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Travel rebound and its impact on airport parking

  • Air Travel
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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Americans are taking to the skies again! After a pretty dismal 2020, things are starting to look up now. Nowhere is more evident than at airports around the country.

Travel rebound 2021 and its impact on airport parking

As the image shows, the number of travelers has most certainly improved from 2020, despite not reaching the pre-pandemic levels of travel we saw in 2019.

Airport parking lots had a difficult time in 2020 because of the pandemic. Even usually sold-out lots like those for LAX Airport parking, JFK Airport parking, Newark Airport parking, and Atlanta Airport parking weren’t filling up a year ago. However, things are beginning to improve. Travel is rebounding, and more people are traveling. Airport parking lots are seeing more cars parking and are bouncing back to sold-out status.

The upswing in traveler numbers is expected to continue for the next few months. Summer travel is expected to surge as more people get vaccinated, and cases in many areas begin to flatten or trend downward.

Airlines are adding flights to prepare for increased traffic. Airfares are rising again after reaching all-time lows during the pandemic. There are also plenty of hotel rooms available, at discounted rates.

However, the pandemic’s aftermath is affecting travelers in other respects. This is because of the closure of several airport parking lots and the non-availability of rental cars after travel was almost decimated in 2020.

With the increase in the number of people traveling, airport parking lots are starting to run out of spots. Despite this, some airports have not yet fully opened all their parking lots.

Los Angeles Airport’s Economy Lot E still remains closed, eliminating that as an affordable LAX Airport parking option. Park-Ride-A and Park-Ride-C are still closed to those looking for inexpensive Atlanta Airport parking. Considering that these were the budget parking options at LAX and Atlanta, this poses a bit of a problem for people flying out of these airports.

Travelers still do have the option to choose offsite Atlanta Airport parking, JFK Airport parking, Newark Airport parking, and LAX Airport parking. Most offsite airport parking lots have welcomed the travel rebound in 2021 and are fully functional. Some of these lots have even restored their complimentary shuttle service to the airport.

Travel rebound 2021 and its impact on airport parking

As you can see from the graph above, passenger numbers are most defiantly on the upswing. These numbers are expected to increase even more by the Memorial Day weekend, traditionally the start of the busy summer travel season. What does this mean for your summer travel plans?  If you’re planning to travel this summer, you might have a tough time finding a parking spot at one of the onsite airport parking lots. Finding an Uber, Lyft, or rental to take you there, that too, for affordable rates might also be difficult!

We still think it’s a bit too early to start taking public transport ahead of your travels. Driving your own car to the airport is still the safest and simplest option. We strongly recommend you reserve your parking spot ahead of your travels and pay for it online to reduce the number of physical touchpoints during your travel. Be sure to book your parking at a contactless airport parking lot to make certain of this.

The easiest way to book airport parking at busy airports like LAX, JFK, Newark, and Atlanta still remains the Way.com website and app. With guaranteed, secure parking and a flexible cancellation policy, we’re are your best bet for a worry-free airport parking experience.

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