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Top Tips for Perfect Car Wash in Winter

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Car wash in winter is something you should never skip. Here are some top tips you can use to wash your car during the winters. Read on to know more.    

Everyone loves winter (unless you’re a certain Mr. Grinch)! It brings Christmas, hot chocolate, and snowy days with it when it arrives. Picture this: you’re driving on a long snow-filled road, your favorite song is playing in your car, with your beloved by your side. Sounds like a perfect winter drive, right? While you enjoy the snow and the lovely winter weather, don’t forget your driving partner! Winter is your car’s archenemy – the Joker to your Batman or Lex Luthor to your Superman! To win this epic battle with winter, you need the best car wash tips, and this is where we can help you.   

Why should you wash your car in winter?   

Why should you wash your car in winter? Can you wash your car in winter? These are some of the frequently asked questions on the internet by vehicle owners. The answer is a resounding yes. You can and should wash your car in the winter. During the winter months, automobiles face a tough time because of all the salt on the roadways. The rock salt – used to keep our roads clear of snow and ice – can inflict serious harm to your car if left uncleaned. What’s worse, the salt can cause corrosive damage to just about any exposed car part over time. When the salt stuck onto the metal parts mixes with water, and oxygen it can start rusting. Metal components like wheels, brakes, exhaust pipes, mufflers, and others placed relatively low to the ground are more susceptible to rusting. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly wash your car after driving on rock salt-treated roads or after your drive back from the snow. While you’re at it, don’t forget to clean your car’s underbody too. 

car wash in winter

How to wash car your in winter – The DIY method  

We understand washing your car in the cold weather is the last thing you would want to do. But, for hassle-free vehicle maintenance, you must wash your car whenever possible. Avoid car washing when the temperature is below freezing. We suggest you pick a day when the temperature is moderate and friendly. Follow the steps given below for the perfect car wash in winter:  

  1. Start your cleaning process by giving your car a pre-wash using water. Make sure you use warm water and avoid hot water – hot water can ruin your car’s paint job and clear coat. Also, please don’t jump into scrubbing the dirt off the dry car. It can cause scratches.   
  2. Once you’re done with pre-wash, start cleaning your wheels. The wheels and tires are the dirtiest and most affected part in winters. It’s important to clean the dirt, grime, salt, snow, and other contaminants off the wheels.  
  3. After washing the wheels, move on to the car’s exterior and start cleaning one section at a time. You can use the two-bucket method to clean your car. Fill in one bucket with water and the other with car wash solution. Now dunk the wash mitt into the bucket with solution, then use it to clean the car. Once you’re done cleaning, dunk the mitt into the bucket with water.   
  4. Follow the same procedure will you’re done cleaning the entire vehicle.   
  5. Next, use microfiber towels to dry your car. Microfiber towels are soft and can absorb large amounts of water. Dry off all the nooks and crannies of your can that can freeze easily.   

Note: To clean a vehicle with only a little dirt, you can also use the waterless car wash in winter.   

Car care in winter

Cleaning car in winter: Top tips you can use  

  • If you live in an area where it snows a lot and salt is applied frequently on roads, wash your vehicle once every two weeks to avoid corrosion.   
  • Car wash experts recommend washing your car inside a garage or in a wash bay during winters.   
  • You can get your car waxed before the winter arrives to give your car a protective layer.   
  • Avoid applying wax or polish when the temperature is very low.  
  • Dress in layers, wear waterproof gloves and boots when you step out to clean your car.   

Visit an automatic car wash in winter  

You can always visit an automatic or touchless car wash near you when it is too cold to wash your car at home. Remember, most locations will be closed on days when the weather gets harsh. So, make sure you check with the car wash location before you visit. When you visit a touchless car wash in winter, make sure you wash your vehicle’s underbody too. Also, when you drive out of the car wash bay, make sure your car is completely dry. Always carry a towel with you and remove the excess water if you notice.  

What’s more, you can find top-rated and affordable car washes near you on websites and apps like Way.com.


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