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What Causes Tire Blowouts

  • Car Care Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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You’re driving on a lovely long road enjoying the scenery, and all of a sudden, you hear a BOOOOM – that’s the sound of a blown-out tire! Tire blowouts are scary, and they are extremely dangerous too. Even experienced drivers find it difficult to control a car with blown-out tires. By understanding the reason for tire blowouts, you can avoid any mishaps on the road. We’ve answered the often-asked question ‘what causes tire blowouts’ in this post. This answer can save your tire, car, and even your life. So, keep reading to know more.     

Slamming into potholes   



Slamming into a pothole can ruin your tires and cause a blowout. The chances of a tire blowout further increase if you’re driving with worn-out tires. Sometimes driving through a pothole will not cause a blowout immediately, but the impact can cause considerable damage to it. Make sure you steer clear of potholes, road debris, and other obstacles while driving. Slamming into potholes is a bad driving habit that can damage other vital components of our car.   

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Overloading your vehicle   

The excitement of a vacation can make you stuff your car with unwanted items. There’s only so much weight your vehicle can carry. By overloading your car, you put the tires under stress and ultimately cause them to blow. To prevent overloading check the load-carrying capacity of the tires and pack accordingly. We’d also recommend you get rid of junk inside the car and carry necessary items only.   


Punctured tires   

Driving with a punctured tire is like walking on a field filled with land mines, and you never know when it’s going to explode. Some car owners drive around with a punctured, unaware of the consequences. Regularly check the condition of your tires to spot a punctured tire. Also, it’s best to add your tires to your car maintenance checklist.   


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Underinflated tires   

Underinflated tires are the most common cause of tire blowouts. If your tires are not inflated properly, they can get worn out over time and eventually lead to a tire blowout. Regularly check the tire pressure and keep them inflated at the recommended levels. In some vehicles, you can find this information on a sticker near the driver’s side door, or you consult with your mechanic.  

Worn out tires can cause a blowout   

If your tires look old and worn out, it’s best to change them immediately to avoid blowouts. That’s because the uneven tread, wear, and tear can cause a blowout at any time. Car care experts recommend changing your tires every six years.  

High-speed driving  


Anticipate a tire blowout anytime if you’re someone who drives fast. The high speeds can heat your tires and cause damage to it over time. Always stick to your tire’s speed rating, and you can find the rating on the sidewall of your tires.  

Manufacturing defect  

Tire manufacturing defects are sometimes the reason for a blowout. Your tire could have serious defects on the inside, even if the exterior looks fine. Sometimes your car mechanic can spot a manufacturing defect during maintenance – that’s why you should never miss them. Tires that are not properly installed can also blow. If you find installing tires complicated, don’t hesitate to visit a professional near you for help.  

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