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Toyota Prius Customization: Customize Your Ride Your Way

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  • Barrett Mohrmann
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Creating a one-of-a-kind Toyota Prius is an engaging and rewarding experience, thanks to the wide variety of trim levels and customization options.  Read to find out more about Toyota Prius customization.

The best time to trade in your car is typically before it reaches 100,000 miles, as its value tends to decrease after that point. Additionally, timing your trade-in during high-demand periods, such as the end of the year or when a new model is released, can result in a better deal.

Prius’s market success can be due to ¬†its excellent gas mileage, high safety ratings, and low price. But its sleek design and agile handling are not what the Prius is known for. With just a few smart modifications, you can make your Prius functional, sleek, and effortless.¬†

2022 Toyota Prius customization options 

A perfect example of a hybrid vehicle is the Toyota Prius. Success followed its initial release in Japan in 1997. The 2022 Toyota Prius is available in seven distinct trim levels. 

The Toyota Prius trim levels are the L Eco, LE, LE AWD-e, XLE, XLE AWD-e, Nightshade, and Limited. For 2022, the Nightshade debuts with new 17-inch wheels for FWD models and 15-inch wheels for AWD models. The front seats and steering wheel are also heated for comfort. 

The XLE trim level provides the same features as the base level, in addition to power-adjustable seats, a wireless charging station for mobile devices, and enhanced proximity key capabilities. While useful, these options add $4,500 to the price of the L Eco trim level. The essentials, plus some nice extras like passive entry and adaptive cruise control, are all included in the base model. 

Most of the 1.9L four-cylinder engines in Toyota Priuses will last at least 300,000 kilometers. An impressive 50 mpg is possible in terms of fuel economy. 

Package deals are exclusive to the XLE, XLE AWD-e, and Limited trim levels and are only available when purchasing multiple packages simultaneously. Some modest extras are available for the various trim levels, but nothing major. The XLE’s power sunroof and more aerodynamic 15-inch wheels are part of the $515 Premium Convenience Package.¬†

You can also add the Advanced Technology Package to your list for an additional $800, including adaptive auto-leveling headlamps and a color head-up display. Your Prius’s curb appeal can be improved by installing a $299 aerodynamic side-skirt extension kit. Finally, for $299, you can get bump strips for the doors and blacked out wheel covers.¬†

Toyota Prius customization optional packages 

The features available in the model differ by various trim 

Package  Cost  Features  Which trims is it available on? 
Advanced Technology Package  $800  Adaptive front illumination, speedometer, and a color head-up display with navigation and an indicator for the hybrid system.  XLE and XLE AWD-e 
Premium Convenience Package  $515  15-inch wheels with P195/65R15 tires, Power tilt/slide moonroof  XLE and Limited 
Aerodynamic side-skirt extension kit  $299  Provide protection and boost aerodynamic performance  All trims 
Blacked-out wheel covers  $299  Minimize and alleviate damage, increase the lifespan  All trims 
Bump strips on the doors  $289  Protect doors against minor damages  All trims 


Toyota Prius Customization  to reduce costs 

There is a correlation between the cost of your Toyota Prius and the number of optional extras and packages you select. As insurance costs are directly proportional to vehicle value, paying more for a more expensive vehicle might have repercussions beyond the dealership. 

But there are a few changes that can actually reduce costs! See if any of these modifications to your Prius might lower your monthly payments: 

Catalytic converter protection: Because of their high replacement cost, catalytic converters are often stolen. Use a cat shield to protect your Prius’s catalytic converter from being stolen.

Also Read: Do All Cars Have Catalytic Converters ?

Chip tuning: If you’re frustrated by the Prius’s lack of acceleration, upgrading the performance chip can help.¬†

Multimedia system with a rear camera: Installing a unique multimedia system with a rear camera will increase your vehicle’s security and reduce your insurance premiums. Your driving and listening experience will improve dramatically.¬†

Best Toyota Prius mods 

The Toyota Prius isn’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing vehicle. Here are a few inexpensive upgrades you can make to drive in style.¬†


Prius models come standard with low rolling resistance tires, which can increase stopping distances. Invest in a good set of all-terrain tires to increase your car’s performance. Install some shiny chrome bespoke reels to take it to the next level.¬†

Window tinting 

Window tinting is a cheap method to give your Prius a sleek appearance. It will shield your eyes from the sun and make driving safer. 

Window tint protects passengers by reducing the amount of UV light that enters a building. Window tinting can also prevent the interior of your automobile from deteriorating prematurely. The arrangement is perfect, especially with the added privacy and safety features. Tinting levels of more than 20% can reduce night time visibility, so it’s important to know what’s legal in your state.¬†


LED Lights 

When it comes to night time driving, a customized set of LED lights can boost visibility and enhance safety. These give your Toyota’s face a more mod aspect.¬†

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