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Top Subaru car wash tips to keep your ride spotless

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It’s no secret that Subaru owners love their cars a little too much. They even write love letters to their vehicle – no kidding! To shower your car with some extra love, here are some Subaru car wash tips. Follow these tips to keep your ride spotless all the time.     

Washing the exterior  

We recommend washing your vehicle under a shade and definitely not on a sunny day. The heat from the sunlight can dry water, and the products applied on them very quickly and cause water spots. Follow the steps given below to give your Subaru a thorough exterior wash:    

Step 1

First, pre-wash your car with water to remove any loose dirt and debris. It will also loosen the stubborn dirt stuck on the exterior.

Step 2

Always start with the wheels and tires because they are often the dirtiest part of your car. Also, if you clean the wheels at the end, the chances of splashing dirt back onto the clean car are very high. Rinse the wheels and tires, next apply the wheel cleaner and scrub using a brush. Make sure to reach all the nooks and corners. Once you’re satisfied, rinse the wheel with water and dry it with microfiber towels. 

Step 3  

Now that we’ve tackled the most difficult part, washing the exterior should be a simple task if you stick to the right car wash procedures. Mentally divide your Subaru into different sections and work on one section at a time for great results.  

Step 4

If you’re using the two-bucket method, fill one bucket with water and the other with car wash solution. Dunk the wash mitt into the bucket with the solution and clean your car. Once you’ve finished cleaning, dunk the mitt into the bucket with water to rinse it out.    

Note: Never use dish soap or other detergents to clean your Subaru. They can damage your car’s paint and cause irreparable damage to its appearance.  

Subaru car wash

How to dry your Subaru  

Always use microfiber towels to dry your Subaru. Car wash experts partnered with Way.com recommend microfiber towels because they are non-abrasive and can absorb large amounts of water. If you don’t have access to microfiber towels, you can use a blow dryer to remove the excess water. Never use old clothes or rags to dry your car – they can cause micro-scratches on your car. Also, parking your car under the sunlight to dry is never a great idea!   

Subaru interior cleaning  

Never let the trash accumulate inside the vehicle. Make sure you clear off the junk as soon as you spot them. Begin the interior cleaning process by taking out used cups, pizza boxes, chocolate wrappers, and other trash inside the car. Next, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust off your seats and upholstery. If you find the rubber mats to be dirty, remove them and wash them. Use an interior car cleaning product and microfiber cloth to wipe down the dust from your car’s console, steering wheel, gear shift, cup holders, and other surfaces.  

Subaru car wash FAQs  

How often should I wash my Subaru?   

Don’t wait till your car is filled with dirt and grime to clean. Create a car wash schedule and stick to it. We recommend washing your Subaru at least once a week to maintain its showroom shine and for better performance on the road.   

How often should I detail my Subaru?   

You can visit locations that offer Subaru car detailing services once a month. If you’re someone who’s adept with auto detailing techniques, you can do it yourself.   

Can I take my Subaru through a car wash?   

Yes, you can take a Subaru through a drive-thru car wash as long as the center uses the latest technology and follows the right procedures. You can use websites and apps like Way.com to find top-rated and affordable car washes near you. Using Way.com, you can get your car cleaned from a top-rated car wash near you for the lowest possible prices. 

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