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Turo Car Insurance Cost- Everything You Should Know

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  • Xavier Sabastian
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ToTuro car insurance cost is something that every user always finds affordable. You may only sometimes find the right rental car insurance services whenever you feel a need. Cost, timely availability, and accessibility must be factors you consider for your rental car insurance. 

However, as a first-time user, you may have many concerns about the Turo car insurance cost. Are they way too high to afford? Do they provide the necessary benefits as the other providers do? What are some of their entire plans? Here’s everything you should know about Turo. 

Turo car insurance

The story of Turo- The beginning of rental car insurance 

Shelby Clark, the woman behind Turo car insurance, thought of rental car insurance as a cost-saving mode of travel. In 2010, Turo also had a name, RelayRides- a reliable choice of rental cars offering affordable services. Within three years, Turo acquired Wheelz, another car rental company that allowed passengers to unlock cars without the owner’s help. 

In 2015, Turo was rated the most reliable rental car insurance provider across the USA. By the end of 2015, Turo earned fame across the USA and beyond.2016, Turo services on its start were available everywhere except in New York. Later, as the services began to gain more demand, they expanded to the major states across the USA. Within a year, Turo also became famous across Canada.  

Turo also became the most popular travel app in no time, providing passengers with the best benefits and comforts at reliable rates. Today, Turo offers its services across almost 4500 cities. 

How much does Turo car insurance cost?

The cost of car insurance cost varies by different categories and types. Here’s the breakdown of the Turo car insurance cost you should know: 

Turo car insurance cost for hosts 

If you’re looking forward to connecting your business to Turo cars, then Turo offers you the the best car insurance rates. The costs that they provide are, in fact, the best according to the competitive market rates. Hosts who are willing to pay the Turo car insurance cost also get the benefit of third-party liabilities. If you rent a car and a third-party causes damage, you may still get coverage for the same. 

There are four plans for hosts- 90 plan, 85 plan, 80 plan, and 75 plan. If you opt for a 90 plan, the host keeps 90 percent of the payment, and 10 percent becomes the deductible. This deductible is the same for 85, 80, and 75. Remember, your host can decline the plan if you fail to pay the deductibles. 

Turo car insurance cost for guests 

When guests use the vehicle, Turo car insurance cost is of 3 levels- premium, standard, and minimum.  

If you opt for a premium plan, you may have to pay 60% of the rental charges. This charge adds up to $12. On the other hand, the standard package helps you get your rental charges lower. It may cost you only 40% of the trip, which averages $12. And finally, the minimum plan may cost you only about 18 to 12 % of the trip price. 

Save your insurance card, policy documents, DMV registration card with auto-renewal facility, refinance documentation, and more on the Way.com App! Get the best coverage that fits you like a glove. You can choose Way+ services if you want the best service all around.  

Benefits of paying Turo Car Insurance Cost 

If you wish to drive worry-free and risk-free, you must pay the car insurance cost regularly. Here are some of the advantages of paying the cost: 

  • One of the biggest benefits of paying the Turo car rent is that you save so much! Yes, you are free from the cost of buying a car, maintaining it, and paying for its repair work. All you’ll have to do is to choose the right kind of car you prefer so that you pay the correct rental cost. 
  • Free delivery and pickup services to your location. 
  • There is the availability of a wide range of luxury cars. 
  • Flexible rental terms are also affordable to all age categories. 
  • You may get a great service provider in terms of communication. 
  • You may also get roadside assistance, round the clock and year-round. 

Cons of paying Turo Car Insurance Cost 

While paying Turo car insurance cost is a great thing to do, here are some of the limitations you may also face: 

  • Damage coverage options are fewer. 
  • You may also have to pay the collision damage costs out of your pockets. 
  • Also, you cannot link your personal auto insurance plan.

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