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Is a Learner’s License needed to buy a car? Here’s all you need to know

  • Cars Explained
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 4 minutes

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A learner’s license is one of the most important documents you must carry while planning to buy a car. Also, as soon as you buy a car, get title insurance too. Make sure that you don’t miss any of these steps. It is quite easy to buy a car with a learner’s license. One thing you always need to keep in mind is to always drive under an experience driver’s guidance.¬† Also,¬† if you are a beginner in driving, you pay in cash. Similarly, if you are learning to drive, then the owner of the car is likely to cover your insurance costs.

Not having a learner’s license during the purchase can also affect your buying process. Getting the right loans or insurance at the right time might not be as easy as you think. Any proof you submit must be in person or through any other mode. If you do so, you may not get as many coverages as you want. Therefore, verify all the sources before you go ahead with your purchase.

Is a Learner's License needed to buy a car?

How to buy a car with a learner’s license

Buying a car with a learner’s license is easy if you maintain your credit scores well. Liens mostly look at your credit scores and valid proofs like your IDs. Then, you must wait for the verification process to be complete. However, it is always better to pay in cash to be safer. There are many other factors of importance that the insurance companies consider while you plan to buy a car.

Factors considered while buying a car with a learner’s license

Some mandatory factors are considered when buying a car with a learner’s license:

Job and Income

Job and income are the prime factors that decide your buying power. Make sure you have a decent income to buy a car with your learner’s license. Ideally, you should earn between $15oo to $2500 to make a good purchase. Also, remember to carry a copy of your income proofs while you plan to buy a car. Keep at least a copy of your income proofs for the last 3 years.


You’ll need to produce details of your current address with copies of bills showing utility expenses.

Advance Payment

Advance payment or down payment is also important when buying a car with a learner’s license. You can pay $1000 or 10% advance to buy your car. On the other hand, you may make a wise decision and go for whatever seems affordable.


Before buying a car with a learner’s permit, make sure to have a cosigner. Car companies normally do not allow buyers with a low credit score to make a buy. Cosigners are people with better credit scores who can take responsibility for repaying your car loans.

Is a Learner's License needed to buy a car? Here's all you need to know

Cost by Age for¬† Buying a Car with Learner’s Permit

Age Average Annual Premium
16 $5,330
17 $4,633
18 $4,009
19 $2,801
20 $2,477
21 $1,969
22 $1,830
23 $1,660
24 $1,555
25 $1,414
30 $1,279
40 $1,258
50 $1,191

Car insurance for those with learner’s licenses is always a bit higher. 16-year-old buyers pay the highest annual premium while buying a car which comes to approximately $5,330.This is because they are more prone to rash and risky driving. Similarly, the insurance rates go down with an increase in age and experience. An average 50-year-old buyer pays a comparatively lower premium than the other categories, which adds up to $1,191.

In conclusion

A driver’s license and a learner’s permit are the same as a document. You also become eligible for discounts if a learner is added to your insurance policy. Also, remember to take the necessary training so that you drive safely. It is also suggested that if you are driving with a learner’s license, ensure there is someone with a driver’s license to keep an eye on your driving.

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