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Weird California driving laws that’ll make you laugh and think  

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Did you know – it is illegal to ride your bicycle through public swimming pools in California? So, if you have any plans to perform a miracle, hold on! Are you going “Wait, what?!” right now? There’s plenty more where that came from – check out these wacky California driving laws that’ll make you laugh and think.  

The sunshine state of California has got it all! Beautiful coastline, Hollywood stars, liberal politics, pioneers and innovators, incredible state parks – and just a dash of super weird laws. These are only technically laws, rarely enforced, but perfect for a good laugh. Some of them are just old laws stuck in the books. Others are batshit crazy – it makes you wonder what’s the story behind it is in the first place.   

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Weird California driving laws  

Whether you know California roads like the back of your hand or are planning a road trip to explore the state, here are a few crazy California driving laws to figure out on your journey. We’re not saying you need to keep an eye out for them, but these will surely entertain you on the way.  

Eureka! No naps on the roads  

In the middle of a long drive, you are tempted to take a nap – what would you do? Fight it off, turn up the music, and continue driving or pull over for a break. That smooth road you are driving on looks cozy, but don’t fall for it! Because, in the north Californian city of Eureka, using the road as a bed will land you in serious trouble.   

Wish we were joking, but it’s true! You can face fines up to $1000 and maybe even six months in jail for sleeping on the roads, alleys, or sidewalks of Eureka, CA. But seriously, if you do feel sleepy while driving, pull over at the nearest rest stop or let someone else drive. The backseat or a hotel bed will be a lot more comfortable than the hard road.  

Get off the road, Margarita!  

Before you order a Margarita to go, make sure you are sober enough to keep the drink off the streets. In Hermosa Beach, spilling your Margarita on any street is illegal. Wonder what prompted this weird California law? Let us know if you know.  

Sure, it’s not a California driving law, but it might be in place to assist drivers. No spills, no slips on Hermosa Beach streets.   

Caution! Peacocks crossing  

Make way for the peacocks of Arcadia, CA. The majestic birds have right-of-way not only on the streets and intersections of Arcadia but even on driveways. So, if you encounter one when driving through the city, remember to stop and just admire.   

Peacock crossing street in Arcadia CA weird California driving law

If you dig a little deeper, this California law won’t sound too weird. Peacocks are considered a legacy of the city’s founder. Plus, hundreds of these birds wander the LA County Arboretum & Botanic Garden and its neighborhood. A forewarning is necessary to protect the birds from careless drivers.  

While we are on the subject, a similar law is applicable in Temecula in southwestern Riverside County. But the VIPs here are ducks, and they have right-of-way while crossing the Rancho California Street.   

Dress up or pay up  

Is a housecoat good enough to drive by your favorite fast-food place for a quick refill on snacks? Think again, ladies! In California, women behind the wheels in a housecoat/nighty might have to plead guilty. But hey, as housecoats are not in trend, is it safe to wear PJs behind the wheels?  

At least, we recently got the whole world to finally agree that it is not a crime to let women drive. So, a quick change of clothes isn’t that big of an inconvenience.   

Don’t park and sleep  

You cannot sleep inside a parked vehicle in Cathedral City. Hunting for a secure parking space can tire you out and waste some time too. And if you rely on street parking, keeping track of the time limits can be stressful. Cathedral City’s no-napping law only adds to this challenge! That’s why we recommend pre-booking your parking spots on Way.com.  

Just to clarify, we don’t recommend sleeping at a parking lot either. But your car is welcome to doze at secure garages and lots.  

Bonus! More weird California laws  

These aren’t exactly California driving laws, but they have got something to do with cars. So, we thought you might be interested to know that:  

  • In Downey, it is illegal to wash your car on the street (a sound reason to book your car wash on Way.com!). But Los Angeles makes it weirder. In LA, you can’t wash your neighbor’s car without their permission. And we are trying to think of why someone would want to do that – just being neighborly, maybe.  
  • In Long Beach and San Francisco, you can use a garage only to store automobiles. And, of course, it’s a law that’s often broken.   
  • In Glendale, you CANNOT jump out of a car moving at 65 mph. Don’t get any ideas and jump out of a car moving at 64 mph or less either!  
  • You could be charged with a misdemeanor if you shoot any animal from a moving car anywhere in California. Except for whales. But anyway, whaling was banned in 1971. So, no hunting on California roads, period.  
  • In Walnut city, putting rock or sand on your driveway is illegal.  

Lastly – we can hardly believe this – but apparently, you cannot wipe your car with used underwear in San Francisco! How about figuring out the story behind this one on your next road trip through California? Bet it’s going to keep the conversation going all the way to your destination and back.   

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