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Touchless Car Wash vs Hand Car Wash – Which One’s Best?

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We know that finding the best car wash method for your vehicle is a never-ending quest! Today, car owners have plenty of car wash options to choose from – however, they’re not certain as to which one is best. To help you out of this predicament, in this post, we are comparing two very popular car wash methods – touchless car wash and hand car wash. We are diving deep into these methods, analyzing their advantages and disadvantages to help you narrow down your choice. Read on to know more.

This blog has been updated on June 20, 2021.


What is a Touchless Car Wash?     

A touchless car wash is a type of automated car wash in which the vehicle passes through the tunnel to get cleaned. As the name suggests, the vehicle is never in direct physical contact with any equipment during the cleaning process in a touchless car wash. Touchless car washes use high-pressure washers and strong detergents to clean and rinse the vehicle instead of foam, brush, or cloth applicators – thus eliminating the need to contact the car directly.       

Why Automatic Car Washes Are Eco-Friendly

If you’re looking to get your vehicle shiny and spotless at budget-friendly prices, look no further than Brown Bear Car Wash. With professional car cleaning services on offer to all customers that choose to clean their car at Brown Bear Car Wash, your car is sure to be in safe hands every single time.    

Touchless Car Washes – The Pros    

Saves a lot of time: A touchless car wash is a convenient and time-saving option, especially if you’re very busy and don’t want to spend too much time getting your car cleaned. The entire cleaning process takes about 10 minutes. You can be in-and-out of the car wash station in a jiffy.      

Cost-efficient: A touchless car wash is affordable and wallet-friendly. Since it uses automated car washing techniques instead of manual labor, you save a lot of money compared to a hand car wash method.      

Easy on your car’s paint job: As no equipment comes in direct contact with the car, the possibility of paint damage is minimal or none. What’s more, there are no abrasives or harsh washing techniques involved that can cause damage to your car’s paint job.      

Touchless Car Washes – The Cons     

Not so perfect: Touchless car washes clean the car with minimal or no contact, and in most cases, these machines are incapable of cleaning the grime entirely out of the car’s body. The dirt stuck in the body can ruin the car’s paint job over time.      

Causes water spots: Touchless car washes use blowers to dry the car. Sometimes incomplete drying can cause water spots on your car!     

What is a Hand Car Wash?     

If you’re too worried about automated car washes causing scratches on your car’s paint, then you should definitely look at the hand car wash method. You can opt for a professional hand car wash, or you can use this method to wash your car on the driveway with a bit of elbow grease.   

Touchless Car Wash vs Hand Wash

Hand Car Wash – The Pros   

Perfection: A human mind and body are what’s at work in the hand car wash method, because of which the result of a hand car wash is usually close to perfect.     

Better reach: The hand car wash method lets you reach the nooks and crannies of a car where machines otherwise fail to reach. Besides that, handwashing is easy to set up; all you need are a washing mitt, microfiber towels, and a water bucket.   


Hand Car Wash – The Cons  

Damage caused by scrubbing: While handwashing, the car’s paint job can be damaged by scrubbing. Using sponges and rags loaded with dirt particles can cause scratches on the car’s paint.       

Time-consuming: Washing your car by hand requires a lot of time and labor. You will have to strain yourself for an extended period to arrive at the desired result.      

Water wastage: You end up wasting a lot of water in the hand car wash method when compared to a touchless car wash.   

The Verdict    

After weighing both the car wash methods’ pros and cons, it is clear that touchless car washes not just save your time; in the long run, they can help you in maintaining your car more efficiently. If you’re looking for professional and stress-free car cleaning services, then we’d highly recommend Brown Bear Car Wash.    


Websites and apps like Way.com offer professional and top-rated car wash services at great prices. What’s more, the whole family can get in on the sudsy action thanks to Way.com’s Carwash Voucher and Family Car Wash Pass that can be used on multiple (that’s right, multiple) vehicles!    


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