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What Does the Society of Illustrators Do? 

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Everyone knows Uncle Sam. But have you ever wondered who’s behind the famous World War recruitment poster? Members of the Society of Illustrators made many more during the wars and now continues to promote the art. Want to know more? Visit the Museum of American Illustration in New York, near Central Park. We can help you plan it – check out the ticket rates, museum hours, and parking options. 

The Society of Illustrators was founded in 1901 to promote and celebrate the art of illustration through exhibitions and educational programs. It is the oldest American non-profit dedicated to illustration art and had many notable artists as members, including James M. Flagg, who illustrated the original Uncle Sam poster. Several war-time posters were created by the society’s members during WW1 and WW2 to recruit troops and advertise War Bonds. 

What does the Society of Illustrators do now? 

Today, the organization continues to appreciate the history of American illustration through topical exhibits, events, art programs, and competitions.  

Society of Illustrators opened the Museum of American Illustration in 1981. Its 2500-piece permanent collection is displayed periodically, along with themed exhibits related to the art of illustration. The museum also hosts the Annual Illustration show. The MoCCA Gallery, which focuses on cartoon and comic art, opened in 2012.  

Before you plan your visit, you can learn more about the exhibits and events here. And book your Society of Illustrators parking at 279 E 65th St Garage for the cheapest rates available. If you plan to visit more NYC attractions like the Central Park Zoo nearby, this valet garage is a risk-free option for affordable car parking. 

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What are the hours for visitors? 

You can visit the museum and gallery from Wednesday to Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm. 128 Bar & Bistro at the Society of Illustrators is also open during these hours.  

Check out ongoing and upcoming exhibitions at the Society of Illustrators here. 

What is the 128 Bar and Bistro? 

128 Bar and Bistro has been a part of the Society of Illustrators building since 1951. It was originally in what is now the fourth-floor library and was open only to members. Later in the 60s, the bar and bistro relocated to the third floor Hall of Fame Gallery and is now open to all visitors. You can enjoy seasonal favorites, sweets, and drinks here; it also has an outdoor patio.  

How much does Society of Illustrators tickets cost? 

$15 for adults and free entry for children under 10. There’s a Senior (65+) and Student discount of $5. Only full-time undergrads and below fall into the student category. 

Find details on group and school rates here. 

Timed tickets can be booked here. Walk-ins are also allowed.  

Where is the Society of Illustrators? 

128 E. 63rd Street, New York. 

Society of Illustrators is less than a 10-minute walk from the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Use the map below to plan your route, if driving: 

How to Get There 

If you are taking the subway, Lexington/63rd Street is the station closest to the Society of Illustrators; it’s only a minute’s walk. 59th Street/Lexington Avenue is a 5-minute walk away.  

M98, M101, M102, and M103 also have services to stops along Lexington Avenue, near the Society of Illustrators. Q32 buses run along 60th Street.  

Society of Illustrators parking 

Onsite parking isn’t available, and while the streets in the neighborhood allow parking, it’s not easy finding a spot nearby. NYC parking rules are also strict here, with time restrictions and meter policies that’ll easily lead to a hefty fine if you aren’t careful.  

Society of Illustrators recommends visitors park in a nearby garage, as the time required to visit the exhibits vary. A parking ticket will most likely cost you more than a garage space – so check out a few Upper East Side lots before you head to the museum. 

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Is there a cheap parking lot nearby? 

Try 279 E 65th St Garage – a 24×7 valet facility with well-maintained spots for hourly, daily, weekly, overnight, and monthly rates. You can park here without worry for just $11 an hour or pay just $22 for the whole day (up to 12 hours). It’s less than a 10-minute walk from the Society of Illustrators and centrally located near other attractions.  

Always book your NYC parking spots online using apps like Way to get the lowest rates at top-rated garages and lots in busy neighborhoods. Drive-up rates are higher than reserved parking rates; apps and websites also offer exclusive discounts that help you save more.  

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