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Top car seat cleaning hacks that will make your life easier

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  • Renee Martin
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We all spend a great amount of time inside our vehicles, which means your car seats are bound to get dirty over time. Coffee spills, diaper explosions, and pet hair accumulation cannot be stopped altogether, but clearing them soon can reduce the damage. We’re mentioning the best car seat cleaning hacks that will help keep your vehicle’s interior spotless in this post.    

Why car seat cleaning is important   

Yes, dirty car seats can ruin your car’s look, but what’s even more dangerous is they pose serious health hazards. According to experts, unclean car seats can shelter millions of microscopic bacteria that damage your body’s immune system, one cell at a time. A car is their home on wheels for many out there, and regular car seat cleaning is something you must never skip.     

Make your car a ‘no trash’ zone   

The accumulation of trash is the root cause of dirty car seats and unclean car interiors. We tend to let the coffee cups, pizza boxes, chocolate wrappers, and other junks stay in the car longer than they should be. Take out the wastes as soon as you notice them. You can have a trash bag to collect these items instead of letting them spread – remember to dispose of the trash bag, though!  

Act immediately  

Timing is the key when it comes to cleaning your car seats. You can reduce the impact of the damage by clearing them off soon. Always keep an interior car cleaning kit in your vehicle. It can help you clear off messes that need immediate attention, like coffee spills, food waste, and others.   

Cleaning car seats

Use household remedies to clean car seats

Several household items that we use every day can help you in maintaining your car seats better. Here’s the list of  items you can use to clean your car seats:   

Baking soda: A baking soda solution – prepared with ¼ cup of baking soda and warm water – is an excellent cleaning agent that works wonders when used on cloth seats. If the stains are deeply embedded, let the solution sit for 30 minutes and then scrub to remove them.   

Club soda: Spray the club soda on the stained area. Use a brush to scrub it and then wipe using a microfiber cloth. Remember to use the soda lightly.   

Vinegar: To deodorize your car seats, use a mixture of vinegar and water, spray it in your car’s seat, and let it dry. Vinegar is antibacterial and antifungal in nature and will neutralize the odor from your seats.   

Start using seat protectors and other essential products  

Using seat protectors is a no-brainer while traveling with children. Seat protectors are easy to clean and are very durable. You can also place baby wipes in spots where your child can reach. Make sure you have sickness bags in your car, and this can come in handy on a long road trip.   

Detail your car’s interior regularly  

If you don’t have the time to clean your car’s interior regularly at home, we recommend you visit a professional auto detailing center near you. The professionals in the detailing center will make your car’s interior – including your seats – clean and sparkling. If you want to know more about car interior cleaning, click here.


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