Traditional Vs. Offsite Airport Parking: Which is the best?

An airport is one of the busiest places on earth that is always crowded with people, cars, buses, shuttles, and of course, planes. People are always rushing through the masses and the queues to get to their sports of interest. The throngs of people do make navigation complicated, especially when you’re planning to bring your own car.

According to a research conducted by the United States Department of Transportation, more than 850 million passengers drive to the airport in their own cars. The same study also concluded that one of the biggest airlines carried more than 120 million passengers. What if all these passengers decide to bring their own cars to the airport? Obviously, they’ll have to avail an airport parking service. But is it a reliable and safe bet?

From what we’ve experienced, offsite airport parking is a much better option than traditional airport parking in terms of costs, security, convenience and other aspects.  Conventional airport parking spaces are crowded than ever before, and if you do find space, it can be a lot of trouble to reach the terminal in time for your flight. Let’s take a closer look at both options and see why offsite airport parking is better than traditional parking.

Traditional Airport Parking

Airports are getting bigger and bigger, and the parking lots are also expanding. Many times, the designated space features complicated garages so that cars can be stacked on top of each other. Security guards are patrolling 24/7 and the entire lots are continuously monitored through state-of-the-art systems. All this is reflected in the price that you pay upon booking a parking spot. With a traditional airport parking space, getting a spot isn’t really an issue. But the hefty cost and the great distances to the terminal are major issues. There are often wait times involved and getting to the check-in counter can be a hassle.

So are there any alternatives? An offsite airport parking space is the best option when you’re planning to take your car.

Offsite Airport Parking

Offsite airport parking is a more affordable and convenient option. Though your car would be away from the terminal in this case as well, there are usually fewer hassles involved.

A traditional parking space requires many resources, security agents and regular maintenance— all of these make it a pricier option. An offset parking space can be operated at a much lower cost. Hence, the savings are passed onto you. Obviously, there are resources, but they are fewer in number, so the rates are more affordable. And no, lower prices don’t mean a compromise on quality in any way. Plus, there are still plenty of perks that you can enjoy.

Regular Coupons

Many companies that offer offsite parking services often announce online promotions, deals and reward programs for regular customers. So if you fly frequently, you can avail all these perks to bring down the overall costs. Coupons are easily available, usually featuring a code that you input when reserving a parking space for your car.

Easy Reservations

If the season is busy, traditional parking lots would often be full, meaning that you might not be able to find a spot. Depending on the layout, at some of the airports, you’ll have to drive your car around the lot before you realize there is no space. But with offsite parking spaces, you reserve beforehand and are assigned a space right after the payment. Though the offsite parking spaces are away from the airport, shuttle services are offered regularly throughout the day, so commuting to the terminal isn’t a pain.

Personal Assistance

Got too many bags with you? Many traditional parking spaces don’t have any support resources or a dedicated team of assistants.  But offsite parking services have a friendly team, who’s always willing to help you out, resolving all your issues and problems effectively.

Generally, when you arrive at the reception, you’re greeted by an attendant who checks you in and then helps you board the shuttle. You’re then required to share your flight information with the driver who then drops you at the terminal. If you’re carrying too many bags, the on-duty personnel will handle them for you.

Valet Service

Offsite parking services often feature a valet service. You only drive up to the reception area, where you hand over your keys to the staff, who then park your car for you.  The only thing you need to do is board the shuttle.

Shuttle Service

We’ve already highlighted this feature, but now let’s elaborate some more. Shuttle services are super convenient and fun too. Since offsite parking spaces are usually smaller than traditional airport parking space, the shuttles are never too crowded nor stop too much on the route. All this helps save time, and you reach the terminal quickly, even if the distance is greater.

Shuttle services usually drop you off at the check-in counter, meaning that you don’t have to find the desk. But be sure to share correct flight details with the shuttle driver.

When you return back to the airport after the journey, you can simply call the service, and they would deploy a shuttle to the terminal within 5 to 7 minutes of your call. You’d then be taken back to the reception area, where your car would be waiting for you.


Offsite airport parking spaces feature topnotch security measures. Thanks to round the clock monitoring, there are few chances of your car getting robbed. Also, since the space is smaller compared to traditional airport parking, your car does get more attention as well.

So which option would you go with now? Keep following our blog for more great advice on airport parking.

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