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What Does Weed Look Like on an Airport Scanner?

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Are you about to hop on an airplane with some weed? You might worry that the airport scanners may detect weed and cause trouble for you at the airport. But do airport scanners actually detect weed? And what does weed look like on an airport scanner?  

It’s pretty strange how airport scanners identify weed. Marijuana use has increased more than ever since it became legal in many states. Unlike other objects, an airport scanner won’t alert on identifying weed. But while carrying marijuana, ensure that you follow all rules and regulations of the airport where you will be boarding your aircraft. If you are not careful enough, the weed may get caught on the scanner! 

Are you going on a trip with weed in possession? Are you curious about what weed looks like on an airport scanner? Keep reading! 

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What does weed look like on an airport scanner? 

Any biological material, including weed, look orange on an airport scanner.  

The contents in your bag will appear orange, blue, or green depending on the energy that travels through the airport scanner. The following colors represent these items based on the airport guide. 

  • Organic materials: Show up as orange on the airport scanner. 
  • Metals and hard plastic materials: Blue/black represents them in the airport scanner. 
  • Non-organic materials: Usually represented in the scanner by the color green.   

Since explosives are made up of organic materials like glycerin and potassium nitrate, a TSA agent will pay extra close attention to any item that appears orange on the scanner. Because of this, it’s challenging to get weed through airport security. 

What do edibles look like on an airport scanner? 


Although they can detect food items, airport scanners cannot tell if they are edible. Whether the airport security staff considers the edibles to be suspicious varies. The edibles’ packaging and odor could be giveaways. The edibles will appear in the scanner with the same orange color as every other organic material.  

Also, since there are usually restrictions on the amount of food or beverage passengers carry, many edibles could get inspected and seized. If airport security doesn’t check your food, it’s possible to carry edibles through airport scanners and onto a plane. 

Do TSA agents care about the weed? 

Not really! Yeah, we know you’re surprised, but TSA agents aren’t that concerned about weed. So finding weed in your bags isn’t a worry for TSA agents. They are keener on finding dangerous materials like weapons and explosives. However, a TSA agent must seize and report any illegal substance, including weed, to the concerned officials if they find it. 

What happens when an airport scanner detects weed?  

A TSA officer will seize any weed found by an airport scanner and notify about the passenger to the concerned officials. Remember that local state laws and airport rules determine the procedure and officials’ involvement.  

For instance, bringing up to 28.5 grams of weed is acceptable while at LAX airport. But getting caught with weed inside or outside an airport is illegal in Texas. Even though some states have legalized weed, you cannot simply travel with tons of weed in your luggage. 

Will an airport scanner detect pills or other drugs?  

The answer is ‘no.’ On seeing the detailed photos, security personnel will investigate thoroughly if they have reason to believe a passenger is carrying something illegal. 

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Can weed seeds be detected at the airport?

Yes, definitely. Customs can detect if you travel with weed seeds. They are concerned about the import of undeclared plant items.

Do airport dogs sniff for weed?

Drug detection dogs are the most famous type of canine security aid. These dogs can sniff substances like weed, heroin, cocaine, and opium. A handler always accompanies these dogs. They sniff the air surrounding travelers and luggage as they pass security checkpoints.

How can you hide weed at the airport? 


Some states allow you to carry weed without any issues. Even though the TSA’s rules and regulations are not particularly severe, they will report you to the relevant authorities if you get caught. Here are some tips on hiding weed on an airport scanner to help you avoid such circumstances.  

Store inside shampoo and moisturizer bottles 

Although it seems strange, they are the finest hiding spots for marijuana. However, always believe that you’ll never get caught for any baseless reason; if you do, you could also have to expose the contents of all the bottles. 

Hide the weed in your body parts 

It’s risky, but hiding the weed in your body cavities is a perfect strategy. Unless there is a bomb threat, there is a slim possibility that the officials will run a check from head to toe. The objects inside a person’s body are also undetectable by airport scanners. On the other hand, edibles are also difficult to find unless their odor gives you away or you carry lots of quantity. 

Store in an airtight container 

If you wish to carry weed in your luggage, you should place it inside an airtight container. Doing so will prevent the weed’s odor and you from getting discovered. 

Is weed legal in Seattle airport?

Yes. Smoking or carrying weed on SeaTac airport property is prohibited. The Federal Government of the United States prohibits carrying and transporting weed products across state lines in any way.

What does weed look like on an airport scanner: The bottom line 

  • Weed looks orange when seen through an airport scanner. 
  • Though TSA agents aren’t concerned about carrying weed, they will report to the concerned officials if they find anything suspicious in the detailed scan image. 
  • Although weed is legal in most states, be careful about the quantity you carry. 
  • Also, consider the type of marijuana you carry, as not all types are legal. 

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