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Everything You Need to Know About Used Tire Prices

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  • Ray Sanders
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Used tires for your car typically cost around 40-50% lesser than a new set of tires, making it one of the best choices if you’re looking to save a lot on car expenses. However, not all used tires cost the same. There are a few factors that influence the price of a set of used tires. We’ll see more about them in this article.¬†¬†

Tires are depreciating assets, and their value starts to decrease from the moment you start using them. This makes it a good reason to be on the market looking for sparingly used tires you can claim for a steal! 

used tire price: Save big with Auto Refinance

What are the factors affecting used tire costs? 

Used tire prices are dependent on several factors. These are 

Initial price 

It doesn’t matter if you buy a set of expensive or cheap tires; the depreciation curve would be just the same. This implies that expensive tires tend to lose more value than a cheaper set of tires. For example, for two sets of tires with a price tag of $100 and $500, respectively, and a depreciation percent of 20%, a comparatively higher price reduction from the original will be seen on the one with the higher sticker price.¬†


Age has a key role to play in determining the price of a used car tire. This is due to two reasons. Either the tire has less tread left due to its longer miles of usage, or it has become unfit for use, having been left unused for a long period. However, modern tires are engineered so that the treads last even after leaving them unused for long periods. Inspecting the tires for sidewall strength is necessary before buying unused old tires.  

How Long Do Tires Last on a New Car?

Tread condition 

Nobody wants a tire with less or no tread. Tires are meant to provide a safe and stable ride, which wouldn’t be possible without tires with good tread conditions. Thus, used tires with a decent to a good amount of tread left in them will be priced higher than those with no tread. ¬†

Wheel alignment and used tire price: How does it matter? 

It is important to ensure that the wheels on your car are properly aligned. This is because improper alignment alters the wheel angle, triggering uneven wear. Improperly worn-out tires result in an unstable and bumpy ride as the whole surface of the tire does not touch the road. You may get these tires on the market for a steal, but it is not recommended to purchase them as they have an increased potential for bursts. Furthermore, they also don’t last long. ¬†

Brand and used tire price: are they related?

New tires from premium brands like Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, and Yokohama are expensive, and their older ones are no exception. Made from high-grade materials and advanced engineering, these are well-known for their quality and durability. This makes them costlier than any other entry-to-mid-level tire brand on the market.  


Does tire size influence its price?

Popular sizes like 15-inch and 16-inch are commonly seen in most automobiles on the road. This puts these sizes in great demand than the others, making them pricier. Besides these, huge truck tires that employ more materials like rubber, cotton, and steel for production are also costlier than the others.  


Certain types, like low-profiles, performance tires, and winter tires, are much more expensive than regular all-weather tires. Low profiles employ the latest technology and are made using advanced construction methods. Similarly, winter and snow tires, made of advanced compounds, are also expensive, particularly during the winter, when they’re in high demand. It is always to plan and purchase them¬†before the prices shoot up.¬†¬†

Some used tire marketplaces 

Apart from hunting for some at your local tire shops, used tires can also be found at retail stores like Costco and Walmart, where they occasionally stock old tires. Furthermore, you can also extend your search online at marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, and Kijiji. However, inspect them in person if possible, as they can also have listings for damaged stocks.  

Bottomline: Should you buy used tires? 

You can get used tires for rates 40-50% less than their original price. This makes buying them the best option if you wish to cut down on the expenses surrounding your car. They are also a better option if you don’t drive your car often. Furthermore, by reusing them, you’re also actively contributing to the environment’s well-being. ¬†

However, before purchasing a set of used tires, ensure they are devoid of deep cuts, pierces, or any sign indicating a slashed tire. Also, ensure that their¬†specs align with the manufacturer’s specifications and that it fits well on your car.¬†¬†

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