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Top Tips for Parking in Downtown Los Angeles

  • City Parking Tips
  • Celine Jerly
  • 3 minutes

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Parking in downtown Los Angeles is not something you take lightly. If not planned in advance, it can easily turn into a nightmare in the city of dreams. A quick look at downtown LA parking rates will convince you to book cheaper options in advance. Banking on street parking isn’t a good choice either. Vehicle density in LA is one of the highest among US cities and finding a parking spot is often tedious.

But worry not, we have a few useful tips to help you find your way around LA city parking facilities.

Top Tips for Parking in Downtown Los Angeles

Know your LA Parking Time Limits   

Free street parking in downtown LA is available, but before you say ‘yay’ be aware of the time limits. It’s often just a couple of hours, any more and you get a ticket! Keep an eye out for street cleaning schedules as well. Either side of a street is cleaned on different days. Metered parking time limits also vary and are mostly just one or two hours in busy neighborhoods. Take note of enforcement times displayed on signboards or the meter itself.   

Stay Updated on LA Parking Rules   

LA parking enforcement likes to be extremely efficient. Parking permits, street cleaning schedules, busy hour restrictions, meters running out – you really need a crash course in LA parking rules to save yourself from parking tickets. Stack up the violations and there’s a very real chance of getting towed. And then you’ll have to pay the boot fee too. Signboards can save you a lot – always keep an eye out for them.  

Don’t Risk Parking on the Street  

It could be cheaper and sometimes even free, but street parking in LA might not always be safe. Keeping up with the many parking rules and restrictions or even finding curbside parking quickly enough is a challenge. Save yourself some time and effort by simply booking your parking space in advance at one of the many downtown LA parking lots and garages. You will find safe and affordable options at way.com and PCA. Paid parking in LA is not only safer but also offers many amenities that street parking lacks. Downtown LA parking garages managed by PCA promises 24×7 security with camera surveillance and contactless parking benefits. 

Whether you are just visiting or planning your daily commute in the city, finding a parking spot in LA is better when you book in advance, keep track of your permits, and follow the parking rules.   

Top Tips for Parking in Downtown Los Angeles

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