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Everything You Need to Know About Color Factory, New York

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Color Factory in New York is a collaborative project that showcases an exquisite art collection inspired by the colors of New York City. Here, visitors are invited to experience a plethora of colors through several participatory installations, highlighting the importance of color in daily life.  

Ready to indulge in an immersive experience of colors? Then pack your bags and head to Soho, Manhattan, where the doors of this museum are open for you to explore. But before that, ensure you find a safe spot to park your car near the Color Factory. 

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What is the Color Factory, New York?

When was the last time you felt like a kid again? Picture yourself diving into a sea of 500,000 sky-blue colored balls or snacking on a rainbow-colored macaron while strolling through a hall. Confused yet intrigued? Then you need to visit Color Factory in Soho ‚Äď an interactive art exhibit that’s all about play and experimentation.

Color Factory NYC


At one point in time, Color Factory was a temporary installation. But now, it’s a permanent fixture that keeps evolving its 20,000 square feet of space to keep things fresh and exciting.

The ‘joy of color’ is what Color Factory is all about! It introduces this to visitors through fun, sensory-stimulating interactive installations. These hybrids of high art and light entertainment are frequently updated to maintain a high quality of service, yet some fan favorites remain.

What not to miss at Color Factory New York

You should their Winter Colorland exhibit and have blast! You’ll find endless Instagram-worthy moments, delicious light bites, and tons of vibrant displays to feast your eyes on. Don’t miss out on this whimsical wonderland!

Major attractions at the Color Factory include ombr√© floating balloons, an array of colorful ice cream options, including custom colors, a shining bright dance floor, a signature ballroom, and a walkway complete with infographics that leads to your ‘secret color.’ Here are more details of must-not-miss attractions at the Color Factory, NYC.¬†

Disco Room

Get ready to party in the Disco Room! With sequin walls, a shimmering ceiling, and a light-up floor, the entire room is a freak experience. You’ll also get to rock out to a DJ Spinderella playlist with your headphones before you enter and dance the night away!

Confetti Accumulation

In this room, prepare to be covered in confetti! The room is transformed with a confetti ski slope look that changes with the seasons. You can bundle up the piles of confetti and throw them everywhere, making confetti angels, and even leave your mark on the interactive camera on the ceiling!


This hallway installation is like stepping inside a holograph! The changing lights reveal a different layer of NYC-inspired illustrations by Carnovsky. With each subtle change in lighting, a new layer is revealed, creating a trippy and cool experience.

Complementary Compliments

Step inside different colored doors and take your seats at a glass booth in this room. You and your partner will use two-way phones for a guided drawing activity that results in a fun keepsake for each of you. We can’t think of a better way to bond and make something memorable together!

Into the Blue

Prepare for the grand finale in this soothing blue room with a giant ball pit that’s seemingly larger than most NYC apartments. You can wade into the blue abyss or zoom down the slide straight into the madness. And don’t forget to lounge on the bleacher-like seats that frame the pool while enjoying your scoop of sweetness from Il Laboratorio Del Gelato that’s included with admission. It’s the perfect way to end your colorful adventure!

How to get to Color Factory, NYC

Color Factory New York is in Soho, Manhattan, at 251 Spring St, New York, NY 10013, United States. It is just a mile from the bustling Downtown Manhattan area. You can get there in less than 6 minutes through Broome Street or Crosby Street & Prince Street. 

How much do Color Factory, New York tickets cost?

Tickets to this unique experience are not the cheapest. It’ll cost around $39-$45 for a general admission ticket to visit here. These rates depend on the dates you choose to visit here. However, “Colors In Bloom” flexible time tickets are much more expensive and are priced at $59-$62, based on the dates.¬†¬†

Furthermore, remember that you must get your tickets in advance via an online booking. There is no ticket counter at the venue. Also, note that the museum does not accept tickets purchased using unauthorized third-party websites or scalpers.  

Does Color Factory allow outside food and drink? 

No. Color Factory New York does not permit outside food and beverages. However, you will be provided with special delicacies as part of the experience at various installations. 

What to know before going to the Color Factory, NYC

  • To enter the Color Factory, you must reserve timed admission tickets in advance through the website.
  • The tickets cost between $35 and $45 for those aged 2 and up and cover both your admission to the gallery and the cost of snacks to enjoy while you’re there. You can indulge in macarons, taffy, and gelato during your visit.
  • Before leaving, don’t forget to obtain a QR code at the door and scan it at the photo booths to receive a bunch of silly pictures and gifs sent directly to your phone or email.
  • Upon exiting, you will receive a special souvenir. This could be a ticket holder, such as a twist-off straw or a foldable cup with the Color Factory logo.
  • If you don’t want to buy anything from the gift store, be sure to leave pretty quickly!
  • Make sure to book your parking spot in advance as finding a good place to park near Color Factory can be tiresome.

Color Factory New York parking options 

375 King St Garage0.3 miles from Color Factory New York 

Finding a safe and convenient parking lot near the Color Factory New York is no more a hassle, thanks to the top-rated 375 King St Garage, which offers the best amenities at discounted rates you’d never expect for a premium location. You can park here, and avail of facilities like 24×7 covered valet parking at rates as low as $13 an hour. Furthermore, this lot is also ADA/Aisle friendly.¬†

Apart from Color Factory New York, 375 King St Garage is also in proximity to several attractions, including James J Walker Playhouse (0.1 miles), Children’s Museum of Art (0.1 miles), Friends Apartment (0.3 miles), and SoHo Playhouse (0.3 miles).¬†

You can enter this garage through the entrance on 375 King Street, near the intersection of King Street and Greenwich Street. An alternate entrance is on W Houston Street, on the left-hand side of the intersection near W Houston and Greenwich.

Note that both these entrances are on the left-hand side of the one-way street. However, you can only enter and leave this lot once because it doesn’t have in/out privileges. You can use Way.com or the Way mobile app to find and book these facilities.¬†


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