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U0073 Code: What Is It and How Do You Fix It?

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The check engine light turning on while you drive can be quite annoying. It can happen due to many issues with your engine. And what if your car’s fuel economy has gone down? Then it is best to find the engine code using an OBD-II scanner. And the scanner knows the activation of the U0073 code!  

What is the engine error code U0073? It is a generic trouble code indicating an issue with communication. This code is mostly very vague and indicates some communication problems. But what causes the U0073 code to activate? How do you fix it? 

This article will give you a detailed view of this engine error code. Keep reading to know! 

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What does the U0073 code mean? 

A U0073 code indicates that communication between your car’s modules has been lost. 

There are numerous module devices located throughout your vehicle. These modules communicate with the powertrain control module (PCM) about the performance of your car via the CAN bus. The PCM then makes use of this data to make adjustments to your car engine’s fuel consumption. 

The CAN bus communicates with the modules in your car via two wires – CAN high and CAN low. The CAN bus receives and sends data based on the voltage difference between the two wires. Depending on your car, ‘A’ may refer to the CAN high or CAN low wire. This code can get registered in many modules, including the PCM, anti-lock braking system (ABS), TCM, and body control module (BCM). 

What causes code U0073? 

These are some issues that can cause the code to activate. 

  • A fault with one of the control modules  
  • Circuit problem due to poor connection or defective wiring 
  • An issue with the data network 
  • One or more system modules have an unseated connector 
  • Moisture presence in one or more CAN-bus cable connectors or modules 
  • One or more CAN-bus cable connectors have faulty pin or pins. 
  • One or more CAN-bus cable connectors getting corroded 
  • Other electrical issues hindering proper CAN-bus continuity 
  • One or more system control modules are experiencing electrical issues 

What are the symptoms of the U0073 code?  


You can observe these common symptoms when this engine error code appears.  

  • Check engine light illuminates 
  • Reduction in fuel economy 
  • Engine power loses 
  • Transmission shift won’t happen 
  • Probably no-start or no-crank or condition 
  • The driver information message (DIC) gets displayed 

How serious is the U0073 code? 

The severity of the depends on the symptoms. Since these symptoms can appear at any time, it’s best to treat them soon to avoid your car entering a no-start or no-crank state at any time. Because the CAN bus transmits all of the data required to keep the engine running smoothly, a communication breakdown can be terrible. If left unrepaired, your car’s fuel economy will dip, and you may have difficulty starting and running it. 

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Can you drive with U0073?


Although it is possible to drive with a U0073 code in many situations, we recommend avoiding it. This code gets triggered when the car loses communication irregularly, which means the car still generally works, but certain features will be unavailable. However, if it completely loses communication, getting stranded once you turn off your car is possible. Then it is best to take your car to an expert mechanic for repair.  

How to fix the U0073 code 

Repairing a U0073 error code is a difficult task. Because this engine code covers many issues caused by a CAN bus communication failure, it is critical to identify the cause before starting repairs. It is always safe to use professionals to diagnose the actual issue.  

How a technician diagnoses the issue 

  • Check the battery level and whether all connections are clean and tight. 
  • Using a scanner, read any diagnostic trouble codes stored in system memory and compare them to the manufacturer’s diagnostics codes.  
  • Use another scanning tool to confirm continuity at all modules on CAN bus ‘A.’ 
  • While driving, ensure that each module can communicate properly with another diagnostic computer. 
  • Troubleshoot each component until one fails. And then replace it with a similar component from another vehicle (ECM) with an identical configuration (same VIN). 
  • Test drive your car after replacing the ECM.  

Can you fix the U0073 code by yourself? 

You can follow some steps to avoid issues that could cause the code to activate. 

  • First, check your battery. A low power supply can result in a U0073 code. 
  • If you have an OBD scanner, check for other diagnostic trouble codes. It may show whether other issues are the reason for the code to appear.  
  • Perform a visual examination of the CAN bus area. If you see broken wires or loose connections, that may be the source of the code. 
  • Check the technical service bulletins (TSBs) your car’s manufacturer issued. 

Check each module to see if there is a communication issue or failure if you are comfortable doing more complex tests on your vehicle. It may be that one of your modules may require replacement. 

How much does it cost to fix U0073? 

It depends on the nature of the issue, your car’s make, and your location. A mechanic will spend about an hour diagnosing the problem. But you can expect the labor costs in auto repair shops to range between $75 and $150 per hour. 

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