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A road trip through the United States – Las Vegas to Phoenix  

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  • Renee Martin
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There is never a dull moment in Las Vegas, and it would probably be hard to wave goodbye to Sin City. If you have time and money on hand, make sure to make the most of it during your stay in Las Vegas. It may be an unpopular opinion, but Las Vegas to Phoenix road trip route is not a boring route by any stretch of the imagination. Well, of course, there is nothing more than miles and miles of barren wasteland and desert on both sides if you take the easiest route through US-93. However, if you are ok with spending two extra hours, you would be rewarded with beautiful scenery by taking a small detour along the way through the I-17. You can stop through Flagstaff and Sedona, which are both highlight destinations of the route, and even briefly move through the historic routes before approaching Kingman. There is also the iconic Hoover Dam along the way when you take the scenic route to reach your destination. Traffic is moderate to low along this route as well, and websites like Way.com make sure that you are covered for all your parking concerns at the click of a button! A typical drive between Las Vegas to Phoenix road trip usually takes you around 7 hours to complete. The scenic route takes about 9 hours in total. It would be a good idea to take the Las Vegas – Phoenix (Grand Canyon road trip) as multiple day trips with pit stops at interesting spots will be covered below.  

A road trip through the United States – Las Vegas to Phoenix  

Lake Mead National Recreation Area  

Located around 30 miles away from Las Vegas and right along the Nevada and Phoenix border, Lake Mead National Recreation Area is the perfect spot to start your Grand Canyon road trip adventure between Las Vegas and Phoenix. Lake Mead offers several recreational activities like swimming, fishing, boating, and offers excellent vantage points to witness the three desert ecosystems in the surrounding area meet. Lake Mead also features the ghost town St. Thomas, Nevada, which was previously submerged in the lake. With so many activities that gear you up for the long road ahead, Lake Mead has to be the first pitstop you make on the Grand Canyon road trip 

Grand Canyon National Park  

Grand Canyon Las Vegas to Phoenix Road Trip

It would be unfair to take on the Grand Canyon road trip without stopping at the Grand Canyon itself. Even though COVID-19 restrictions are still in effect, Grand Canyon is always welcoming visitors. The mesmerizing experience of visiting the Grand Canyon is hard to describe with words. It’s something that you should venture on at least once in your lifetime. Suppose you made plans to visit the natural, historical site but changed your mind due to the long drive. Well, starting a road trip from Las Vegas to Phoenix road trip through Highway 93 means you are just around 9 miles away from the Grand Canyon entrance. There is so much on offer at Grand Canyon that is just stopping by is never enough. It would be a good idea to prepare in advance before visiting the Grand Canyon.  


Once you’re done with Grand Canyon, the Las Vegas to Phoenix road trip is dull with just beautiful sceneries only as well as little to no pitstops worth stopping for the next two hours. The next major stop comes around the middle of your trip to Phoenix, Phoenix, at Flagstaff.  Most people who take on the roads to travel between Las Vegas and Phoenix naturally stop at Flagstaff, simply because it’s one of the main cities you would come across during the drive from Las Vegas. Flagstaff is also a University town (Northern Phoenix University) and is a proud addition along the historic Route 66. As we are closing in on winter, Flagstaff is also one of the very few destinations along Route 66 that offers a ski resort for the road trippers to stop during the winter.  

A road trip through the United States – Las Vegas to Phoenix  


Sedona Las Vegas to Phoenix Road Trip

Home to the Grand Canyon, Phoenix is not shy of natural scenery and towering red rock formations throughout the state. Sedona is probably the prettiest among the lot and features miles and miles of stunning sights, hiking trails, and even horse-riding trails. Sedona is also home to one of the prettiest canyon views. Sedona is also a favored location where travelers heading towards the North Rim and South Rim of the Grand Canyon usually stop for a pitstop. The South Rim is approximately a 2-hour drive from Sedona, whereas you would have to travel 4 hours from Sedona to reach the North Rim. Sedona is also perfect for those looking for Grand Canyon road trip souvenirs as most of Sedona’s small independent shops have plenty of products for sale at relatively cheap rates.

Verde Valley  

While Phoenix is known for the Grand Canyon, Red Rocks, and Painted Desert, the wine country of Verde Valley is comparatively less known. That is why we feel that it was necessary to add Verde Valley to the list of pitstops during the Grand Canyon Road Trip. Verde Valley offers numerous wine yards with tasting rooms offering a wide variety of different wines. If you do decide to stop at the Valley, make sure you drop in at the Oak Creek Vineyards to enjoy one of the best family-run wine yard boutiques in all of the United States.  

[Please Note: Drunken Driving is a punishable offense and a practice that should be avoided at all costs. Consume the wine, only if you don’t drive afterward or have a driver on board who is sober]  


Prescott, Payson, and Old Town Scottsdale are the last three cities you will encounter before reaching the Phoenix city limits on your Grand Canyon road trip from Las Vegas to Phoenix. Based on preferences, you can choose to stop at any of three, but as Payson happens to be in the midway between Prescott and Scottsdale, many visitors stop at Payson, and for good reasons too. Unlike the cactus-filled deserts you have been wandering through on your way to Phoenix, Payson comes in as a welcome change along the route. Instead of desert land, you would be welcomed by a small alpine mountain town. If you are bored of looking at kilometers of red rock desert, consider making a stop at Payson. Don’t worry about parking. We have you covered with plenty of Phoenix parking spots across the entire route.   

A road trip through the United States – Las Vegas to Phoenix  

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