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Top Street Parking NYC Spots for Parking on Fourth of May

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Top Street Parking NYC Spots for Parking on Fourth of May 

Fourth of May is not your average day in New York City and most of the United States. Things are pretty much the same when it comes to parking on the Fourth of May as well. If you didn’t know why May the Fourth is so special, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Master Yoda would be very disappointed with you, padawan. Regardless, the Fourth of May is a special day (an unofficial day) to celebrate everything Star Wars-related! It does not really matter whether you are a fan of Sith Lord Darth Vader’s red lightsaber and husky voice or support the Jedi Order in their defense against the Dark Side. On May the fourth, fans of the Star Wars franchise are united as one to celebrate. As the Covid force was stronger than both the Jedi Order and the Dark Side, most of the May the Fourth celebrations were forced to go online and digital. However, things are definitely on the brighter side this time around, and there are chances for smaller events that can be incorporated with social distancing to take place offline as well. Usually, street parking NYC spaces across the city get sold out within minutes of being available and being a special day, where you need the force to be strong, it’s essential to make sure that you have guaranteed parking. Way.com offers plenty of secure parking garages in NYC that can be booked instantly, and that too for some of the best rates. Most of these parking spaces also ensure that you are parked safely from clone trooper raids and provide premium facilities like contactless parking. May the fourth be with you and pre-book parking now! Here are some top street parking NYC locations to consider parking on the fourth of May. 


Most of Manhattan offers plenty of convenient street parking NYC streets. There are also lots of street parking spaces that provide accessible parking for some of the lowest rates. The only problem with street parking in Manhattan is that most of the good spots get sold out within minutes of being available. If you are unsure about where to go for parking on May the fourth in Manhattan, download the Way App and search for Manhattan to get the best parking garages. You’ll only need to spend a dollar or more extra per hour than you pay at metered parking. Enjoy premium parking in Manhattan for the best rates with Way.com. 

Central Park 

If you are the kind of person who prefers cheaper parking over accessible parking, street parking options next to Central Park are for you then. Get instant access to hundreds of metered parking spaces and even parking garages listed across websites like Way.com. The only downside to this is that there is a relatively great demand for most parking spaces (metered and garages). Central Park is the most visited Urban park in all of the United States. Unless you have pre-bookings made, you would need to be really lucky to drive into a Central Park parking space. Be on the lookout for free street parking NYC spaces in and around the area.  

Rockaway Beach 

Street Parking NYC

Another great option to consider for seamless and hassle-free street parking in NYC is to go for Rockaway Beach parking. Even though Rockaway Beach is a pretty busy and bustling beach, spanning well over 5.5 miles with plenty of cool places to check out. Rockaway Beach is also one of the most visited beaches in NYC. However, there are plenty of parking spaces, both on-street and off-street garages, making parking a tad bit easier than most of its neighbors in NYC.  

Brooklyn Bridge 

While the Brooklyn Bridge can be a busy place to park in on an average day, chances are higher for you to get an affordable street parking NYC spot next to Brooklyn Bridge on the 4th of May. While most of the other locations mentioned are in high demand, Brooklyn Bridge is moderate to low tier when it comes to parking demand, and there are plenty of cobbled streets in the area where you can park for relatively low rates. In addition, there are also plenty of affordable parking garages in NYC listed on Way.com. Most of these lots are located right next to Brooklyn Bridge and lets you park for rates as low as $3 per hour.  

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