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Top Tips to Find Affordable Belasco Theater Parking 

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Belasco Theater is one of the leading theatres in Los Angeles that brings in hundreds of visitors on a regular basis. Located conveniently on 1050 S Hill, Belasco Theater is also one of the oldest theaters in LA. Because of its popularity and being part of the Broadway Theater district, it’s really difficult to find Belasco Theater parking spots vacant. You can always pre-book Belasco Theater parking through websites like Way.com and get some of the best deals for parking. Enjoy premium facilities like contactless parking, around-the-clock lot assistance, 24-hour accessibility, and unlimited in/out privileges when you choose to book your LA City parking online through Way.com. If you are content with going for street parking in Los Angeles, it’s always best to make sure that you are parked legally. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is pretty vigilant and makes sure that you get ticketed for even the most minor parking infractions. If it’s affordable Belasco Theater parking, without any unnecessary hassles that you seek, here are some great tips to always find cheap deals for Belasco Theater parking.


Reserve Belasco Theater Parking in Advance 

It is always best to pre-book Belasco Theater parking in advance before heading out if you are running a tight schedule. If you don’t have bookings made on time, you could end up having to drive around looking for a Los Angeles parking spot. Most of the leading parking services in LA have parking apps like the Way App from Way.com. You can get instant access to a seamless interface that lets you easily navigate the streets of Los Angeles and book a spot within minutes. You also get to read reviews, compare parking prices, and check parking availability before heading out. Most of the Los Angeles parking garages listed on the Way App also offer premium facilities like contactless parking, and that too for some of the lowest rates.  

Cheap Parking Garages Do Exist 

Belasco Theater parking

It is a common misconception that parking garages are always expensive. However, the reality is far from it, as there are plenty of Belasco Theater parking garages that let you park for rates as low as $5 per hour in LA, listed on websites like Way.com. Of course, you can never park for the cheap rates you get across metered parking spaces in Los Angeles. However, you still get the added bonus of security from an expensive parking ticket. LADOT does not hesitate to issue citations, and it’s pretty easy to stack up tickets for possible LA city parking violations. You can also afford to be late to parking garages, but even delaying moving your car out from a metered parking space will result in a ticket.  

Download a Parking App 

In the post-pandemic era, having access to contactless parking is something you need to be on the lookout for. When you can book a Belasco Theater parking spot online through a parking app like the Way App, it simply makes the whole task that much easier and safer. The Way App, which is available for free download from Way.com, Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store, also offers a mini-map for easy navigation. An additional benefit is that you can pay your parking fares online and thereby again limit contact with people outside. There are also plenty of LA city parking lots that offer contactless parking and covid-19 compliances, which are available for comparatively low rates.  

Following these top tips ensures that you get a safe Belasco Theater parking experience in most scenarios. If you still need more pointers for Los Angeles parking, consider checking out our detailed Los Angeles parking guide.

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