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Traveling after SIP 

  • Cars Explained
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 6 minutes

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Traveling after SIP 

There are so many changes, news, and updates being announced every single day. With all the hubbub, it’s hard to keep track of what policies and announcements are actually current anstill valid. One of the biggest things that seem to be in the works would be non-essential travels, or just traveling in general, especially once traveling after SIP (shelter-in-place) has been lifted. If you’re having the huge travel bug (like I am currently having), letting those bugs fly away may happen in the near future! I dare to say, summer may even be possible, albeit at the end of summer. 

 Here’s What We Do Know About Future Travels: 

Traffic Lights

  • A few states have already eased up on travel restrictions, Minnesota being one of them. 
  • Phase 2 (yes, it exists!) is where non-essential travels are possible. We are currently working towards Phase 1, if not already in it. 
  • Many states are now in talks and in planning about easing up restrictions. 
  • Quarantine policies are still in place for the US and many other countries. 
  • US citizens are still on dozens of countries’ travel restrictions list. 
  • There are talks about airlines cutting off a few destinations permanently. 

 That pretty much sums up the huge highlights of traveling. It’s definitely great to see restrictions easing up in the very few states, as it helps the economy, and it is a sign that the current pandemic we are in has an end in sight! However, it is best for all of us to still exercise extreme caution as there are still many unknowns about COVID-19 that’s still actively spreading.  

The Near-Future of Traveling 

Traveling after Shelter in Place

If you’re planning, or hoping, on any near-future travels, it may not be exactly how you envision it. With a vaccine being at least months out and no herd immunity, there will definitely be precautions taking place with travels. There are numerous things to consider, such as the problems of international travel. 


International Travels after SIP 


Flying out internationally is definitely one of the most exciting and adventurous trips you can experience. A new culture, food, terrain, plus all the new and unknowns out there builds up for a great adventure. The thrall of international traveling is almost impossible to let down. However, we’d caution very thorough research before you embark on an international trip.  

First things first, is it a country that would allow you entry? Double-check the country’s entry policies before you go on your trip. With this current climate, entry into the country can change every few days. If you are allowed to enter, is there a quarantine policy in place and for how long? Also, check your own country’s re-entry policy. You may be in for a 2 weeks quarantine if you are re-entering the US and numerous other countries. This could total up to 4 weeks of quarantine due to an international trip! 

Once we are able to travel abroad, careful research of a country’s policies, health, climate, and health resources should be the norm to research. Be sure that the areas you are going to have not reported any COVID-19 outbreaks and the numbers are relatively low if not decreasing to being very low. It’s also important to research the country’s health resources to see if they can take in non-citizens as an equal priority to their own citizens in case a worst-case scenario happens. Of course, also travel to a place that has adequate facilities to ensure you are in good care. 

Lastly, if the absolute worst-case scenario happens if you are traveling abroad, are you ready to handle the chaos that may ensue? During this pandemic, we saw the US closing their borders to many countries with only a 2-day window or so for entering the country. Many travelers saw their airfare ticket double or even triple! Be prepared for such a similar situation and plan accordingly ahead of time, until a vaccine is ready! The biggest thing to take into account would be your finances. Book the cheapest airport parking, or monthly parking, in case this scenario happens to save some dollars. Look into countries where it is cheap and affordable for you to hunker down there for a bit while waiting for the situation to smooth over a bit. It’s definitely not a good idea to travel in a jampacked flight to an equally filled airport, with many potential COVID-19 carriers. 

Traveling Domestically after SIP 

Travel Domestic

If international travels are not up your alley, then go for a safer route, such as traveling domestically after SIP has lifted. Luckily for us, there are plenty of options to travel to in the US if you’d like to experience a new culture and environment, such as Hawaii. There are numerous micro-cultures across the US that’s just waiting for you to explore. 

By traveling domestically, the biggest pro is your safety. You will not have to worry about being stuck in a foreign place, far from home, without a way to get back. By traveling domestically, you have many modes of transportation if one was to fail, such as trains, buses, airplane, and car. Driving cross country or taking a train home can be an adventure all on its own as well! Not to mention that driving in your own car is a safer option than the others. You can also save a lot on parking with the WayPass! The WayPass offers unlimited daily parking at multiple lots in NYC, San Francisco, and LA, all starting from $7/day. 

A big bonus by traveling domestically is, as a citizen of the country, that you know your health and wellbeing is prioritized as much as it can be. If anything was to go awry, and SIP recommences, you’ll be safer being in your home country than abroad, and you’ll be able to get home sooner as well as more affordable. Also, you won’t have to deal with any surprise re-entry policies! 

Lastly, by traveling domestically, you’ll be able to help contribute to your own country’s economy. Your travels can help a small restaurant owner-run another day, and help the employees keep their lives running. Even if you don’t travel and decide on a staycation, your staycation spendings will help keep our economy going, and you safe and sound at home. 

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