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Utah Driver’s License Renewal: A Complete Guide

  • Driver's License
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 6 minutes

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Have you got your driver’s license in Utah? A driver must pass five stages to get the license in ‘Beehive State.’ It won’t be a hassle if you know how to go about it.  However, you must remember what the process is like when it’s time for your Utah driver’s license renewal

The process is simple if you know what a Utah license renewal process is like. While nobody really likes renewing their driver’s license, it is a necessary task that we must all complete. But don’t wait — driving without a Utah driver’s license for more than six months will result in you retaking the exams for the license. To avoid driving without a license and receiving a traffic citation, you should renew your license before it expires.  

So, how can you do a driver’s license renewal in Utah? How much does Utah driver’s license renewal cost? Keep reading to know more! 

When should you renew your driver’s license in Utah?  

If you hold a driver’s license in Utah, you must do a Utah driver’s license renewal every eight years.  

The driver’s license has your complete information and expiration date on the front. You can find this date above your issued date, to the right of your driver’s license number. 

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How early can you renew your driver’s license in Utah?  

Utah residents can renew their driver’s license up to six months before it expires. However, suppose you can demonstrate that you will be out of state for six months before expiration. In that case, you may file for renewal more than six months before it becomes effective. You’ll also get a notice through email before your license expires if your current email address is on file. 

What documents do I need for my Utah driver’s license renewal? 

To renew your driver’s license in Utah, you must provide the following. 

  • Identity proof 
  • Proof of lawful presence 
  • Proof of Social Security 
  • Utah residency proof 

You can’t provide photocopies. Also, you will need to pass both a vision exam and a health condition questionnaire. 

How to renew a driver’s license in Utah 

In Utah, you have two options for renewing your license. 

  • Online 
  • In-person 

How to renew a driver’s license online  

Fortunately, drivers in Utah can renew their licenses online. The letter sent to you before your renewal outlines your eligibility. But, if you have already confirmed your identification with the Driver’s License Division, you should be good to go! To complete the renewal, you must visit the Utah Driver License Online Renewal website. 

On visiting the website, you’ll have to provide the following information. 

  • The driver’s license number. 
  • The issuance date of the expiring license. 
  • The PIN. 

Ideally, you can find the PIN in the renewal mail. However, if you can’t find it, contact the Utah DMV. Likewise, if you didn’t get the PIN, you need to make an appointment with your local DMV to renew your license. 

Once you finish the renewal process, a PDF of your temporary license will instantly download to the computer you’re using. Print it so you can use it until your new one arrives.

How to renew a driver’s license in-person 

driver's license in Utah
Image courtesy: https://publicsafety.utah.gov

You must make an appointment to renew a driver’s license in person. There are no walk-ins for in-person license renewals. The best way is to go to the nearest driver’s license office for renewal. They will ask you a few questions, give you the option to select the service you need, and let you pick the time and day of your appointment. 

You must follow the DMV office’s Utah driver’s license renewal procedures

  • Fill out the renewal application. You can complete it in person or in advance online. 
  • Take a new photograph. 
  • Pass the vision test.  
  • Fill out a health questionnaire. 
  • Surrender your expiring license. 
  • Pay the $52 renewal fee for the new driver’s license. 

What to expect 

  • You must bring two legal documents as proof of your current Utah address if your address changed after obtaining your previous driver’s license. 
  • You must pass an open-book written knowledge exam if your license expired more than six months ago or you’ve received more than six tickets in the past eight years. Also, it applies if you have a suspended or revoked license.  

You will be awarded a temporary photo ID after completing these requirements. You will receive a letter containing your permanent card within a few weeks. 

How long does it take for a Utah driver’s license renewal? 

You will receive a temporary license that you can use until you receive your renewed license. Expect to receive your new license in 4-6 weeks, which is good for eight years.  

How much does a driver’s license renewal cost in Utah? 

It will cost you around $52 for a Utah driver’s license renewal. 

Is there a grace period for an expired driver’s license in Utah? 

You will get six months of grace in Utah before your driver’s license expires. However, after these six months, you will need to retake the knowledge, driving, and vision tests. You must also present identity proof, proofs of SSN, and Utah residency. It is vital to renew your license on time to prevent unwanted penalties.  

Where do I go to renew my driver’s license in Utah? 

For Utah driver’s license renewal, you must visit a nearby Driver’s License office. You must make a prior appointment to submit a renewal application for a Utah license. Additionally, you can complete and print your application before visiting the office. 

What do I do if I lose my driver’s license in Utah? 

You must visit a Driver’s License office and present two proofs of identification to replace a lost Utah driver’s license. It applies to all expired, renewed, and duplicate Utah driver’s licenses. 

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