Top Tips for Easy Parking at the Airport

Going for a vacation or business trip can be fun and exciting, but the horror of finding a bad parking spot or no spot at all deters people from taking their cars to the airport. This is why long-term airport parking services are getting quite popular these days. With such parking services, people can take full advantage of the comfort and ease of parking their vehicles away while they are away on their trip.

If you want to park your car and want to drive it as soon as you land back home, then opt for a long-term airport parking facility. You have to first find out if your airport already has a designated area for long-term parking or not. If your airport charges a lot or if there isn’t’ any long-term airport parking there, you can always look for the nearest off-site parking lot for this.

Like everything else, even something as simple as parking at an airport needs to be done perfectly so that you don’t have to encounter any problems later on. follow these tips so that you can benefit from long-term airport parking facility:

Steer Clear of Deals That are Too Good to Be True

Normally you shouldn’t encounter any problems at a long-term airport parking lot, but if it seems like it is too good to be true or a very dirt cheap kind of deal, then avoid using it. There are new and different scamming techniques these days and people will do anything just to get some money. This is not to scare you from opting for long-term airport parking facilities, but it is just a common precautionary, measure you should take so that you don’t end up being scammed by anyone.

Be careful of credit card fraud, where if you pay online, all your card details are recorded and used later on. Also, stay away from shady areas that claim to be a long-term airport parking lot because you never know that you might be parking in an unsafe and unregistered area that is falsely claiming to be a parking zone. Although such cases are rare, it is still better to be safe than sorry.


Don’t go for long-term airport parking companies that only have a cell phone number as their main contact number. Another warning sign could be a shady or poorly functional website. If the business has no reviews, testimonials and if the pictures seem fake, it is surely a sign that something is amiss. Ask someone if they have used or heard about this airport parking business, and if you are still not sure, then just avoid it completely.

Read Reviews

If you are opting for an offsite long-term airport parking lot while you are away on, then make sure to read all the reviews and do the homework. They will either be available on the parking facility’s website, or you can just go to any review app or website and check it out. Don’t choose the ones that have anything below a 4 star rating.

Check the Map

Before you head to the long-term airport parking lot, check the place out on Google maps or directly call them so that they can help you find the lot. If you check it on Google maps, make sure to see the aerial view of the parking lot so that you have a better idea of how big it is.

Park at the Airport

Some long-term airport parking facilities have partnered up with the airport and have designated or assigned areas to cater to the customers. Make sure to use the correct parking lot so that you don’t end up being charged with another parking provider and get a hefty penalty. They also tow away the cars that haven’t paid up.

Call in Advance

If there has been a change of plans and you think that your arrival is going to be delayed, then it is always recommended to call up the parking company to let them know that you won’t be collecting your car on the mentioned date. You will most probably have to pay up for the extra days, but it will be better than getting a fine or having the car removed. Depending on the package, some companies also have a feature that you can park as long as you like, so if your trip duration doesn’t exceed the days of that particular package, you don’t have to worry about paying any extra money.

Opt for Valet Parking

Some long-term airport parking facilities ask their customers to pick their cars up from a meetup point. If the parking company doesn’t offer any and you need it because you have small children and luggage, then you can always call up. They will be happy to assist you and send their representative for valet services for you.

Check Your Timings

Long-term airport parking facilities that are offsite provide their customers with a bus shuttle service. These shuttle services run at a particular time. They run after 5-20 minutes, so make sure that you arrive on time and not miss your flight. You must know beforehand how long the shuttle service will take to reach the airport as some offsite parking lots are a bit far. There could be traffic and you wouldn’t want to ruin your trip by missing the flight. It is always recommended to leave at least 30-45 minutes earlier than when you normally leave for a flight if you are planning to opt for a long-term airport parking lot.

Compare Prices

Everyone deserves to get the best deal when it comes to buying a product or availing a service, and long-term airport parking facilities should be no different for you. You don’t want to end up paying so much money and later find out that you could have easily saved 30-40% by opting for another service. There are many websites that show you a comparison chart so that you can choose the best one for yourself. Furthermore, they also do a comparison of different parking features, such as shuttle service, valet, etc.

Book Early

Just like you book early so that you get the best seats and deals available, the same goes for long-term airport parking lots. This is especially true if you are traveling during the peak holiday season, when most people are flying to different places. Check with the parking provider in advance and find out the rates. Some also provide different deals that you can avail for that particular season. If you are booking a few months in advance, then ensure that it is cancellable just in case there is any change of plans.

Choose the Type of Service That Best Suits You

Everyone has different needs and the packages are tailored accordingly. If you are looking for a cheaper fare long-term airport parking, then you can just book a park and ride option. If you are willing to pay a tad bit extra for convenience, then you can opt for the meet and greet option. Some companies do a complimentary meet and greet where you don’t even have to pay extra, so always go through all the packages that the companies are offering before choosing the one that best suits you.

Reserve Your Parking Spot

Many airport parking services offer a call and reserve service so that you don’t have to worry about parking once you arrive. You can pay after you park and get to the airport easily after.

Keep Your Car Safe and Clean

Although long-term airport parking facilities are quite safe, and they are monitored through CCTV, you should never take any risk. Make sure that there aren’t any important documents or valuables in the car just in case there is a theft or some accident.

Don’t leave any food inside the car as it will rot while your car stays in the lot. When you come back after a long trip, your car will have a bad stench. Food can rot in as little as 2 days, so even if you are going away for the weekend, make sure your car is clean.

Keep Your Winter Tires

Keeping your winter tires in the trunk will do you good because it is a convenient and hassle-free option for those who are going for a very long trip. This is for those people who leave at the start of fall and come back in winter, where they need their tires for driving in the snow.

Inflate the Tires and Disconnect the Battery

Make sure that your tires are fully inflated because if they are not, the slightest leak can cause a flat tire by the time you are back from a trip. Also, keep a spare tire in the trunk just to be safe.

To make sure that your car starts when you come back, disconnect your battery as many cars have a power drain if they are not used for too long.

Park Inside

The early bird gets the worm— the same logic applies to car parking. The parker who comes first gets a spot in the long-term airport parking lot. Many of these parking facilities offer both indoor and outdoor spaces so that you can choose whichever spot suits you the best.

Parking indoors is the best option especially if you live in a city with extreme weather conditions. Parking inside will protect your car from snow and heat, depending on when you are leaving your car in the long-term airport parking.

Make Use of Airport Parking Membership

Frequent travelers can be happy to know that there are many long-term airport parking services that offer membership discounts to their customers. This is especially helpful if you work at the airport and/or work as a ground staff for an airline and need to take your car often. If you opt for long-term airport parking membership, you can enjoy better parking spaces, discounts, deals and various features that regular customers won’t.

Have Your Car Insured

It is always a good idea to have your car insured from any potential damage or theft that might take place while you are away on holiday. You can also opt for a car insurance package by the parking company so that if anything happens to your car while you are away, they can cover the damages for you.

Park Near the Elevator

Try to find your parking space near the elevator if the parking lot has multiple floors. This way, you won’t have to walk all the way to your car if you have a lot of luggage or little kids with you.

Now that you know all the tips of parking at an airport, your trip can be hassle-free. When you return from your vacations or from a business trip, you will be happy to see your car in perfect condition and parked safely— just as you left it.

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