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Top Tips on How to Keep Your Car Clean this Holiday Season

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  • Renee Martin
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Holiday madness is upon us – and you know what that means – pleasant family get-togethers, dinners,¬†road trips,¬†and¬†a whole lot of messy¬†games¬†and activities. We’ve rounded up the top tips on how you can¬†keep the mess and chaos out of your family car¬†this¬†holiday season. From keeping an¬†eye on what the kids are dragging in after their runarounds in the snow to visiting your trusted car wash near you for regular and periodic maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Read on to know more!¬†

This blog has been updated on May 6th, 2021.

Top Tips on How to Keep Your Car Clean this Holiday Season

Family get-togethers, meals, and messy events such as pumpkin¬†carving, going sledding, and enjoying the great¬†snow-laden¬†outdoors are¬†just another¬†part of the holidays.¬†Unfortunately,¬†a lot¬†of these¬†cherished-memory moments can also be incredibly rough on your vehicle, leaving you with an¬†interior¬†that’s dirty or¬†worse,¬†permanently¬†damaged.¬†Here¬†are three ways¬†you can¬†keep your family car tidy this holiday season¬†so that¬†it’s only the¬†memories¬†that remain, while the messes become a thing of the past.¬†

Keeping a close eye on the kids  

Kids, particularly before they have learned well-established hand-washing regimes, are notorious for sporting dirty hands. Unfortunately, the interior of your car is easily subject to staining Рand in order to make the fabric linings and interior materials of your car filthy, all it just takes are a few carelessly placed touches. Odor and disease-causing microbes that come off of food, candy, and cake frosting, the inside of the vehicle tends to hold up badly does when children are loaded into the backseat with filthy hands and shoes.   


Get into the practice of inspecting¬†your kids’¬†palms, clothes, and the undersides of their shoes before going out to the car to avoid smudges and stains.¬†You could also try¬†stocking up on¬†baby wipes¬†and spray-on/wipe-off disinfectant. When on a road trip, it’s crucial you make enough rest stops so that your children¬†can wash up at a rest area or¬†use the¬†restroom at a diner or restaurant.¬†¬†

The smallest things tend to make the biggest messes –¬†art items¬†like crayons¬†and even tiny toys¬†tend to¬†make¬†a¬†mess¬†of the interior of your car. Before you¬†lock up the car,¬†make it a habit to¬†gather these¬†items¬†and stash them¬†away¬†in a¬†separate¬†container¬†and place it tucked away¬†in the trunk. While¬†this may seem¬†like an added hassle, even at the busiest time of the year,¬†this move might¬†just save you a whole lot of dollars on interior cleaning services.¬†


Transporting food, the right way  

Long road trips and roads slick with sleet and half-melted snow make for some particularly difficult situations. On days where the weather causes slippery roads, food can be exceptionally difficult to transport.¬†All it takes¬†is¬†a moment for¬†a¬†pie¬†you’re taking to your mother‚Äôs house to roll over your back seat and fall over, even¬†if¬†strategically¬†placed¬†on a large towel.¬†

Fortunately,¬†this is a relatively easy fix – simply¬†throw a few big plastic totes¬†or even adequately-sized¬†disposable garbage bags¬†in your trunk¬†or tuck them away¬†under¬†the seat of¬†your car.¬†Plastic totes with lids¬†that are roughly the size of the inner dimensions of your car will help greatly.¬†Line the underside of the totes and their inner bottom with plastic, a non-slip liner to prevent any accidental slippage of the food you’re transporting. Try and ensure any plastic containers or bins you’re transporting food have the right sized lids that can form an airtight seal. In addition to preventing any spills from staining the upholstery of your vehicle, you will¬†also¬†be able to prevent smells from lasting for¬†days in¬†the car.¬†


Practice regular car cleaning and make the most of car wash services 

Soap is¬†highly¬†efficient at eliminating grit, grime, and dirt –¬†however, stains¬†can¬†potentially attract dirt if soap residue is left behind on carpets and car‘s¬†upholstery, leaving the car fabrics soiled again in no time¬†at all. For this reason, professional detailing is essential¬†to maintain and even extend¬†the life cycle of the carpets and¬†fabrics that line the interiors of your vehicle.¬†

The carpets, chairs, and armrests need to be thoroughly vacuumed to eliminate surface grime Рa feat that is easily achieved when using a professional detailing and/or car cleaning service/car wash near you. Most professionals use efficient hot water extraction machines to shampoo surfaces simultaneously while sweeping away excess soap and water, making for fabrics that remain clean for longer.  

Top Tips on How to Keep Your Car Clean this Holiday Season

Experts recommend scheduling competent cars every 4 to 6 months to keep your vehicle safe, so try booking their services just before and after the holidays¬†– you’ll find everything you’ll need for keeping your car and shiny at websites like Way.com and the Way app.¬†From finding parking in notoriously packed cities to getting the cheapest auto insurance quotes and highly affordable and top-rated car washes near you, Way, your car’s best friend, has your back!

Websites and apps like Way offer professional and top-rated car wash services at great prices. What’s more, the whole family can get in on the sudsy action thanks to Way’s Carwash Voucher and Family Car Wash Pass. The Family Car Wash Pass can be used on multiple (that’s right, multiple) vehicles!

Looking for more choices for car washes near you? Way.com has you covered ‚Äď get¬†online¬†or¬†book your car wash through¬†our¬†iOS¬†or¬†Android¬†apps now!

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