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What airport is DFW? A complete guide

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The city of Dallas has two airports serving it. So, which Dallas airport is DFW?  Where in Dallas is this airport located? Read more to find out!  

Located around midway between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth lies the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, commonly referred to as DFW Airport. Spread across nearly 27 sq miles, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the third biggest airport globally by surface area. Expansion plans at a budget of $139 are being planned at the airport, which will add nine new gates. So, it is fair to expect more passenger traffic at the airport in the coming years, making it difficult to get a DFW Airport parking spot. Does Dallas International Airport have enough parking spaces? How to reach the airport? Here’s the info you should know!  

What is DFW Airport ?

Dallas International Airport was the fourth busiest in the world in 2020, with annual passenger traffic of around 39 million. American Airlines has its largest hub in this airport, which is also the second-biggest single airline hub globally. The airport has flight operations to around 273 destinations across 44 countries. Dallas International Airport features five terminals (A-E) with 184 gates. The airport is around 20 miles away from Downtown Dallas and 23 miles from Downtown Fort Worth.  

Address: 2400 Aviation Dr, DFW Airport, TX 75261 

Phone: (972) 973 3112 

How to get to DFW Airport 

Using public transportation services is the best option to have a convenient and affordable commute to DFW Airport. Train, bus, and taxi/rideshare services connect the airport well with the city centers. Dallas Area Rapid Transport (DART), Trinity Metro TEX Rail, and Trinity Railway Express (TRE) are the train services that connect to the airport. DART also offers a bus service to Dallas International Airport.  

Using train service 

DART: You can locate the DFW Airport DART Rail Station at Terminal A lower level. Use the Orange Line while traveling from Downtown Dallas. It takes nearly 50 minutes to reach the airport from the city center. This service operates every day, costing $2 for a midday pass and $6 for a day pass.  

Trinity Metro TEX Rail: This service connects Fort Worth to DFW Airport. Trains arrive and depart TEXRail station located at Terminal B. The first train arrives at 4.30 a.m., and the last train leaves the airport at 1 a.m. To reach the airport, use the service from T&P Station or Fort Worth ITC. The ride costs you $2.50 for a two-hour pass and $5 for a day pass.  

Using Trinity Railway Express (TRE) 

This service connects DFW (CentrePorte), Fort Worth, and Downtown Dallas. At the CentrePorte/DFW Airport Station, a shuttle bus service takes you to the terminals. The train service operates from Monday to Saturday from 5 a.m.-11 a.m. The service costs you $2.50 for a two-hour pass.  

Taking DART bus 

The bus service connects to the DFW South Parking lot. You need to take the DART Rail from Downtown Dallas and connect to the Medical District/Parkland Station. From there, you can board bus 408 that takes you to the DFW South Parking lot. A single ride will cost you $2.50, and a day’s pass will charge you $6. There is a shuttle service from the lot to the airport terminals.  

Taxi/Rideshare services 

It normally takes around 30 minutes to reach DFW Airport if you’re traveling via a taxi from Downtown Dallas. The ride will cost you anything between $45-60. Traveling from Downtown Fort Worth to the airport takes around 30-40 minutes and costs you around $51. The taxi fare depends on the time of travel. 

The rideshare service fare depends on the ride type and the time of travel. Hiring an Uber service can cost you between $23-88 from Downtown Dallas to the airport. In comparison, the rate from Downtown Fort Worth is around between $28 and $131. Using a Lyft service from Downtown Fort Worth to DFW Airport costs you between $25-120. The Lyft service fare from Downtown Dallas to the airport starts at around $23. Be mindful that the fares can surge during peak hours or seasons. Always ensure to check the fares properly before you book a rideshare service.  

Driving to the airport 

Are you leaving the city for a few days? Do you have a lot of luggage? Then it is better to drive to the airport. However, be aware that the road to the airport can get congested at any time. It may cause a delay in reaching the airport. So, always book a DFW Airport parking spot in advance so that you don’t circle the lots at the last minute.  

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Getting a DFW Airport parking spot

Onsite DFW Airport parking is offered via three main lots – Terminal, Express, and Remote. The airport also offers a Valet parking service and features a Cell Phone Lot. 

DFW Airport parking starting at $3/day

Terminal Parking 

This parking lot offers the most convenient parking near the terminals, closest to the gates. You can use this lot for short-term and long-term parking. Parking in this lot for the first eight minutes charges you $6. The DFW Airport parking rate comes down to $2 for 8-30 minutes, $3 for 30-120 minutes, $9 for 120-240 minutes, and $10 for 240-360 minutes. After that, the parking rate reaches the daily maximum of $27. Prepaid parking is available at this lot. 

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Express Parking 

The lot offers covered and uncovered parking adjacent to DFW Airport’s north and south entry/exits. There is also a non-stop shuttle bus service to the terminals. Using this lot costs you $2 for the first two hours. The parking rate increases to $3 in 2-4 hours, $4 in 4-6 hours, and $15 in 6-24 hours. Covered daily parking will cost you $18 for a day! You can pre-book a parking spot at this lot. 

Remote Parking 

This lot serves the north and south ends of DFW Airport, offering around 4,800 parking spots. There is a free shuttle service that connects you to the terminals. Parking at this lot costs you $1 for the first two hours. The rate increases to $2 in 2-4 hours and $3 in 4-6 hours. Long-term DFW Airport parking at this lot costs you $12 for a day.  

Valet parking service 

You can use the Valet parking service on terminals A, B, C, and E’s arrival levels or at Terminal D departures level. The service offers to pick up and drop off at any of the terminals. Using this parking service costs you $40 for a day. Car wash and detailing services are also on offer. 

DFW Parking Rates

DFW North Express Parking:0 – 2 hours
2 – 4 hours
4 – 6 hours
Per Day Covered
DFW Terminal A-E Parking Garage:0-8 min
8-30 min
30 min-2 hours
2-4 hours
4-6 hours
Per Day
DFW Valet ParkingPer Day$40
Way ParkingPer Day$4.45

Free parking at DFW Airport 

Use the Cell Phone Lot to get free DFW Airport parking. There are two Cell Phone lots that you can locate at the north and south ends of the airport. North Cell Phone lot has 53 parking spots, and the South Cell Phone lot has around 60 parking spots. The lots offer free parking for up to a maximum of two hours. You cannot leave the vehicle unattended, and overnight parking isn’t allowed.  

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Offsite parking near the airport 

The onsite lots tend to fill up soon. So, getting a DFW Airport parking spot will be difficult if you don’t pre-book. So, better to check out the offsite garages and lots if you want to have secure and affordable parking near DFW Airport. The long-term parking rate at offsite garages and lots starts as low as $3 for a day. Always use the Way.com app or visit the Way website to get cheap Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport parking! 

Days Inn by Wyndham DFW Airport parking$4.45 per dayBook Now
Clarion Inn & Suites North (DFW) Airport Parking SPECIAL DEAL$4.50 per dayBook Now
Red Roof Inn Dallas – DFW Airport North Parking$4.75 per dayBook Now
Super 8 Grapevine – Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport parking$7.00 per dayBook Now

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Tips on DFW Airport 

  • The airport is located around midway between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth.  
  • Dallas International Airport is the second biggest airport in the US after Denver International Airport.  
  • Three train services – Dallas Area Rapid Transport (DART), Trinity Metro TEX Rail, and Trinity Railway Express (TRE), connect to DFW Airport.  
  • The Remote parking lot offers the most affordable onsite parking rates.  

Get parking near DFW Airport for rates starting at $3/day

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