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What are Red Light Cameras in NJ? Are they still valid?

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 Red light cameras in NJ  are still debated whether they are safe to use. The traffic regulation authorities say these are mandatory for safe driving. These red-light cameras impose penalties and tickets on vehicles that violate traffic rules. These are also one of the best safety measures for drivers in New Jersey. 

However, a question needs to be answered – are the red-light cameras in NJ still valid or invalid? There have been many amendments and changes in the laws regarding these cameras. Here’s all you need to know about these cameras, their purpose, the laws it includes, and if they’re in use. 

What are Red Light Cameras NJ? Are they still valid?

What is the need for red light cameras in NJ? How do they work? 

Red light cameras in NJ monitor traffic violations and charge you for the violations you make, such as speeding and reckless driving. These are seen at intersections in NJ and collect evidence of your offensive driving. On recording your driving, you get a ticket and a mail explaining your violation and the exact location. 

In simpler words, red light cameras in NJ keep an eye on the traffic flow and the vehicles that violate the traffic rules and signals. Also, these cameras record the visuals of vehicles that skip signals with the license number as proof. Also, most NJ cameras give the driver a grace period of 15 seconds to stop at the signal before capturing their images. 

The red light cameras in N.J. consist of a few cameras with triggers and a computer to evaluate the speeding cars closely and to get all their details. These cameras then start recording the speed of cars from a few yards away to check on their exact speed. 

The benefit of these cameras is that they capture the speed of cars in less than a fraction of a second. These images from different angles later become proof for verification for issuing tickets and imposing fines. Today, with advanced technology, NJ traffic authorities mostly use digital cameras for quick and easy recording. 

What are Red Light Cameras NJ? Are they still valid?

What are the laws about red light cameras in NJ? 

The Bill NJ S460 emphasizes the importance of red-light cameras in NJ and the level of safety they offer. According to this bill, red light cameras are an important measure of reducing accidents and traffic violations, but they also breach drivers’ privacy.  

While these cameras record the speed of the cars, the traffic authorities also need the accused to submit their driver’s licenses which consist of all the driver details. 

Also, statute N.J.S.A. 39:4-8.15 mentions that if someone else is using your car and the DMV charges you of red light, you can take legal action against the one who uses your car. If you think there is a false accusation of red-light cameras in NJ against you, you can ask for reimbursement or seek legal help. However, if the law proves you wrong, you may have to pay a fine of $85. 

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What are Red Light Cameras NJ? Are they still valid?

What happens if you receive a penalty for red light? 

If the DMV authorities charge you with red light cameras in NJ, the authorities first confirm the violation with a photograph of the offense as proof. Depending on the number of times you repeat the offense, your fine can go up to more than $250. 

However, you can also deny red light camera proofs by going for an ‘unsafe operations statute.’ For this, you must produce your driver’s history and the statistics of the number of accidents and violations within this period. You can add these details by filling out the DO-21 form, adding a copy of your license, and paying a nominal fee of $15. 

This form aims to support your reason for speeding or traffic violation. This form also assures you no longer violate red light cameras in NJ. 

Why did the red light program end? 

The red light cameras programs ended in 2014 due to technical glitches that happen too often with the cameras. Some cities have received more than 20000 penalties in a year. Also, due to a technical glitch in the same year, almost 17000 tickets went void. 

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