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EV Charging Stations: These US Cities are Leading the Charge  

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There are nearly 45K EV Charging Stations in the US. Most of these are in California, with five cities from the state accounting for more than 3700 stations! Is your city in the top 10? – let’s find out.  

EV sales in the US are at an all-time high, hitting 4.5% of total car sales in the last quarter of 2021. You can’t miss the rapidly expanding charging infrastructure either. A robust network of EV charging stations and outlets is vital to meet the growing demand in several cities.   

Types of public electric vehicle charging stations – United States  

There are three Levels for EV charging that determines the time taken to charge your car. The type of battery, how depleted it is, and how much power it can hold also affect the charging time.   

Level 1 with the standard 120-volt outlet is the slowest charger and takes a whole day (or night) fully charge your vehicle. All EVs and PHEVs can use Level 1 chargers with J1772 and Tesla connectors.   

Level 2 chargers use 208-Volt to 240-Volt power and are faster. These stations also come with J1772 and Tesla connectors and you’ll usually find these at shopping malls and parking lots. Public spaces where cars are parked for a longer duration are ideal for Level 1 and 2 charging stations.

Fast Chargers and Tesla Superchargers are Level 3 EV charging. These get the job done in an hour or so and are the most popular at public EV charging stations. CHAdeMO, Tesla, or Combo connectors are available at Level 3 charging stations.  


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Which city has the most electric charging stations?  

Los Angeles leads with double the number of charge stations than the next city on the list. Five out of 10 US cities with the most EV Charging Stations are in California. The state accounts for a significant share of the total charging outlets in the country, with over 40K public and private power outlets. The demand continues to rise as California’s EV fleet size is heading towards four million by 2030.   

Cities with most number of EV Charging stations in the US

Find EV charging stations near you  

Electric vehicles are mostly charged at home or fleet facilities, and some workplaces also provide charging outlets for their employees. Most US cities have public EV Charging stations at hotels, parking lots, airports, government offices, shopping malls, and business centers.   

Use the map below to search, filter, and find electric vehicle charging stations near you.  

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