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All About the New and Improved Toyota Navigation App

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The Scout GPS Link App gives turn-by-turn directions on the vehicle’s touchscreen display. It also comes with audio guidance. The 2016 or newer Toyota models come equipped with Entune Audio Plus systems. As a result, the Scout GPS Link provides a full in-car navigation experience powered by your phone. 

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With the brand-new Toyota Entune Scout GPS Link software, users may access voice-activated search, mobile phone-driven navigation, and other features on their vehicle’s multimedia display. Previously, Entune App was used for Navigation. But it was discontinued and merged into the Toyota App. 

New features with the App include hands-free voice command, commuting information depending on traffic, and directions capabilities. In addition, the system on Toyota automobiles allows users to save their preferred locations and track where they have driven. The device can also link your smartphone and the cloud with the car. 

Technical Requirements for the new Navigation App System

You must have a compatible Android or iPhone smartphone to use this app on your Entune system using Bluetooth. Additionally, the smartphone must also have this GPS-based App loaded and operational. The Scout GPS Link App must be pre-loaded on your smartphone and the Entune system before using it. The app also requires a data connection on your mobile device. You can also visit the official website to check if your vehicle is compatible with the Scout GPS Link app. 

Step-by-Step Installation Guide for the Navigation App 

  • Connect your smartphone to the Entune system of the car via Bluetooth.
  • Download the Scout GPS Link Application from the App Store. Apple App store for iOS users and Playstore for Android users. 
  • Open the App. Select “Let’s get started” on your smartphone.
  • Create a new scout account or log in to an existing scout account. This is optional; alternatively, you can select “Skip” and let the app initialize.
  • The Map screen will be displayed on the smartphone after the App finishes the initialization and starts.
  • After the initialization process, the touchscreen display of the vehicles will display a prompt to update the Entune system. Select “Now” to update the firmware
  • After the update is complete, it must be installed on the Entune system. Select “Install.”
  • After the process, the scout GPS icon will be on the Apps screen. The driver can start using the new Toyota Navigation App.

How does the Navigation App system function? 

Toyota’s navigation system uses signals from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and in-vehicle sensors. The in-vehicle navigation ECU uses this data to calculate vehicle location. 

How does the TurnStream mode display directions for Navigation? 

You will receive directions in TurnStream mode if you are Bluetooth-connected to the head unit. 

What exactly is Dynamic Navigation? 

Dynamic Navigation updates you with up-to-date map data, routes, ETAs, and points of interest on your embedded system. It also provides the driver with real-time updates downloaded from the cloud. In addition, dynamic navigation uses your Premium Audio System to get real-time updates from the cloud.  

Register for dynamic Navigation through the Toyota App. 

How does cloud navigation work? 

Cloud navigation utilizes a network connection to guarantee that users can access the most current map, traffic, and route data. In addition, cloud Navigation also employs previously downloaded map data to maintain coverage for the entire route when connectivity is poor. 

An active Drive Connect subscription is necessary for the Cloud Navigation function. 

Which models have the Drive Connect Cloud Navigation feature? 

The Cloud Navigation option is available on Select model year 2022 vehicles. This is also available on newer vehicles as part of a Drive Connect subscription. 

How do I get Drive Connect Cloud Navigation for my vehicle? 

You need an active subscription plan for the feature. Then, you can turn on your Drive Connect Cloud Navigation within the Toyota app. 

Does the Cloud Navigation feature require a network connection to operate? 

Yes, the Cloud Navigation feature requires a network connection to refresh the map information from time to time. 

Does Scout GPS Link work with embedded Navigation? 

You can’t use a Scout GPS Link app with an embedded navigation head unit. 

What systems does Entune support? 

The New Entune system on Toyota Vehicles now supports Andriod Auto and Apple Car Play. Android Auto/ Car Play can be used by plugging the phone via cable into the car’s system. Also, Android Auto and Car Play seem to work better than the built-in Navigation on real-life daily usage. 

What store can I visit to buy the latest version of Toyota’s navigation system? 

Visit the local dealer to upgrade to the latest version of Toyota’s navigation system. The latest SD-card navigation update can also be purchased online from participating dealers at https://parts.toyota.com. The list of applicable vehicles may be available at the dealership. Please your local Toyota dealer for updates on vehicles not listed.

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