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Toyota Camry Ground Clearance over the Years

  • Cars Explained
  • Barrett Mohrmann
  • 4 minutes

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The midsize Toyota Camry sedan is widely regarded as one of the most reliable vehicles available on the market. The Toyota Camry is a best-seller and a classic in the company’s lineup. The Camry’s reputation for durability and resale value is highly appealing. Ground clearance is a deciding factor for many. Read on to know Toyota Camry ground clearance

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No matter whatever trim level you choose, the 2023 Toyota Camry has 5.7 inches of ground clearance. 

Toyota Camry ground clearance in different generations 

Toyota Camry is a model that has had several generations. Ground clearance has changed throughout the generations. 

  • First generation (1983-1986): 6.3-6.7 inches 
  • Second generation (1987-1991): 6.3-6.7 inches 
  • Third generation (1992-1996): 5.1-6.3 inches 
  • Fourth generation (1997-2001): 4.0-5.7 inches 
  • Fifth generation (2002-2006): 5.4-5.5 inches 
  • Sixth generation (2007-2011): 5.5 inches 
  • Seventh generation (2012-2017): 6.1 inches 
  • Current generation (2023): 5.7 inches 

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What ground clearance means

The distance between the lowest point on a vehicle’s body and the ground below it is its ground clearance. Ground clearance is a major deal breaker for most people. Sports cars and race cars usually have low ground clearance so that it stays close to the ground for better handling and aerodynamics. But for daily-use vehicles, higher ground clearance is required to avoid a potential obstacle on the road. Generally speaking, most manufacturers mention this dimension for an unladen vehicle, meaning one with no cargo or passengers. Due to this, the available ride height is always lower than what is mentioned in the actual running situation when the vehicle is loaded with people and luggage. 

Importance of ground clearance

Higher ground clearance is always beneficial on rocky, uneven roads. This is so that the vehicle’s underneath won’t get scratched. As a general rule, it may be noted that a particular vehicle body type has various requirements for ground clearance. Hatchbacks are on the next rung of the ladder up from sedans, which have very little ground clearance, and high-performance sports cars. SUVs hold the top spot on the ladder because they have the maximum ride height.  

Ground clearance has a direct impact on how a vehicle handles. The required ground clearance depends on the purpose. The vehicle’s Center of Gravity (CG) position increases with increased ground clearance. Additionally, the vehicle is more likely to turn over because of the higher CG position. This means that compared to cars with lower clearance, those with higher clearance have a greater chance of tipping over. Thus, it has an impact on handling. On the other hand, because of the lower height of the vehicle CG, automobiles with lower ride heights have excellent handling performance. Modifying the suspension is the most common option for raising a car’s ground clearance.  

 Many people associate ground clearance with going off-road, but it’s also crucial for your car’s handling. The distance between the lowest point on your car’s undercarriage and the road. Ground clearance has an impact on stability and aerodynamics. Therefore, you’ll want reduced ground clearance if you want your automobile to handle properly in curves. 

Toyota Camry and ground clearance 

While it is true that improved handling results from lower ground clearance, you must also consider other hazards, including speed bumps, uneven roads, and debris. The 2023 Camry has the perfect balance. The 2023 Camry has a ground clearance of 5.7 inches. Hence the Camry has good handling and provides enough clearance for a range of road conditions or dangers to pass underneath without damaging your undercarriage. 

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