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Top Tips to Find the Best Monthly Parking in San Francisco

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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Finding parking in San Francisco is always a challenge, regardless of whether you go for short-term, valet, or long-term monthly parking in San Francisco. It’s not that there is not enough space for parking, but most people who drive around the city do not look into which all garages offer monthly parking in San Francisco. There are plenty of parking garages in San Francisco that let you park for affordable rates, spread out across the city. If you are unsure about how to track and park at these SF monthly parking garages, we have you covered. If you are short on time, want to make a quick monthly parking reservation, Way.com has you covered with some of the best deals for monthly parking in San Francisco. Most of the garages listed on the website offer premium services like around-the-clock camera security, 24-hour accessibility, camera surveillance, and contactless parking.

Download and Use a Parking App   

Having access to parking apps like the Way App from Way.com, for instance, lets you search and pre-book all kinds of San Francisco parking instantly. Search the location or neighborhood you want to park in, compare the SF parking garages, check features like parking availability, and book your slot for parking instantly. If it’s monthly parking that you need, make sure you switch the tab from hourly parking to monthly parking at the top of your search result page to find garages that offer monthly parking in San Francisco.  

Research About Monthly Parking in San Francisco 

Monthly parking San Francisco

Different options for monthly parking in San Francisco offer different rates and features for parking. It is always best to spend time researching the various options and choose the parking garage that provides you the best overall parking based on your needs. For instance, the monthly parking San Francisco garage at 750 Golden Gate Ave lets you access outdoor valet monthly parking deals for $250 per month. In contrast, a monthly parking garage at 122 Front St will cost you $500 and only provides covered self-parking deals. Services, facilities, price range all differ from one lot to the other, so it’s always best to research monthly parking in San Francisco.   

Don’t Pay for Services You Don’t Need  

San Francisco monthly parking garages come with a lot of services and facilities. Some of these are pretty useful and required, like contactless parking, covid-19 compliances, around-the-clock camera surveillance, and 24-hour accessibility. However, there are also plenty of other services like unlimited in and out privileges that are expensive. If you are someone that uses a monthly parking garage for work-related travel, you don’t need to have unlimited in and out privileges. Ideally, you only need to get in and out once, so cancel unlimited in/out access to further save money on monthly parking. Some monthly parking San Francisco garages also provide valet parking services by default. However, if you are ok with self-parking, you can again save a lot of money otherwise spent on valet parking. Always ask about the facilities provided at monthly parking garages in SF and only choose those you need.   

Following these simple monthly parking hacks can help you find the absolute best monthly parking San Francisco deals. If you still find it challenging to drive into a vacant San Francisco monthly parking garage, consider pre-booking your parking space in advance through Way.com.

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