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Top Tips to Find the Best Parking in Boston  

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Top Tips to Find the Best Parking in Boston  

Planning to visit the historic city of Boston, but unsure about where to head towards for convenient parking at affordable prices? Don’t worry! You are not alone. Finding secure parking in Boston that is affordable and provides premium services like contactless parking and security facilities is quite challenging. Known fondly as the Hub of Universe by residents and visitors alike, Boston is a leading tourist destination in the United States, frequented by many annually. Being a ‘cultural capital,’ there is a lot to see and visit, regardless of whether you are a tourist or resident. The only drawback to this is that Boston, just like many other leading cities of the United States, is plagued by the challenges of inadequate parking spaces. It is almost as if there is never enough parking in Boston, and this can be frustrating when you are planning to visit multiple attractions in Boston. What’s worse is that you may find good-looking parking in Boston and leave your car there, only to get a rude welcome back to your car with expensive parking citations. That’s why Way.com has you covered with plenty of affordable parking in Boston, right next to major attractions. What’s even better is that most of these spots can be pre-booked. Continue reading to see how!  

Know Where the High Demand Neighborhoods Are  

More than being a historic neighborhood made up of different cities, Boston is also known for having entirely different and diverse neighborhoods. Areas of Boston like downtown, Back Bay, Cambridge, Fenway Park, North End, and South End are also in relatively high demand. However, when it comes to places like Davis Square, or Porter Square, things are a bit more settled, and there are more chances for you to drive into a parking space in Boston over here. If you have made parking reservations in advance before heading out, you can easily have guaranteed parking in Boston, ready when it’s time.   

Being Tech Savvy and Having a Parking App on Your Smartphone  

Parking in Boston

Now, this tip is applicable not just for Boston but for all cities across the country. Being tech-savvy and having access to parking apps like the Way App lets you pre-book parking in Boston at the click of a button. You can also compare prices, read reviews of people who have previously parked at the same place, and check parking availability before heading out. You also stand a chance to win great discounts when you go for pre-booking of spots for Boston parking through the Way App or Way.com website. While there are neighborhoods where you can drive into a parking space, there are others where it is crucial to head out early or have parking reservations made in advance.   

Go for Street Parking in Boston if You Want a Cheaper Alternative  

You can find parking meters throughout the city of Boston, and they are also readily available next to prime locations like Fenway Park and Freedom Trail. While parking meters offer a cheaper alternative for parking in Boston, they do not provide protection from natural hazards like adverse weather conditions. The majority of metered parking zones in Boston are active from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Saturday. Rates for parking in Boston across metered parking spaces vary between $2.50 to $3.75 per hour. However, if you are ok with paying $1 or more per hour, you can get parking garages in Boston, with premium amenities like contactless parking and camera surveillance.   

If you plan to visit a top attraction like Fenway Park, Freedom Trail, or Fenway Park during high-profile events or special days, it’s always highly recommended to have your parking in Boston booked in advance through Way.com.

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