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A Tour Through Top Shops and Stores at St Louis Airport

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You’ve reached the airport and realize you forget something crucial for your trip. There’s no need to worry if you find yourself in St Louis Airport in such a situation because plenty of stores are there to get you what you need. We’ll give you a guided tour of the best 10 stores and shops at St Louis International Airport. 

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St Louis Airport stores and shops

If you have time to shop at St Louis Lambert Airport, from fashion to souvenirs, everything is inside the top 10 stores at the airport.   

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Terminal 1 Stores

Ebony News

Terminal 1, near gate C5 

Ebony News is a Convenience Store, Gift Shop, and newsstand at St Louis Airport. You can get ebony-branded products, traveler goods, books, magazines, snacks, electronics, and souvenirs. Within, you’ll find nothing but Hudson products and the same high level of service that Hudson is known for in its other North American and international newsstands.   

Rip curl

Terminal 1, near gate C6 

Want to choose from a large selection of clothing styles? Choose apparel of your type from the Rip curl store for casual wear, outerwear, and beachwear. You can get accessories that go well with your dress from the same store.  

Sweet Indulgences

Terminal 1, near gate A8 

Want some candy while you are inside the St Louis Airport? Grab as much as you want as per your taste from Sweet Indulgences, the candy store at the airport. You can get chocolates and gifts from this store. 

Tech on the Go

Terminal 1, near gate C6 
Mon – Fri: 10 AM to 6 PM, Sat – Sun: 11 AM to 5 PM 

If you want electronic products, St Louis Airport has a shop for that too. St Louis Airport even meets your electronics needs. Tech on the Go is a travel electronics store that sells headphones, chargers, and cables. 

Discover St Louis

Terminal 1, near gate A6 

Discover St Louis, one of the top stores at St Louis Airport, is known for its unique and ever-changing boutique. The boutique has souvenirs and mementos featuring the attractions at the Jefferson National Parks, Peabody Opera, and St Louis Art Museum, as well as entertainment attractions like the St Louis Zoo, St Louis Blues, and Washington University of St Louis.  

Feeling hungry? Explore the St Louis Airport Food Spots

Terminal 2 Stores

Kids Works

Terminal 2, near gate E22 
Mon – Sun: 6 AM to 9:30 PM  

Having a store inside the airport where your kids can spend time is something most parents hope for. Knowing this need, St Louis Airport has a store called Kids Works with an exciting collection of toys for your kid heroes. You will no longer have to worry about how to engage your kids if you are at St Louis Airport. 

CNN Newsstand

Terminal 2, near gate E20 

With the help of national brand Hudson, CNN Newsstand, the most reputable name in worldwide news, can now supply passengers with all of their essentials and conveniences, as well as live news broadcasts in an atmosphere evocative of a television newsroom. Worldwide, people are familiar with CNN.  

St Louis Sports

Terminal 2, near gate E14 
Mon – Sun: 10 AM to 7 PM 

While you are at St Louis Airport, if you realize you need some sports apparel, there is a store there. St Louis Sports sells sports apparel and souvenirs from the Cardinals and Blues. 

Natalie’s Candy Jar

Terminal 2, near gate E14 

Natalie’s Candy Jar, a popular candy concept with a lot of experience serving airport consumers, has a section in one of the Hudson newsstands devoted to confectionary delight. Head to this store for gifts, chocolates, and candies.  

Store present both at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2


Terminal 1 Pre-Security, near gates A8, A17, C10, C18, C30 
Terminal 2 Pre-Security, near gates E6, E14, E18, and E31 

Hudson is one of those few stores at St Louis Airport that serves multiple of your needs. Be it books, magazines, quick healthy snacks, or beauty aids, this shop assures that you have what you need. It is not just limited to these products; you can get electronics and souvenirs from this one-of-a-kind store at St Louis Airport.  


Does St Louis Airport have Starbucks?

Yes, Starbucks is present at St Louis Airport.

Is there anywhere to sleep in the St Louis airport?

Terminal 2 and Concourse C seem to be the most common locations at the airport where reviewers report finding armrest-free seating.

Is St Louis Airport a big airport?

St Louis Airport is known to be the busiest and largest airport in Missouri.

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