterless interior detailing solution, which keeps your car’s interior spotless while leaving behind a. pleasant odor. For those who have to deal with pesky pet hair left behind in the vehicle, a basic lint roller can work wonders.

2. Cleaning the windows efficiently

A special car window cleaner is going to come in handy for this next bit. Remember to avoid cleaning the windows in a circular motion – swipe consistently from left to right or top to bottom. If you’ve cleaned the windows’ inner side from left to right, make sure to wash the exterior windows from top to bottom. This procedure helps identify which side has been cleaned and which hasn’t. Car wash experts recommend cleaning the windows before the car’s exterior to avoid any streaking and water spots being left behind, which can be a pain to get rid of once it dries.

Top 5 Tips on Getting the Perfect Car Wash at Home

3. Wash the car’s exterior

There are two main approaches to washing your car’s exterior – with water and with the use of waterless wash products. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:


Washing with water

You’ll need to use a car detailing soap and have at least two buckets on hand – simply use one bucket for soapy water and the other to wring or rinse your microfiber towel out. Another effective option is to use a hose to spray soap all over the car and then leave it to dry (keep in mind that you’ll need to re-do the windows afterward).

Using waterless wash products

You’ll need to have two microfiber towels on hand if you’re using waterless wash products or solutions. Spray the product onto one microfiber towel, wipe the desired area, and clean off the remains with the second towel. Make sure you pay attention to the rims, air vents, and other small spaces where debris and grime can accumulate.


4. Going the extra mile

Added attention to detail can be the difference between a shabbily cleaned car and a thoroughly cleaned one. Cleaning your engine bay is made easy using a hose (remember not to use too much pressure). You can follow this up with the use of a grease remover if needed. Professional car wash experts recommend that you try and do this process during the day so that the car has enough sunlight to dry out. You’ll find more information on removing tree sap, water spots, and eliminating mold stains here. We also recommend restoring your headlights once every six months or so – an old toothbrush and some toothpaste can help restore that new headlight look in an instant.


5. Pay attention to the tires

Washing and dressing the tires is the last step towards completing the ideal car wash. Begin by squirting grease remover on the rims and wheels. Then, with a towel, clean the wheels thoroughly by going through each interstice. Using a spray and brush, add a tire dressing product that is sure to leave your tires gleaming while providing an additional layer of protection for your car’s wheels and tires.

Does the DIY approach seem time-consuming due to your busy schedule? Well, look no further than Way.com to get instant access to top-rated car washes near you! So, if you’re looking for affordable car washes that are highly professional and leave you with a hassle-free car cleaning experience every time, head on over to Way.com – your car’s best friend, for all the car services you love and need.

Top 5 Tips on Getting the Perfect Car Wash at Home

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