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Weekly Airport Travelers and Parking (May 10- 16)

  • Air Travel
  • Renee Martin
  • 2 minutes

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With the summer travel season coming up soon, and vaccinations continuing to increase Americans are dreaming about travel and taking to the skies even more. 1,850,531 travelers passed through TSA checkpoints on May 16, 2021, an increase from 1,657,722 on May 10, 2021. Weekly Airport Travelers and Parking (May 10- 16)

This week, major airlines reaffirmed their belief that the travel industry, at least for leisure, is recovering from the devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Executives expressed optimism that the trend will continue into the summer vacation season. The trade group Airlines for America reports that domestic flights are nearly 77% full, on average.

Weekly Airport Travelers and Parking (May 10- 16)

Airline bookings started improving in mid-February, and the TSA has screened more than a million people every day since the first week of March.  As more people take to the skies, airport parking lots are likely to get sold out, more so at busy airports like LaGuardia, San Diego, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Consequently, LGA parking, BWI parking, SAN airport parking, and PHL airport parking will start getting sold out quickly and become more expensive. Remember to reserve your guaranteed airport parking spot on the Way.com website or app ahead of time to save money.

Keep track of air travel and airport parking statistics with us each week and stay updated on current travel trends.

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