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VR Adventures to Quarantine and Chill 

  • Cars Explained
  • Renee Martin
  • 6 minutes

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One of the most amazing things about science and technology in the modern age is their ability to provide alternatives to every problem the world goes through. Even before the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak became a large-scale pandemic, scientists developed countermeasures. Science was always a step ahead, and this was proven with how rapidly, hand sanitizers and masks became a new norm. As quarantine and mitigation methods such as Shelter-in-Place (SIP) restrict people to their homes, countermeasures like applications that allow video conferencing and social media platforms ensured that people remained connected. Coming to technologies, Virtual Reality (VR) was one such development that made massive leaps during the coronavirus episode. VR has steadily progressed into being the ultimate have at home accessory today. While both Augmented Reality (AR) and VR have been around for a while now, VR has made huge strides, especially during the coronavirus lockdown and quarantine. From business expansions to public sectors like tourism, the technology currently holds top honors as the go-to aid to handle the stress of being locked down at home.  


VR Kit

Looking back to exactly one year, most of us were having the best time of our lives. Spring break had arrived, and the weather was perfect. As the saying goes, you learn the value of something only when you lose it. However, back then, there were no restrictions. You could pretty much do whatever you wanted to without worrying about getting infected. But things have changed a lot since then, and the new world under lockdown is very different from what we were used to. Most of us are itching to go out and just feel the world out there. This is where the technology of VR comes in as the best technological development in recent times. Not only does it have the power to almost instantly take you to your spring break destination of choice, the technology, if utilized properly, has godly powers. Many game developers have cashed in on this technology, and have released many applications/games that lets you travel to even restricted zones like Chernobyl or the MoonThe capabilities and virtual prowess of VR are unparalleled if used right, and the good thing is, it never gets boring

Here, we present to you some top VR destinations to venture out into from the safe comfort of your home. If you do not have access to a VR Kit, we highly recommend you purchase an authentic VR Kit today. Although new technology may sound expensive, but in truth, you can enjoy a VR experience using your phone as well, and pair it up with an affordable headset as low as $20. If you’re going out on a trip to pick up a VR set, we also provide guaranteed safe minimal contact parking spots next to most of the stores.

The Moon 

Virtual Reality

Neil Armstrong and his fellow astronauts may have walked across the surface of the moon, but with a VR Kit, you can too! With so many options to choose from, the VR adventures on the moon can be so fun and exhilarating. You can choose to either orbit around the moon with the point of view (POV) from a satellite with 360-degree viewing, or even enjoy an outer space roller coaster ride (definitely not for the faint-hearted). There are also VR experiences available that lets you join the Appolo 11 squad and take part in the entire mission – featuring liftoff, space docking, and moon landing to feel the complete moon mission experience.  

Mount Everest 

A hiking trip to Mount Everest is probably one of the toughest things to do in the world today. While it will be impossible to recreate the original experience, Everest VR developed by Solfar Studios and RVX lets you get pretty close to the real deal. The game takes you through the first-person perspective of a Mount Everest expedition, which starts at Basecamp. You gradually make your way through the scary Khumbu Icefalls before scaling the Lhotse Face to reach Camp 4. The next part takes you through the famous Hillary Step before finally conquering the peak’s summit. The Mount Everest adventure is a perfect way to feel the outside world closer than ever during your lockdown staycation. 

Time Travel 

Jurassic VR

The whole concept of time travel – whether it is to the past or future, is always a curious topic. While the future has endlessunpredictable scopes and possibilities, the past is much more realistic and recordedSo, while the whole idea of traveling to the future seems exciting at first glance. It would be an even better idea to move back in time and see how the world was in the Jurassic era or even before usRobinson: The Journey and Time Machine VR are two such games that present a great VR adventure of the Jurassic experience with prehistoric icons like the Tyrannosaurus Rex making grand appearances. The Oculus Rift also offers some fun and exciting time travel adventures featuring historic sites like the pyramids of Ancient Egypt.  



Even though the highly radioactive zone was opened up for visitors a few years ago, Chernobyl is never a safe zone for visits. With the popularity of HBO’s series based on the events leading to the failure of the nuclear reactor failing, skyrocketing the number of visitors to tour Chernobylit would be best to consider investing in the Chernobyl VR Project. The documentary-style game lets you visit the abandoned buildings along with the surrounding regions of Pripyat River from the first-person point of view. While it does not even come close to the real experience, it does provide a safer alternative to see a 360-degree view of Chernobyl. To make things more realistic, you even get to access personal interviews of survivors who make an appearance at some of these locations and talk with you in the game. You also get to hold a Geiger Counter Instrument that can be used to check the amount of radiation that is denoted with the infamous radioactive clicks. 

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