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Toyota Electric Cars: All You Need to Know

  • Electric Cars
  • Ralph Robert
  • 7 minutes

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When it comes to electric vehicles, Toyota electric cars are something to keep a close eye on. With the new CEO Koji Sato shifting the company’s focus to EV architecture, there is plenty of excitement in the air. Sato, in his first meeting with the press, has also confirmed a lineup of 10 new Toyota EVs by the end of 2026. Toyota also aims to sell at least 1.5 billion electric battery cars annually, so expect a lot of exciting EV updates from Toyota pretty soon.   

Toyota already has a solid profile in terms of electric cars, and this is only going to get even better with the latest update. You can also find Toyota EVs across all the different segments, which adds more flexibility and options for buyers. If all this has got you excited to know more about Toyota, we got you covered. Here is a comprehensive guide featuring everything you need to know about Toyota electric cars.

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What Makes Toyota Electric Cars Different?

Toyota electric cars

One of the main highlights of EVs from Toyota is the vast number of different options you have. Contrary to most of their EV competition, you get to choose a from four different powertrain options. Toyota’s electrified division currently lets you choose between a fully electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and the revolutionary fuel-cell electric powertrain. Among these, HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) come with the most options as of now, but you can expect the All-Electric segment to catch up quickly by 2026.  

Are Toyota Electric Cars Good?  

Toyota cars have always been great in terms of reliability, performance, design, and safety. However, they were a bit late to the EV bandwagon, even when most of their competition made that transition. Regardless, this has not caused any difference in how they approach building their cars. Go for Toyota electric vehicles and get cars that have the best range and safety. They are also fun to drive and never let you down in the middle of nowhere. Toyota electric cars also come at affordable pricing without any compromise in quality and features.   

What is the Range of a Toyota Electric Car?

Toyota Electric Car

Toyota electric cars come with decent electric range figures on a single full charge. The fully electric (BEV) Toyota bZ4X is expected to deliver a maximum range of 318 miles. This is a high benchmark from their very first BEV, and this is a stat that will only get better with newer EVs. When it comes to their revolutionary fuel-cell EV – Mirai, the range again increases to more than 400 miles. It’s safe to assume that you can expect an average of 250 to 315 miles on a full charge from a Toyota electric car.  

What are the Different Powertrains of Toyota Electric Cars?  

Toyota electric cars come with four different powertrain options. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). The most popular powertrain option among these is HEV. Most cars in the HEV segment are also iconic Toyota cars familiar to us as ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) models. Here is what you can expect overall from these different powertrains of electric cars from Toyota.  

Toyota Hybrid Electric Cars (HEV)

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

HEV is one of the most popular segments of Toyota electric cars globally. A key reason for this popularity is that most Toyota hybrids are cars we already know. The flexibility in mixing up a gas engine with an electric motor also makes Toyota HEVs a safe bet. You are also never shy of options with proven cars like Corolla Hybrid and Camry Hybrid. Another highlight of Toyota HEV is its self-charging technology which greatly improves mileage and performance.   

Toyota Plug-in Hybrid Electric Cars (PHEV)

Toyota PHEV

PHEV cars from Toyota combine a pure mix of internal combustion engines and electric vehicles. Contrary to the self-charging mechanism in hybrid cars, you must manually charge the electric motor when it runs out of juice. Switch between a conventional fueling system and a rechargeable battery to get a car that runs on both by investing in a PHEV from Toyota. Options for Toyota electric cars in the PHEV segment are limited, as you only have the Prius Prime and RAV4 Prime to choose from.  

Toyota Fuel Cell Electric Cars (FCEV)

Toyota Mirai

Toyota made an iconic step in technology and innovation with the Toyota Mirai, the first production fuel cell electric car. It remains a unique introduction, with only the Hyundai Nexo as a competitor in the global market. Contrary to how EV cars work, Mirai makes use of hydrogen to create its own electric charge. Even though Toyota began experimenting with FCEVs in 1992, it was only in 2014 that they introduced the Mirai, and it continues to be the favorite choice for FCEVs in the US.   

Toyota All-Electric (BEV)

Toyota electric cars

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is one of the most exciting segments of Toyota to keep an eye out for. More than ten new EVs from Toyota are scheduled to enter the market by 2026, with the majority expected in the BEV segment. The bZ4X, Toyota’s first entrant in the BEV category, showcased the prowess and brilliance of a full-fledged Toyota BEV. If the 300 miles per full charge and premium safety features are anything to go by, expect a lot more!  

What are Some of the Best Toyota Electric Cars?  

Toyota has an impressive lineup of electric cars that are all value for money. If you are still deciding which car to go with, we have curated a list of the best Toyota Electric Cars. Check out the different options and go for an EV from Toyota that checks all the boxes:  

Toyota bZ4X

The bZ4X is a practical crossover BEV with two battery options – 71.4 kWh and 72.8 kWh. You can also choose between a front and all-wheel drive train to enjoy the best driving dynamics. Built on the new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, you can drive the bZ4X on just about any terrain. A blind spot monitor, panoramic view monitor, no-cost maintenance, and extended roadside assistance make bZ4X a must-have BEV.   

Toyota Mirai

Stand out from the crowd with the hydrogen-powered FCEV Toyota Mirai. With a loud and aggressive design, the Toyota Mirai is one of the best-looking electric vehicles on the market today. The 12.3-inch infotainment system, digital rear-view mirrors, and eight airbags all make Mirai a safe car to consider. Mirai is powered by a lithium-ion battery capable of delivering a maximum power output of 182 bhp.   

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The legendary Corolla in its hybrid avatar is just as impressive as its ICE counterpart. Powered by a Hybrid 1.8L engine coupled to a 72kWh electric motor, the Corolla Hybrid delivers a maximum of 102 bhp at 142 Nm of torque. All the standard features you get in terms of reliability and performance are carried over to the Corolla Hybrid as well. On top of that, you get higher mileage compared to the ICE Corolla because of the hybrid setup and self-recharging technology.

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