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Top tips to get your car to a million miles – Be a million miler!

  • Car Care Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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For many vehicle owners out there, reaching the milestone mark of a million miles is a dream. Yes, it’s difficult to reach this magic number, but not impossible. We’re here to help you. Use our top tips to get your car to a million miles.     

Car owners have a special bond with their vehicles. After all, it’s your driving companion who’s always there for you in the twists and turns of your life and road! So, naturally, you would want to spend as much time as possible with your car. However, this is easier said than done! Cars are made of various parts, and you need to maintain and care for each of these parts to get into the elite million-mile club. Don’t worry – use these tips to get your car to a million miles. Keep reading to know more.     

Don’t skip your regular car maintenance schedule 

According to automobile experts, sticking to a regular car maintenance schedule can help increase your vehicle’s longevity. Late Irv Gordon, who touched the 3-million-mile mark, suggested the same. He recommended drivers read the owner’s manual and follow it religiously. Yes, regular car maintenance can sometimes get expensive, but the cost for repairing or replacing damaged parts will be even higher. Also, regular car maintenance can help prevent any future catastrophe from happening. According to the manufacturer, regular car maintenance should include fuel check, wheel alignment, changing your tires, and checking engine oil, transmission fluid, and other vital fluids. You can use Way.com’s car wash checklist for hassle-free vehicle maintenance.     

Visit only authorized mechanics

Make sure you visit only authorized mechanics to repair and car service. Remember, sometimes, by visiting a bad mechanic, you can cause more damage to your car. Before visiting the shop, make sure it specializes in your type of car and model. Also, in case of any mechanical failure of parts, use only authorized parts to replace them. Some car owners pick a cheap replacement, and it can be a good short-term replacement. But, trust us, investing in an authorized part will help you in the long run.   

regular car maintenance

Replace worn parts ASAP!   

Do your tires look worn out? Replace them immediately. Do you hear a squeaking noise while applying brakes? Faulty brake pads and rusted brake rotor could be causing this. Pay great attention to your car, and if you find any strange sound or your car not performing properly, get the parts changed as soon as possible. If you’re going to wait longer to get the faulty part replaced, it can cause more irreparable damage to your vehicle. By replacing a faulty part, you prevent other parts from failing too.    

Drive with care  

Another important car care tip: don’t rash drive. A healthy driving habit can help you hit the million-mile mark. If you’re looking for the numbers in the odometer to increase, then have a check on your speedometer! Also, don’t indulge in off-road driving and don’t drive on dusty, gravel-filled roads.   

Wash and detail your car often   

Washing and detailing your car does not just make it look spotless and pristine; it also contributes to your car’s on-road performance. There are multiple detailing services available in the market today – choose the ones your car needs. Also, visit a top-rated car wash near you once a week to clean your car. If you’re still searching for the best car washes, don’t worry, we’re here to help you. You can now use the Way.com app or website to book top-quality and affordable car washes near you.   

Do you follow other things to get your car to million miles? Let us know, and we will feature them in our next list.   

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