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Weekly airport travelers and parking (June 14-20, 2021) 

  • Air Travel
  • Renee Martin
  • 2 minutes

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Air travel trends in the country indicate another week of strong passenger demand, with the TSA screening another high of 2.1 million passengers on June 20. However, it is more heartening to find that the TSA screened more than 2 million travelers on three days between June 14-20. Having consistent passenger volumes above that level is a positive sign indeed, showing that air travel may well scale new heights by the end of this year. However, this has put corresponding stress on major airport parking lots like Hartsfield-Jackson Airport parking, Logan Airport parking, and many more. 

weekly airport travelers and parking June 14-20The steep demand for airport parking seems to have put most major airports in dire straits. As a result, many are unsure whether they can open on-site airport parking lots that were previously closed to save the airport maintenance charges and ensure physical distancing norms. For example, folks looking for Logan Airport parking have complained that the Economy Lot remains closed while the Central Parking lot is too expensive.  weekly airport travelers and parking June 14-20At Atlanta Airport, the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport parking lots had been opened up in April to accommodate overflow parking, but even that is currently full! The administration plans to re-open the Park-Ride lots in July in anticipation of more passengers. Over at Newark Airport, demand for Newark Airport parking has increased by 200% over 2020 levels, with officials expecting it to rise even further as summer progresses. 

Weekly airport travelers and parking (June 7 – 13, 2021)

However, you don’t need to fret too much. Off-site lots for SFO Airport parking, Newark Airport parking, Logan Airport parking, and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport parking have gained popularity for offering guaranteed parking, affordable rates, and contactless booking. All these off-site lots are just a few minutes away from the airports and offer complimentary shuttle. You can make your airport parking experience smooth by reserving a guaranteed airport parking spot on the Way.com website – or in just a few swipes on the Way app!   

Keep track of air travelers with us weekly and be updated on the current travel trends. 

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