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Top companies for cheap car insurance in 2021

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Car insurance can never be considered cheap. Driving in most states legally needs sufficient coverage for your car. If you don’t have minimum car insurance for yourself you are breaking the law. This can lead to sanctions, such as fines and the revocation of licenses. No clever slogans can save you there. While the average cost you pay for your car is $570 per year, many drivers also find it difficult to zero in on companies that provide cheap car insurance. Because car insurance quotes are tailored and various factors, including your age, credit background, vehicle manufacture, and driving record, will impact your car insurance premium, navigating the market to suit your needs can become challenging. 

The easiest way to find¬†cheap auto insurance¬†for yourself is to compare¬†auto insurance quotes¬†from different¬†car insurance companies. It is important to¬†compare car insurance¬†coverage to ensure that you are not underinsured. We at Way.com have analyzed the major¬†car insurance companies based on average annual premiums, coverage, and discounts (by market share). Because many customers regard to cost and service quality equally, we have taken customer satisfaction scores ‚ÄĒ for car claims and car insurance¬†‚ÄĒ into account in our evaluations. Below are some of the¬†best car insurance companies¬†from around the country:

cheap car insurance 2021

Auto-owners insurance 

If you are comfortable with human interaction over artificial intelligence, then Auto-owners insurance is the one for you. Auto-owners insurance has been in operation for over 100 years and has been ranked third out of 24 claims satisfaction suppliers, offering many plans, incentives, and some of the lowest minimum coverage rates. Auto-owners insurance also has complements such as GAP insurance, rental car insurance, ID cover, replacement of mobile phones, and locks recycling. Besides the regular automotive discounts for paper-free billing and teen driver tracking, which are not as famous in the industry, discounts are offered. Composing your plans and paying your premiums straight for three years are just more ways of leveraging extra savings from auto owners.


If you are an active or retired military member, USAA is an excellent place to find the best auto insurance prices and coverage. USAA has a strong customer loyalty for auto claims available throughout the country, with some of the lowest rates for both minimum and maximum coverage. USAA has extra features such as injury forgiveness and coverage in addition to the standard coverage options. You will get a discount on USAA membership if all family members are registered. As a new savings feature, the SafePilot app helps policyholders monitor their healthy driving patterns to save up to 30% of premiums in policy renewal. Additional discounts are required to combine various policies for more than one vehicle, defensive driving, new car storage, membership, and military garage of the car.


Amica is one of the oldest car insurance companies in the USA by over a century and offers affordable car insurance. Apart from core responsibility and compensation for bodily injuries, Amica also provides various other solutions, including personal injury insurance, crash, extensive coverage, roadside assistance, glass protection, free lock repair, no depreciation of a new total car, etc., up to $1000 in bail bonds. Amica helps policy-makers save money with typical bundling discounts, being claims-free, insurance of more than one car, homeowners insurance, good student for drivers around the country (although not currently available in Hawaii). The provider also rewards loyalty and legacy, allowing policyholders to make extra savings if they have been a client for more than two years or five years with their parents.


Found only in 12 states and in Washington D.C., Erie is consistently good at both prices and customer service. It also provides plenty of optional coverages and features, which make its price point even more valuable. In addition to regular coverage plans, there are options such as accident remissions, glass repair, lock service, rideshare coverage, rentals, travel expenses, and coverage for pet injury. Erie also has a unique rate lock feature. It allows the policyholder to lock in its premium and coverage before a driver or vehicle is added or removed or its primary residence changed.

You can get cheap car insurance quotes and discounts, such as installing many safety features, and this makes Erie one of our most important considerations for budget users.

Some drivers might think of smaller firms like the car insurance¬†premiums offered may be lower than those offered by more prominent¬†car insurance companies. Some of the¬†car insurance companies¬†mentioned here might sound familiar, while others don’t. Due to lower advertising and operating costs, many of these¬†car insurance companies¬†will sell¬†car insurance¬†premiums at a higher rate compared to the most prominent ones. While usually fewer discounts are available, smaller¬†car insurance companies¬†may often have more loyalty savings and maintain their policy for several years.

These car insurance companies are as follows: Union Mutual, EMC Insurance, Nodak Insurance Company and American National.

cheap car insurance

How to get affordable car insurance for yourself? 

For many, saving money on car insurance is a priority, but the cheapest coverage is the most undersized defense. Each state has its minimum bodily injury and liability insurance standards, but most policyholders generally recommend the complete coverage of both the vehicle and yourself to provide the maximum coverage. You can also choose to consider non-traditional car insurance companies or plans apart from selecting those coverage levels.


Although price is an essential factor, you get what you are paying for, and in the longer term, it will cost you more out of pocket if you buy too inadequate coverage. It should also be noted that it is not unusual to have high-deductibles or low-limited inexpensive insurance. In both situations, the policyholder must, if necessary, pay the excess sum from his own pockets. To prevent a claim from being financially liable, you can consider prominent car insurance companies with lower average premiums and significant discounts for which you might qualify.


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