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Turo Young Driver Fee and Ways You Can Avoid It

  • Things To Know
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 4 minutes

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You have to pay the Turo young driver fee if you use Turo services and are in the age category of 18 and 24. Paying this fee means that as a Turo customer, you need to pay a nominal fee depending on how many days you use their services. However, a young driver must pay at least $50 per day, which is a bit high.

The aim behind charging the Turo young driver fee is that Turo rents out its cars to young drivers at a nominal cost. However, in many cases, these drivers do not return the car as the company rents it out to them. Once the cars return to the company, they undergo major repairs, which cost a lot. A young driver must pay the fee before using the services to bear the repair costs. 

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Important things to know before paying the Turo young driver fee

  • You’ll need to register at the Turo official website before using the Turo services. 
  • Apart from providing your essential details and proceeding to pay the Turo young driver fee, you must also share your license number. 
  • If you are 21 and below, you cannot book vehicles worth more than $20000. 
  • You must be 25-30 to book expensive cars in the Deluxe or Super Deluxe category. Remember, these cars can be pricier than the normal ones. 
  • As a responsible driver, adhering to your and the car’s safety, you may have to sign up for either the Minimum or Standard Protection plans. The choice of this depends on the car you plan to rent out. 

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5 ways to avoid Turo young driver fee

You can avoid paying the Turo young driver fee by following some simple tips: 

Rent through other companies on Turo 

Turo gives you two choices for booking cars as young drivers. You can use their services as a commercial or a group of customers. However, as a commercial customer, you get third-party benefits. On the other hand, by booking as a peer group, Turo limits the benefits they offer you. Also, booking as a commercial host frees you from age restrictions and offers you some discounts. 

Group registers for more benefits 

To avoid paying the Turo young driver fee, register in groups. Registering using the peer rental feature helps you save a lot. Also, make sure that your friends register with you so that you make the most of the registration perks. Another benefit of group registration is adding up to 8 other drivers and lowering your fees. 

Look for discounts  

You can avail of exclusive discounts if your university or employer partners with other major car companies. Some of the discounts you can go for are student discounts, alum discounts, and good driver discounts. You may check your organization’s portal or the college website to understand which discounts to get. 

 Use ridesharing platforms  

Ridesharing platforms like Uber, Lyft, and so on are the best ways to save on the Turo young driver fee. As a result, you can stay worry-free from the lengthy rental car procedures and fees. Similarly, by choosing other car rental options, you can save time by sitting back and relaxing instead of navigating. 

Use a different mode of travel.

The last resort to avoid paying hefty fees is choosing a different transport mode. You may go by local trains or buses, which saves you time. Some trains also come with sleeper cars which ensures luxury and comfort. You can also sign up for some loyalty travel programs, earn many points, and save on travel. 

Turo Young Driver Fee and Ways you can avoid it

Turo Young Driver Fee Summary

The main reason you’ll need to pay Turo young driver fees if you are using their services is that the cost of auto repairs is quite high. Hence, after using the Turo car services, you must also cover up for the damage to the car, if any.  

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