Traveling to LAX Airport This Holiday Season? 5 Things You Need to Know

Holidays are a great time to visit LA, with the temperature still warm while the rest of the country shivers. If you’ve planned your trip in advance, the odds are that you’ve scored some pretty sweet deals on airfare and accommodation. LA might be low on snow, but more than makes up for it with Holiday spirit. Don’t let the ongoing construction at LAX Airport put you off – LA brims with Holiday festivals, concerts, and parades during this month. With plenty of reasons to visit Los Angeles in the holidays, do take a look at the 5 things you need to know about traveling to LAX during the holidays.

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1. Will the construction at LAX airport affect me?

• The indoor connectors on the Upper and Lower (Departures and Arrivals respectively) levels of the airport are closed. Verify you are at the correct terminal. Do check and confirm where your bags need to be dropped with your airlines.
• The drop-off lane on the right at the Upper Departures Level is closed to automobiles until March 2020.
• The drop-off lanes in front of Terminals 5 and 6 are closed to facilitate ongoing demolition work.
• The drop-off zones to the east and west of the construction site will remain open.
• Pedestrians can use the outdoor walkway between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. but will have to take a detour through the building between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
• Some of the pick-up lanes on the Arrivals Level may also be closed between 1 and 6 a.m.
• The bus lane on the Lower Arrivals Level will intermittently close during paving work. During these times, you will be rerouted to the nearest open stops.
• Gate 10 is permanently closed for the construction of Terminal 1.5.
• Gate 12A is closed until the Terminal 1.5 I completed.
• The pedestrian bridge linking Parking Structure 1 and the terminal are closed, with signs placed to direct passengers.
• To ease traffic on the airport’s upper level, LAX is no longer letting rideshare drivers pick up passengers from the airport.

2. Can I use Uber and Lyft services at LAX?

The LAX airport recently banned curbside Uber, Lyft, and taxi pickups. These services will now have to use a new pickup area called LAX-it, pronounced “L.A. Exit.” You’ll have to board a shuttle bus or walk to the new pickup area to catch your Uber, Lyft, or other taxicabs. Travelers can check the airport’s LAX-it guide.

3. How busy is LAX airport during the holidays?

Los Angeles International Airport is currently the third busiest airport in the world, and it does tend to stay busy throughout the year. There’s currently a lot of construction happening at LAX now. On top of that, there are some union marches and protest happening as well. Expect delays, including traffic blocks and rerouting, and allow extra time for such hiccups at LAX Airport. It is advisable that you arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your scheduled time of departure. To get real-time info on how long you’ll have to wait, you can use the MyTSA app (can be downloaded from the Apple Store or the Google Play store). Another tip to save time at LAX airport is to utilize online check-in options wherever you can. You can also save time driving around looking for parking at LAX by pre-booking your LAX parking space via Way.

4. What’s happening in LA during the holidays?

Holidays in LA are quite a happening time with plenty of events, from Thanksgiving and Christmas activities to holiday concerts. The Hollywood Christmas Parade, Disneyland Christmas Fantasy, Knotts Merry Farm, and Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood are some of the events scheduled to happen this year in LA. Get into the holiday spirit by taking your family to the Nutcracker Ballet at the Dolby Theatre or Frozen at Pantages Theatre. There are a plethora of holiday activities in LA that you can take part in – Soak in Los Angeles Holiday cheer with a Christmas lights tour of Los Angeles, Christmas Lights in Beverly Hills tour, or a visit to the Christmas market in LA.

5. Where can I find LAX airport parking?

Parking at LAX airport can be a hassle, and you may end forking over quite a bit of money as LAX parking fees if you do not plan and book in advance. Do remember that LAX is one of the busiest airports in the world and serves more than a million passengers each day. Finding an LAX parking space that suits your needs will be tough if you don’t book at least a few days in advance. On average, parking at LAX will cost you $3 for hourly parking and $12 a day for long term parking. LAX cheap parking options aren’t easy to come by. LAX airport parking rates vary according to the parking space’s distance from the airport and demand. The more in-demand a particular parking space is, the costlier it tends to be. At Los Angeles Airport, you have the option to park on-site as well as off-site. On-site LAX parking is usually more convenient, but it is also more expensive. For on-site parking, you can use the official LAX airport website. There are plenty of offsite parking spaces near LAX, several of which offer free shuttle services to the airport. You can use the Way App or website to find LAX cheap parking rates. Another site that offers really affordable parking near LAX airport is Cheapest Airport Parking. For more information on LAX airport parking check out this blog about parking at Los Angeles International Airport.

6. Where can I find Los Angeles parking spaces?

Street Parking in Los Angeles is strictly regulated by the state and city parking laws and closely monitored by parking meters. Keep an eye on these or might just end up with a Los Angeles parking ticket. If you’re looking to score free parking spots within the city, you might not find it quickly, especially during rush hours. You can probably find free LA parking after enforcement hours at a metered spot after the enforcement hours and on major holidays. Keep in mind that the hours of operation meters vary according to which part of LA you are in. On average, 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. is when meter charges are not enforced. Paid parking in LA will cost anywhere between $.50 to $4 per hour. These rates may be higher during peak hours and in busy areas. There are plenty of parking garages that offer short term LA parking, long term LA parking, overnight LA parking, and even monthly LA parking. LA is a bustling city, and it would make sense for you to book your parking spaces in advance, especially during the holidays, to avoid last-minute hassles. The easiest way to do that is to visit or download the Way App on Apple or Google Play.

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