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Top Car Accessories for 2023

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  • Renee Martin
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Most of us spend a significant amount of time inside a car. Whether we’re commuting to work or taking long road trips, there’s little reason not to make that time more comfortable and convenient. Although most modern cars leave the assembly line with a slew of convenience features, your car may not have all you require.

In this article, we’ll look at what we think are the best automotive accessories you can buy, all of which are reasonably priced. Who knows, you might discover something you didn’t even realize you wanted or needed in your life!

Even though the Dodge Challenger and Charger are different in size and trim choices, they still have much in common.

Top car accessories for your phone

Maxboost Magnetic Phone Mount

top car accessories

Don’t let distracted driving ruin your day. Get a pair of magnetic phone mounts from Maxboost to keep your phone within reach at all times. These mounts are compatible with any phone and simply slide into your car’s air vent for simple installation and removal. Attach a metal plate to the back of your phone or place it within your case for the magnets to do their job.

Each mount has four powerful magnets to ensure that your phone does not slip off while driving. The rubberized exterior of the reinforced dual-size claw on the back of each mount prevents harm to your car’s air vents. These mounts are easily adjustable and allow you to have the best viewing angle on your phone while driving.

Anker Mini Car Charger

top car accessories

Having a fully charged cell phone is almost a requirement in today’s world. If you don’t have a newer car with built-in USB ports for charging, you’ll need to buy a car charger to charge your phone. There is a lot to choose from, and many of them work with most phones available in the market.

This car charger from Anker has two USB-A ports, letting you charge two phones at full speed at the same time. This charger doesn’t work with Qualcomm Quick Charge, but Anker has other chargers that can. If your cigarette lighter socket is just 1.8 inches long, this small charger almost fits inside of it. This charger has a scratch-resistant aluminum alloy surface and gold-plated circuitry that helps keep the phone cool while it is charging.

Car accessories for enhancing storage

Trunk Storage Organizer

top car accessories

Need to pick up groceries? This organizer can help you put everything in order. This trunk storage organizer from Drive Auto Products lets you neatly organize your stuff in your boot. A trunk storage organizer means that items aren’t just rolling around from side to side while you drive. This trunk organizer has a novel tie-down strap system that allows you to attach it to a cargo net, seatbacks.

Backseat Organizer

top car accessories

Do you ferry your children around often? Then you already know how messy your car can get. Invest in a set of backseat organizers so that they can stow away their toys and mobile gaming consoles when not in use. A backseat organizer can help keep your cabin tidy as they have plenty of storage spaces for your knick-knacks.

Most backseat organizers have several storage spaces and can hold everything from food snacks to water bottles to books. Some also include a touchscreen tablet holder that can support any tablet up to 10 inches in size. These backseat organizers are built from 600D polyester and are covered by a one-year warranty.

Seat Gap Filler Pocket Organizer

top car accessories

Have you ever dropped something in between your seats and had to rummage around to find it? Seat gap fillers can easily fix this issue and provide extra storage that is easily accessible. With these gap filler pocket organizers, you can make use of the vacant space between your front seats and your center console for storage.

A Mobile Trash Can

top car accessories

You’ll wind up with rubbish in your car no matter how hard you try. Stop stuffing garbage into your cup holders, door panels, or any other nook and cranny you can find, and get a car trash can instead. This HOTOR device can be hung from the seatback or placed on the floor for easy access.

Equipped with an adjustable strap, these portable trash cans allow you to put it almost anywhere you like. This trash can has a strong inner lining and is waterproof and leakproof. It’s simple to clean if necessary, and it has ample storage to keep a substantial amount of garbage.

Top car accessories for convenience

Mini Fridge from AstroAI

There’s nothing more convenient than having access to a cold, refreshing drink while on a long road trip. This AstroAI Mini Fridge can cool to 32 degrees Fahrenheit and stay heated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a storage capacity of four liters, which means you can put half a dozen 12-ounce cans in it. It’s small enough to fit any place within your car, measuring 5.5′′ x 5.3′′ by 8.07′′. When you open the fridge, you’ll notice a removable shelf where you may keep little products like yogurt, fruit, or milk.

The tiny fridge has two plugs, one for conventional wall outlets and your 12V cigarette lighter. Keep in mind that you should only use the tiny fridge when your car’s engine is running; otherwise, you risk exhausting the battery.

Back and Neck Massager from Shiatsu

If you have a long drive with annoying stop-and-go traffic, you should try to relax by purchasing this portable back and neck massager. This ergonomic and compact cushion massager from Zyllion is meant to nestle securely behind your neck and body. It features deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes and a sophisticated heating function that you can turn on and off with ease.

Installing this on your car’s headrest is simple, and it comes with an adaptor so you can use it from inside your car. If you know someone who spends a lot of time stopped in traffic, this is a terrific gifting option for the New Year.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

top car accessories

This product is for those who don’t have built-in Bluetooth in their car. Nulaxy’s affordable Bluetooth FM transmitter is compatible with most gadgets, letting you listen to your favorite music via Bluetooth, TF card, or auxiliary cable. Using superior noise reduction technologies, it delivers great, clear music to your car’s stereo.

A moderately large LCD monitor (1.44′′) displays information such as phone calls, the current song playing, and your car’s battery status. Yes, it includes a built-in voltmeter for checking the health of your car’s battery. With a simple push of a button, you may easily answer phone calls.

Car accessories for safety

1080P Dashcam from Crosstour

top car accessories

Dashcams have been a very popular car accessory of late. A dashcam lets you record your driving footage. This footage can be used, if necessary, to file an insurance claim. This dashcam from Crosstour includes a 3′′ LCD screen on the back and records a 1080p video.

This dashcam uses a high aperture, 170° wide-angle lens to capture clear footage. It even includes a built-in G-sensor that saves a recording if it detects the car has collided with another object.

Accessories to keep your car clean

Car covers

If you park your car outside, you’re already aware of how quickly dirt can build up in a short amount of time. Car covers are designed specifically for this purpose. Choosing one can help protect your car from dirt, harsh contaminants, and all types of weather. For more tips on how to keep your car clean, head here.

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