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A road trip through the United States – Phoenix to Albuquerque

  • Travel Guides
  • Renee Martin
  • 7 minutes

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The crazy adventure continues from the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is known as the heart of Route 66. What better way to restart a journey from the West Coast to the East than from Phoenix? However, most of the travelers planning a road trip from coast to coast often face the dilemma of which road to choose at various points of the journey. Phoenix, which has Tucson and Southern America on one side and North Central America on the other side, presents a similar question. As we have been taking the adventurous route over the scenic route, we will continue towards Albuquerque on the North Central direction.   

I’ll be honest! The drive from Phoenix to Albuquerque is not a route where the grass is always green, and where the birds are singing all the time.  However, there are still plenty of sights to take in and numerous pitstops to make. Yes, you’ll still have to go through miles and miles of a barren wasteland, which is the trademark of a red rock county like Arizona. Don’t worry about parking! Way.com has you covered with plenty of city parking spots along the entire route. You would be surprised to know that many hidden adventures are waiting to be unraveled across New Mexico and Arizona as you continue to Albuquerque. Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the next chapter of the Great American Road Trip – Phoenix to Albuquerque! 

Two Routes, Different Tales 

Contrary to the road trip we covered from Los Angeles to Phoenix, the Phoenix to Albuquerque road trip has two routes that are equally fun adventures. It would be unfair to not include both routes and pitstops along the way, as both are equally used to transit between Phoenix and Albuquerque. The first route we will be covering is through Interstate-17 N to Interstate-40 E. If you have gone through the previous blog, you would know this will share a lot of common spots we came through. The alternative travel option between Phoenix and Albuquerque is to take on US-60 E. While each route has its pros and cons, we’ll cover the interstate route first. Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the key points of the drive from Phoenix to Albuquerque through the Interstate route.   


Jerome Phoenix to Albuquerque

When you take the Interstate route to travel between Phoenix and Albuquerque, the first pitstop along the way is usually at Prescott. As we have already covered Prescott on our way to Phoenix, we will instead stop at Jerome. Once a copper-mining town, Jerome is a town in Arizona that has lots of history hidden beneath. Located in the Black Hills of Yavapai County, a pitstop at Jerome is ideal for getting a fresh insight into how Arizona was back in the day. Jerome is also perfect for people who enjoy artworks and handicrafts. If you are interested in spending some time on history and souvenir shopping for the trip, you should stop at Jerome.   


The interstate route, which is approximately a 450-mile drive from Phoenix to Albuquerque, will take you through many familiar territories. If you could not stop at popular hotspots like Sedona and Flagstaff while driving to Phoenix, consider making a stop on your journey between Phoenix and Albuquerque. If you are no longer keen on stopping at Sedona or Flagstaff, Winslow offers the perfect alternative. Roughly around 280 miles from Phoenix, Winslow is the halfway point of your Phoenix to Albuquerque road trip. If you are an Eagles fan who loves ‘Take it Easy,’ tell me how many pictures you took from the “Winslow Corner.” The Standing at the Corner Park, which is the highlight of both the song and the city, has a lot more to offer than just the Winslow Corner. Please make sure you take it easy, though. 

Petrified Forest National Park 

Petrified Forest National Park Phoenix to Albuquerque Road Trip

If the Grand Canyon National Park is the icing on the cake for Arizona, Petrified Forest National Park is considered as cherries on the same cake. While Grand Canyon shares all the limelight, Petrified Forest is not shy of adventures. If you were delighted to take on the Grand Canyon hiking trails, the Petrified Forest also offers challenging terrains to hike amidst the vast number of tall petrified trees. The best thing about the hiking trails of Petrified Forest National Park is the numerous hiking trails. With the diverse range of hiking trails, almost everyone (regardless of age and fitness level) has a trail to take on. From easy walking trails to challenging terrains, there is something for everyone. The Petrified Forest National Park is also one of the last stops you make on your Albuquerque road trip through the Interstate. 

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Tonto Natural Bridge 

Tonto Phoenix to Albuquerque Natural Bridge

If your drive from Phoenix to Albuquerque is through the US-60 E instead of the Interstate, the first pitstop you would be making will be at the Tonto Natural Bridge. Located approximately 100 miles away from Phoenix, Arizona, the Tonto Natural Bridge is often considered the largest natural travertine bridge. Standing at the height of 183 feet over a 400-foot tunnel with its widest point recorded at 150 feet, the sights you see around on top of the Tonto Natural Bridge are beyond words. There are plenty of hiking trails along the route. If you are traveling through the US-60, you won’t pass through the Petrified Forest National Park. It is always best to instead consider taking a hike at the Tonto Natural Bridge. 

Show Low 

If you are tired of seeing endless miles of barren land and need an escape, it’s about time you took a turn for the city of Show Low. Ideally, the town of Show Low can be considered as the perfect escapist haven along the Phoenix Albuquerque road trip route to flee from the summer heat. However, it’s also not a bad option to hop on during the Winter as well. Show Low offers visitors a wide range of activities ranging from simple horseback riding to hiking and even skiing during the Winter. There is no shortage of locations and activities to explore in Show Low. If it’s a break from the norms you need, you should consider breaking off the route and taking a pitstop at Show Low. 


Located right next to New Mexico, Greer will probably be your last pitstop before reaching Albuquerque. A small town along the route, surrounded by pine forests and amazing all-around weather, Greer offers the perfect escape from the desert highway journey. From hiking through the numerous trails to adventure activities like horseback riding between the pine trees, Greer is not shy of fun things to do. If you have enough time at hand, make sure to spend it during your stay at Greer and stay overnight at the cozy ambiance Greer has on offer.   

Even though Greer is like the halfway point only on your journey, there aren’t many more places to stop afterward if you travel between Phoenix and Albuquerque through the US-60 E. You need approximately three more hours from Greer to complete your drive from Phoenix to Albuquerque. 

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