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Ubbi Dubbi 2023: Lineup, Dates, and Parking Info

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Ubbi Dubbi 2023 is going to be the biggest electronic music festival in Texas this year. During spring, thousands will flock to Fort Worth for an audio and visual extravaganza. Some of the best talents will perform sets on massive and creative stages on the banks of Clear Fork Trinity River.  

Are you ready to welcome spring with some dance music? We will help you with a basic guide for the festival, including Ubbi Dubbi 2023 dates, lineup, tickets, and even parking information. 

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What is Ubbi Dubbi festival? 

Ubbi Dubbi is a major electronic and dance music festival featuring DJs from all over the country. It is held in Fort Worth, Texas, and goes on for two days. Ubbi Dubbi is a spring music festival, and along with music, you can find different food and party goods vendors at the Ubbi Dubbi 2023 venue. 

Note: Ubbi Dubbi 2023 is open to everyone aged 18 or above. To consume alcohol, you must be 21 or above. 

When is Ubbi Dubbi 2023? 

In 2023, you can enjoy the festival on Saturday, April 22, and Sunday, April 23. The two-day weekend will feature multiple performances by some of the most popular artists and DJs in the country. 

Where is Ubbi Dubbi 2023? 

You can participate in this spring music festival at Panther Island Pavilion. It is at 395 W Purcey Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102. 

Who is performing at Ubbi Dubbi 2023? 

Some of the DJs and artists who will perform in Ubbi Dubbi 2023 are given below. 

  • Adventure Club 
  • Ben Hemsley 
  • Deorro 
  • Deathpact 
  • Jason Ross 
  • Miane 
  • Mitis 
  • Sisto 
  • Truth X Lies 
  • Zingara 
  • Yetep 
  • Pauline Herr 
  • Liquid Stranger 
  • Freak On 
  • Capozzi 
  • Bonnie X Clyde 
  • Timmy Trumpet 
  • Slander 
  • Mersiv 

The Ubbi Dubbi 2023 lineup is now available on the official festival website

How to get to Panther Island Pavilion? 

There are different routes to choose from if you are driving to the festival. The Ubbi Dubbi 2023 location is only 1.2 miles from Downtown Fort Worth. You can get to the venue in less than 5 minutes through Throckmorton Street. Additionally, you can drive via Commerce Street and East Belknap Street to get to Panther Island Pavilion. 

Similarly, you can take Ohio Garden Road and TX-199 East from River Oaks, Texas, to reach the festival grounds by driving 4.2 miles. Depending on the traffic conditions, the time taken will be nearly 10 minutes. Some other popular towns near the location include Meadowbrook and Haltom City. 

Is there parking at the festival venue? 

Yes. There are official parking lots at the Ubbi Dubbi 2023 location. In addition to general parking, there are also accessible parking spots at the Ubbi Dubbi 2023 venue. You can prepay for parking at the venue on both days of the event.  

For a single day, you have to spend $10 for parking per car. So for both days, you have to pay $20. Cash and selected cars are among the accepted methods of payment. You must produce the prepaid parking receipt to the parking attendant at the official spots to gain entry on event days. 

NB: Camping is prohibited in the official parking lots. 

How much are Ubbi Dubbi 2023 tickets? 

You can get different types of tickets for the Ubbi Dubbi 2023 festival. These include General Admission or GA, GA+, and VIP passes. GA Tier 3 tickets are currently available, and the 2-day GA pass starts at $179.95, and single-day tickets of the same kind will start at $104.95. 

One customer can only purchase a maximum of 10 tickets online. GA+ ticket for two days will cost you $229.95 and $134.95 for a single day. VIP passes will get you the best festival experience with access to exclusive VIP bars and food vendors. In addition, you can also get air-conditioned restrooms, collectibles, and entry to VIP viewing areas.

For a two-day VIP experience, you have to spend more than $269.95; for a one-day variant, $159.95 is the starting price. All prices mentioned above are subject to change and do not include a service fee. To purchase the festival tickets and get more information, visit this website.

What are the parking options for the festival? 

For Ubbi Dubbi 2023 parking, most people get the official parking as it is closer to the venue. Despite being close, the demand for parking at the official lot will be high. In addition, even if you get a spot, the traffic of vehicles coming and leaving the lot can be a challenge. You may get stuck in a long line of cars after the event is over. So there are other options like street parking and private garages near Panther Island Pavilion. 

Where to find street parking near Panther Island Pavilion? 

Street parking is a useful alternative to on-site parking lots. You can find many streets with parking lots in the neighborhood. Some of these include North Taylor Street, West Belknap Street, North Florence Street, and West Weatherford Street. All these streets are closed to the event venue, and you can park at these spots and take a 15-minute walk to the Pavilion. 

A few risks are associated with parking in the streets surrounding the Ubbi Dubbi 2023 venue. Safety is a concern as there are more chances of crimes like theft if you leave your car at one of these lots. In addition, even though some of them are free for a period, after the specified time, you will have to move your car to another space. Besides, parking violations like this and many others can land you in trouble. Apart from parking tickets, there are harsher penalties for parking rule violations. 

How to find cheap parking garages near the festival venue? 

Since there are many issues with parking on the streets, you can look at other options. There are plenty of private parking garages near the Panther Island Pavilion. Off-site garages are feature-rich and offer cheap hourly and monthly rates. You can enjoy camera surveillance, contactless parking, and ADA/Aisle access at these garages at no extra charge. 

To find an off-site garage near Ubbi Dubbi 2023 venue, use Way.com. The Way.com website and Way mobile app will help you locate and book parking garages within minutes. Input the location and time of entry and exit into the app and hit search. Choose one that fits your budget from the list of garages that show up on your screens. In addition, you can also win additional benefits like special deals and discounts by booking parking spots through Way.com. 

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