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Types of Tint for Your Car Windows- Everything to Know

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  • Melanie Barrett
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Tints can fully change your car’s look and feel. Each of them stands unique by its features, benefits, and cost. Therefore, there are wide varieties of tints from which you can easily choose the right tint. However, making a choice may take time if you do it yourselves. Hence, make sure you take professional help while making a choice.¬†

Going for the wrong types of tint may create a visible difference in the appearance of the car windows and doors. You may also see gaps and bubbles, which happen due to misalignments. So, let’s look at the different types of tint which make a great choice.¬†

 Types of Tint for Your Car Windows- Everything to Know

Types of Tint and How They Benefit Your Car 

The types of tint differ in their pricing, features, and benefits. Here’s all that you need to know before you choose yours:¬†

Carbon Window Tint  

Carbon window tint is one of the poshest types of tint, making it a great choice for your car. The best part about choosing them is that you can control the lighting inside. Carbon tints are also the best in terms of quality, and you can use them longer than the other types.  

These tints also filter harmful UV rays and give you a cozy feel while driving. Carbon tints can reduce glare too. Similarly, with carbon tint, you’ll feel neither hot nor cold. Hence, these are one of the finest choices you can make.¬†

Color Window Tint  

You can choose the color of your window tint among standard colors to upgrade your car’s look and improve visibility. Black, blue-black, and amber are common colors people usually choose.¬†¬†

However, while going for a color window tint, you must also ensure that it offers the standard level of visibility. Also, if you wish to use a color window tint, double-check with your state laws if they are legal.  

Ceramic Window Tint 

Ceramic is one of the best heat absorbents and something Рyou can always choose. In addition, these types of tint are safer, as ceramic is non-conductive and highly resistant. Another reason to choose ceramic tinting is that it protects your car parts against damage. Even when it comes to anti-glare, these types do a great job. In addition, these are scratch and shatterproof. 

Most importantly, be wise to do a price check if you plan to go for ceramic types since they are a bit pricier than other types. 

 Types of Tint for Your Car Windows- Everything to Know

Other Types of Car Window Tint You Can Go For 

When it comes to types of car window tint, the options are huge. Here are the other types of car window tint you may try: 

Crystalline Window Tint 

One advantage of choosing a crystalline window tint is that you can keep your car cool without dark tints. This type of Tint blocks UV rays and helps maintain an optimum temperature inside the car. Though these are thin and lightweight, crystalline window tint is the best in giving your car a posh look.  

The durability of a crystalline window tint is also comparatively more than the other types, which makes it worth the buy. 

Dyed Tints 

Dyed tints are darker than other tints, which is one way to identify them. Most buyers go for this type since they are relatively cheaper than others. However, you need to know that dyed tints are less durable for the cost you get them. Hence, you need to use at least three to four layers. 

On the contrary, another major drawback of dyed tints is that they pull in a lot of heat, making travel uncomfortable. However, dyed tints are a great choice if you love to keep your surroundings dark. Another disadvantage of dyed tints is that they fade over time, and you may have to go for additional layers of dyed film. The extra layers may cost you a bounty. 

Dark Window Tints 

As the name reflects, dark window tints let in only a small amount of light, due to which some states have banned the usage of tint films. The percentage of darkness for front window tints is 20-25%, while only 30-35% is allowed for the back window. The good part about choosing dark tints is that it offers privacy.

 Types of Tint for Your Car Windows- Everything to Know 

More Types of Tints You Should Know 

Here are some more types of tint you should know before selecting them: 

Metallic Window Tints 

Window tints that use small amounts of metal particles are known as metallic window tints or metalized window tints. Like their name reflects, metals in these tints refract UV rays and keep the car cool. Many users prefer metallic tints to give their cars an elegant look. 

 You also can stay worry-free when it comes to damage to these tints, as they are scratch-proof, offering long-lasting luster. However, you may also want to rethink before going for metallic window tints since they often interfere with your mobile signals.  

 Hybrid Tint 

A hybrid tint uses a mix of many metals in them. The most common combinations of hybrid window tints are dye and metals. These metals add to the tint’s long-term use as many metals are used in the Tint, making it a stronger option. These tints are also anti-glare in nature.¬†

Security Film Window Tint 

You can easily stay safe from sudden attacks using a security film window tint. First, with these types of tint, your cars are at low risk of breakage or damage. Secondly, security tints stay unaffected by UV rays. If you aim to protect your cars and belongings, this is one of the best decisions you can make. 

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